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Championship Formula Racing (CFR) PBeM Event Reports
(formerly Speed Circuit)
Updated November 3, 2018

2014 PBeM Tournament

Tim Mossman moved into 7th place in the BPA Speed Circuit laurels standings by winning the 2nd PBeM tournament over a field of 26. He came from the back of the pack with a late forced pass and a successful chance dice roll to seal the win on the New Delhi track. It was the first tournament win for Mossman who finished sixth in last year's contest and has finished 3rd or 4th at WBC three times. Rob Kircher, fresh off his March Madness PBeM title, racked up more offseason laurels with a second-place finish. Michael Aubuchon doubled his laurel totals with a third place finish, fading from the early lead as his tires wore. Martin Burgdorf of Germany finished fourth followed by Doug Schulz and Curt Collins in the laurels. Rounding out the finalists in order were: Canadian Bruce Rae, Robert Runf, Chris Hancick, Jeff Cornett, William Kennard and Buck Karpowicz.


2012 PBeM Tournament

37 drivers competed over two heats to qulify 12 of their number for the feature race on the new Montreal circuit. Three hard laps forced only one retirement - and that was just before the last corner of the final lap. Jeff Cornett led for most of the race only to be passed on the last straight by usual WBC GM Doug Schulz for the win. John Shaheen took third place laurels followed by Tim Mossman with a pair of Italian drivers, Turyko Suky and Guiseppe Incorpora, taking 5th and 6th place laurels respectively.

The other finishers were Curt Collins, Doug Galullo, Rob Kircher, Bert Schoose and Chris Brandt in that order. Mike Aubuchon, the only other qualifier, finished last and had to withdraw due to brake failure.