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Age of Renaissance (AOR) PBeM Reports Updated August 20, 2018

2012 PBeM Tournament

The 2009 BPA Age of Renaissance Email Tournament has finally come to a close to earn the delegation of 2012. It involved 50 players in three rounds of games taking nearly three years to complete. A total of 13 game starts struggled to the finish line. Since no one has started anoher event in the interim, it appears the days of AOR played via email are over and have joined Enlightenment as a thing of the past.

In the 5-player, 8-turn final that included two heavy weights and two tournament newcomers, Jeff Mullet as Genoa defeated Carl Damke (Paris), Robert Davidson (London), George Young (Barcelona) and Stephen Koehler (Venice). Jeff used a Turn 6 Enlightened Ruler to open a slight misery lead, along with Interest & Profit and Industry to beat Paris with the commerce strategy. Going last and purchasing Cathedral on Turn 8 allowed Genoa to end the game with over $600, defeating Paris by 200 points despite having less advances. Tournament newcomer Robert stayed close until Turn 7, while the other newcomer Stephen struggled with misery and maintaining a board presence. Mark Frueh took sixth place laurels by virtue of his close finish in the semis.

2010 PBeM Tournament

Carl Damcke as Paris played a steady game and broke into a big lead on Turn 7 with good leaders and many commodity payouts. Genoa (Thomas Browne) made a strong push on Turn 8 collecting over $250 in silk but it was not quite enough and too late. A game long feud between London (Ewan McNay) and Barcelona (Mark Smith) hurt both of their causes and benefited Paris. Venice (Phil Watkins) came in last despite Crusading on Turn 3 and having two turns as the sole owner of Holy Indulgence. Dan Leader won sixth place laurels for being the highest non-qualifier in the semi-finals.

Final scores of Final game:

  • Paris 2200 (2100+160-60)
  • Genoa 2077 (1900+267-90)
  • Barcelona 1475 (1490+185-200)
  • London 1230 (1210+80-60)
  • Venice 1178 (1160+168-150)

For more details, see http://gregstripes.com/aor/2008_progress.html .

2008 PBeM Tournament

Mark Neale directed Paris to a $67 victory over Jeff Mullet's Barcelona to claim the BPA's 6th Age of Renaissance PBeM tournament. Other laurelists in the three-round tournament were Mark Frueh, Harald Henning, Ken Gutermuth, and Tedd Mullally in that order.

You can track the entire tournament at http://gregstripes.com/aor/2007_progress.html .

The Final scores were:

  • Paris (Mark Neale) 1685 (1550-125+$260)
  • Barcelona (Jeff Mullet) 1618 (1380-80+$318)
  • Venice (Mark Frueh) 1608 (1520-90+$178)
  • London (Harald Henning) 1412 (1330-90+$172)
  • Genoa (Ken Gutermuth) 1035 (1040-175+$170)
  • Hamburg (Tedd Mullally) 867 (860-150+$157)

You can track the entire tournament at http://gregstripes.com/aor/2007_progress.html .

2007 PBeM Tournament

Harald Henning reigned supreme over 43 others in the latest Age of Renaissance PBeM tournament. Even though both the first two rounds advanced runner-ups, Harald didn't take any chances as he won all three of his games. The Final saw Harald take on some powerhouse competition with Chris Byrd, George Young, Thomas Browne, Greg Stripes, and our AoR ambassador from Australia, Nicole Kaiyan all earning laurels.

Harald played well as Paris and really took it to his competition, winning by a substantial margin, Runner-up Chris Byrd as Barcelona could only manage about 75% of Harald's score. Rounding out the laurelists, Greg Stripes (Hamburg) and Thomas Browne (London) finished tied for third (but by virtue of having a higher advance total, Thomas Browne earned 3rd place laurels). George Young (Venice) finished 5th, while Nicole rounded out the final game as Genoa.

You can read a complete summary of the Final (including Neutral Commentary from GM John Coussis) at http://www.geocities.com/aorbpa2005/2005home.htm .

2006 PBeM Tournament

Arthur Field won the 2006 Age of Renaissance PBeM tournament. Laurelists, in order, were Arthur Field, Sean Whitaker, Pierre LeBoeuf, Carl Damcke, Mark Neale, and Jeff Mullet.

2005 PBeM Tournament

The 2003 BPA PBeM tournament has concluded as Jason Levine survived past the 57 entrants to capture the wood.

With the 5-player final, bidding for capitals was low with only newcomers Eric Hupin ($4 for Paris) and Ed Lathioor ($3 for Barcelona) bidding for capitals. The first two turns saw standard openings with only Famine and Silk being played. The third turn saw Jason Levine (London) start down his winning path by playing three leaders (the first of a total of nine he would play) and picking up cheap advances. Starting with Turn 4, Jason would leverage his leaders and large token bids to build a lead in both income and advances. London went last each of the last five turns.

Eric Hupin (Paris) leveraged a double cloth payout of $160 in Turn 6 to stay in contention in advances but in the end his Misery, 500 points behind the leader, would leave him 66 points behind.

Bill Crenshaw (Venice) used Spice payouts in Turns 6,7 and 8 to stay in contention and make his patented late game run. This run would, however, end up just short as Jason managed three out of four wins in Grain provinces with the final expansion to gain two misery boxes on Bill (100 points) with a Famine play on the Final Card Play. This misery proved to be the difference as Billl fell just 21 points behind the champion.

Final positions were Jason Levine 1st (London), Bill Crenshaw 2nd (Venice), Eric Hupin 3rd (Paris), Ed Lathioor 4th (Barcelona), and Harald Henning 5th (Genoa). Arthur Field took 6th as the highest ranking alternate.

2004 PBeM Tournament

Bill Crenshaw has emerged from a field of 57 entrants to claim the 2002 PBeM championship. In the shortest game yet, the Final round lasted only six turns. Genoa jumped out to an early lead with a Turn 2 Crusades play and was able to build this lead before being brought back to the pack by vigilante justice. The game saw a 9-token card purchase in four turns which hurt the chances of slow starters Paris and Venice. In the meantime, Barcelona and London were battling over the satellite play of Oran on Turn 2. Once Pirates/Vikings and Black Death lowered Genoa to four provinces before the turn 6 expansion, it came down to who would have the best dice; Paris moving 3rd, Genoa 4th, Hamburg 5th, or Venice 6th. Paris made a Metal run capturing five Metal provinces with two Metal cards remaining. Genoa played defensively in his expansion bringing down Paris's Metal and forcing Hamburg to roll for North America, leaving his fate to the dice server. Hamburg then made a Fur run, with two Fur cards still out, won all four attacks, and purchased the 9-token card which would end the game if a shortage was rolled. Venice then had a shot at four silk with three Silk cards remaining, but lost three of four attacks. Hamburg got the shortage needed to end the game and a bonus when it came in Fur. Final positions were Bill Crenshaw 1st (Hamburg), Peter Staab 2nd (Genoa), Jeff Mullett 3rd (Paris), Ken Gutermuth 4th (Venice), Kevin Wojtaszczyk 5th (Barcelona), and Chris Kessel 6th (London). The next tournament is scheduled to start January 15th. Check out the details at http://www.geocities.com/aorkg/aorbpa2004/2004home.htm.

2001 PBeM Tournament

Tom Taaffe won the 2001 inaugural Age of Renaissance PBeM tournament. Laurelists, in order, were Tom Taaffe, Ken Gutermuth, Harald Henning, Rob Kircher, Crawford Lopez, and Kevin Wojtaszczyk