Before joining, please review the Terms and Conditions of Membership. 

Boardgame Players Association 2017 Membership Application and WBC 2017 Admission
VALID BETWEEN May 16 and June 22, 2017, for BPA 2017 Membership and WBC 2017 Admission.

Company (if applicable):  
Zip/Postal Code:  
Membership Level:  
FREE Souvenir (with Tribune and Sponsor-level memberships only):  
Additional Items (Prices Reflect Delivery at WBC; shipping costs are not included)
Extra Souvenir Shirts (indicate quantities and sizes desired;
$15 each; $20 each for 2XL and 3XL; shipping costs NOT included):
Extra Souvenir Embroidered Hats (indicate quantity desired;
$15 each; shipping costs NOT included)
Souvenir Duffel Bags (indicate quantity and color desired; red, blue, black and green bags are available; if you do not indicate color you will receive whatever color is available at the time of pick-up; $40 each; shipping costs NOT included)  
  Total Amount I owe to the Boardgame Players Association for this membership/WBC admission.
  I will pay for this membership or admission indicated above via PayPal, sending the funds to If you will be sending the funds from a different e-mail address than above, please indicate the Paypal address in the Notes section below. PRINT A COPY OF YOUR RECEIPT AND BRING TO WBC.
  I will pay for this membership and any extras indicated above via check or money order
payable to “BPA” to 7766 Valley View Court, Hickory, NC 28602

Notes (e.g., specify the days for General Membership):


Memberships purchased early offer prices up to 30% less than admission at-the-door. (For more information, see the terms and conditions of membership. The lowest prices are for applications submitted before Feb. 1, 2017; the first price increase is for applications submitted and received between Feb. 1 and March 31, 2017; the second price increase is for applications submitted and received between April 1 and June 22, 2017; the highest price is for applications submitted and received after June 22, 2017.) Sustaining memberships no longer include free premiums. Tribune and Sponsor memberships include a free WBC Souvenir T-Shirt or hat ONLY IF submitted and received by June 22, 2017 with an application requesting them. After the applicable dates, souvenirs are available for purchase only. Membership is for one calendar year and is non-refundable and non-transferrable. All memberships are granted or withdrawn at the discretion of the Boardgame Players Association. Prices are in U.S. Dollars. All votes are weighted based on membership level.

The Applicant acknowledges and understands that the BPA is a South Carolina nonprofit corporation with its principal office at 200A South Main Street, Greenville, South Carolina. (Do NOT mail payments to the Greenville address.) In applying for membership in the Association, the Member agrees that Greenville, South Carolina shall be the exclusive jurisdiction for any litigation between the Member and the BPA. All memberships are granted or withdrawn at the discretion of the Boardgame Players Association.
If you have difficulties registering or questions contact the Convention Director at


When you click submit, you should see a copy of your submission on the screen. You will receive a separate e-mail confirmation from the WBC Convention Director regarding your membership status after payment is received and within approximately two weeks.