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Waterloo (WAT) PBeM Reports Updated May 2, 2021.

2021 PBeM Tournament

Joe Beard wins 2020 Waterloo email tournament. Eighteen players entered the tournament with a total of seventeen games played. In the Championship match, Richard too command of the PAA forces with a bid of 9. Joe advanced the L’Armee du Nord toward Nivelles, the Quatre Bras, and the Tilly Corridor forcing the PAA to spread their defenses. The French continued to advance across the board during the first day with only local skirmaches occurring as Richard delayed the French advance with blockers. On the 16-1700 PAA turn, Richard abandoned the Quatre Bras heights in favor reinforcing the Nivelles sector. The two armies clashed just south of Nivelles until the Allied commander withdrew on the 17-0700 PAA turn. The French continued their methodical advance across the board. On the evening of the 17th, the French broke the PAA central defensive line across Nivelles, the central hill tops and the Genappe River. The Allied forces then executed a delay strategy attempting to run out the game clock before the French could break through to Brussels. In a very close game, they fell one turn short and conceded late on the afternoon of the 19th when the inevitable became obvious. Maps and excellent player commentary can be found at 2020-21 Championship Finals: Joe Beard French vs Richard Beyma PAA (bid of 9). The top six finishers were in order: Joe Beard, Richard Beyma, Kevin Brown, Marty Musella, Bert Schoose, and Gary Dickson.

2020 PBeM Tournament

Ed Menzel wins the 2019-20 Waterloo email tournament. Seventeen players entered the tournament. Ed Menzel defeated Joe Beard and Marty Musella defeated Bert Schoose in the semifinals. Marty took the PAA with a bid of 7 factors in the finals. Ed’s French got lucky mid-day on the 16th, when they were able to eliminate Perponcher and Pirch II for no loss. French counterattacks on the Quatre Bras heights misfired causing a slow withdrawal toward Genappe. The French were making rapid progress onto the eastern Genappe River from the Tilly Corridor when the Prussians attacked causing significant casualties. The French continued the pressure in the center and Nivelles sectors. They were able to take the T36 hilltop, but failed to advance enough strength to hold it. The PAA eliminated three French infantry divisions in a counterattack while losing one. Continued attacks by the French caused the PAA to fall back all along the center on their 1 pm June 17 turn. The French closed on the PAA defensive alignment causing further withdrawal toward Mt St Jean. Over the next several turns, the series of battles favored the French. Finally on the morning of the 18th, The PAA surrendered. The top six finishers in order were Ed Menzel, Marty Musella, Joe Beard, Bert Schoose, Richard Beyma and Gary Dickson.

2019 PBeM Tournament

Richard Beyma wins Waterloo Tournament: Richard defeated Bert Schoose in the Finals as the PAA with a bid of 9. There were 19 entrants. The top six finishers were in order Richard Beyma, Bert Schoose, Larry Meyers, Marty Musella, Joe Beard and Greg Smith. Further details are available on the tournament web site http://watgame.com/.

2018 PBeM Tournament

Ed Menzel wins Waterloo 2017-18 email tournament. Ed defeated last years champion, Marty Musella. Ed took the PAA with a bid of 6. The PAA followed the typical strategy sacrificing small delay units while waiting for reinforcements to enter the game. Three French attacks during the middle of the first day, resulted in exchanges. A 3pm PAA counterattack resulted in the elimination of several French cavalry units in the Tilly Corridor. On the French 5pm turn, they launched several attacks including against doubled defenders on the Quatre Bras heights. The result was yet another exchange as well as an infantry soak off loss. On the next turn, the French attacked Steinmetz undoubled at 2-1 once again resulting in an exchange. With heavy losses, French prospects did not look good. On the 7am turn of the second day, they launched six 2-1 and 1-2 attacks trying to recover. Alas lady luck continued to treat Marty badly as the French took heavy losses. At that point Marty conceded. Further tournament details are available at http://watgame.com/.

There were 18 entrants in the tournament. The top six finishers in order were: Ed Menzel, Marty Musella, Joe Beard, Bert Schoose, Richard Beyma and Gary Dickson.

2017 PBeM Tournament

Marty Musella defeated defending champion Joe Beard in the Final matching the top two seeds from the field of 21 in the second BPA PBeM tournament. Details are available in pictoral form on the tournament web site, including turn by turn game maps of the championship match. The top six finishers were: Marty Musella, Joe Beard, Richard Beyma, Bert Schoose, Ed Menzel, and Gary Dickson.

2016 PBeM Tournament

Two years and 23 battles later, Joe Beard has defeated Richard Beyma in an exciting match of multi-year WBC winners in the 2016 Waterloo email tournament. Joe’s bid of 10 to play the PAA was accepted. Joe was able to rebuff Richard’s threat to the Braine Le Compte road sector during the first day. But the French made progress by pushing into the Quatre Bras gap and launching a successful surprise 1-2 versus Pirch II on the heights. On his 17-0700 turn, the French led by the Imperial Guard Ft Artillery killed the Prussian infantry defending the Thil River. The fighting continued during the second day with the French pushing west toward the town of Genappe. Late on the second day, a fierce series of attacks and counterattacks broke out at Nivelles with the French taking substantial losses. The French then launched several low odds attacks in an attempt to recover but came up short and resigned.

Also earning laurels from the field of 24 were Ed Menzel, John Clarke, Greg Smith, and Jim Tracy who finished third through sixth respectively.