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Great Campaigns of the American Civil War (GCA) PBeM Reports Updated November 3, 2018

2016 PBeM Tournament

Some 2.5 years and 60 games after it started, Bruno Passacantando emerged from a field of 28 to claim the fourth BPA PBeM tournament for Great Campaigns of the American Civil War by besting Patrick Pence in the the final. They played From the Rappahannock to Bull Run from SJW II. Patrick's yanks were in a hole early on but managed to encircle Longstreet around Warrenton. Bruno, true to form, fought his way out of the trap, and Patrick graciously offered his sword on the last turn when it became apparent that the Union didn't have enough left for the counterattack. Also earning laurels were Mike Metcalf, John Cissel, Rob Doane and Scott Spurgeon for finishing 3rd through 6th respectively.


2013 PBeM Tournament

Three years and two GMs later, the third GCA PBeM tournament has limped over the finish line. A total of 46 players participated in 88 games with Steve Likevich and Scott Spurgeon surviving through four preliminary and two elimination rounds to reach the Final. They ended the marathon struggle with the three-turn Battle of Chickamauga scenario from Battle Above the Clouds. Steve's Yanks spliut the rebel army in two early and defeated it in detail. Other laurelists were Mike Pacheco, Jonathan Moody, Gary Kirk and Ed Beach in that order.


2009 PBeM Tournament

After four preliminary and three elimination rounds that sorted through a field of 51 players in 97 games, Ed Beach emerged triumphant to successfully defend his email championship in the Great Campaign series. Ed topped Rob Doane in the Rebels in the White House campaign game. His Yankees proved to be quite a speed bump to Rob's rebels. Early's raid turned to Baltimore, but Rob wasn't able to score enough victory points there to edge Beach. Also scoring laurels were Mark Booth, Patrick Pence, Mike Pacheco and Justin Rice who finished third through sixth respectively.

2000 PBeM Tournament

Ed Beach defeated Steve Likevich to capture the first Great Campaigns PBeM title. Other laurelists, in order, were David cross, Scott Spurgeon, Patrick Duffy, and Doug Pratto.