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Updated March 12, 2024

The competition for our 29th GM of the Year Award was a close finish among our top four candidates with 7 votes separating the top four finishers. Tom Haver won by 4 votes over second place and 7 points ahead of the 4th place finisher. Tom accumulated two first, two second, and two third place votes to become the 2023 GM of the Year.

Tom managed 36 players over 3 4-hour rounds in earning the award. Tom promoted his event extremely well in 2023 to attempt to get back into the century including Glass Trophies for best country awards, 3D printed pieces, fun hats for players, giant floor set for use at tournament. Tom GM’s this event every year without playing in it. Provides food & drinks to players.

Tom was nominated by 6 different members. Some of the comments from those who nominated him were:

  • ” spoke with several players who were attending WBC with the sole purpose of playing Diplomacy. In addition to players from the US, this included three Italians guests visiting the US for the first time whom Tom had met while playing in Europe and who he invited to play at the WBC as his personal guests. This act truly puts the "World" in WBC”
  • ” Glass trophies for best country awards, 3D printed sets of pieces, fun hats for the players, and a giant set to use. And he did all of this for an event that he doesn't even play in!”
  • ”He didn’t play to compete; he simply loves the game so much that he tries so hard to bring in new players. There were 5 special oversized boards (including a 10x10 floor board and multiple Lego boards) and prizing by country with shirts, etc. for all players. His inclusive nature was also well appreciated by all players"

Finishing behind Tom, in a second place tie were Rob Murray and Sam Raszewski. Rob often GM’s more than one event and at WBC 2023 ran Agricola and Splendor. Rob has received compliments from his players on his ability to run smooth events that are well planned and is continually introducing new technologies to help with is GMing efforts.

Samantha earned her nomination for her years of service as a GM in the Juniors Room. She puts an incredible amount of preparation for her juniors event with a comprehensive teaching plan, aids for the kids, additional prizing, and a level of effort and enthusiasm that made Sleeping Queens one of the best tournaments of the con for the Juniors Room.

Chris Kizer garnered fourth place in the voting for his efforts in both Star Wars Rebellion and Star Wars Outer Rim. Chris is very knowledgeable about his events, working with the formats year over year to try and tweak it perfectly and is very receptive to advice from his players. He puts incredible effort into documenting and reporting on his events, and his event reports are always a delight to read for our members.

Former GM of the Year, John Corrado, earned fifth place in this years voting. John does an excellent job at tunning the largest event of the convention which reached a record 342 entrants in 2023. John was nominated by 5 members.

Rounding out the top 6 with Mark Mikos for Battles of the American Revolution. Mark puts considerable effort into making this event enjoyable for his players including costumes and additional prizes, going above and beyond for his event. Mark was nominated by 3 members with one statin “he goes above and beyond to make his event shine”.