EuroQuest VI Winners
Nov. 19, 2008

Despite concerns about the economy and incomplete renovations at the Days Hotel, the sixth rendition of EuroQuest managed to hold steady, with approximately 250 in attendance. Top individual honors for the weekend went to Alex Bove, the 2007 runner-up to Rob Kircher, who reached four tournament finals and compiled 24 points to 22 for the reigning Caesar, Raphael Lehrer. Alex won the Harald Siegelman Award despite winning no events to Raphael's two by scoring in six of 11 main event tournaments. For the second straight year, it was Raphael who won the most games overall (18) but because he posted wins in two fewer events, Alex scored higher. Defending Siegelman champ Rob Kircher competed well also, winning a total of 17 tournament games and placing fifth in the Wild Card tourney while also winning games in seven main event tournaments to place third, two points behind Raphael and four behind Alex. The winners and laurelists for all events have been listed on their respective event AAR pages.

Harold Siegelman Award

 Alex Bove, PA - 24

 Raphael Lehrer, MD - 22

 Rob Kircher, RI - 20

 Tom Dunning, NY - 19

Wild Card specialist Eric Freeman became the first three-time EQ Champ in the same event but Eric's margin of victory was much closer this year. He was hard pressed by a number of challengers, including two EQ I winners, former Wild Card champ Anne Norton and Ohio's Jeff Mullett. In the end, though, Winton Lemoine, a California native came the closest. The final wild card standings were: 1. Eric Freeman 242; 2. Winton Lemoine 210; 3. Jeff Mullet 190; 4. Michael Thompson 189; 5. Rob Kircher 159; and 6. Anne Norton 156.

Event Winners

 Sam Atabaki, CA

 Raphael Lehrer, MD

 Lyman Moquin, DC

 Brian Reynolds, MD


 Michael Brazinski, MD

 J.J. Jaskiewicz, MD

 Mark Delano, CT

 Tom DeMarco, NJ

 Tom Dunning, NY

 Raphael Lehrer, MD

 Donna Davis, PA

 Eric Freeman, PA

A duo of two-time defending EQ champs fell just short in attempting to become the first three-time consecutive winners in the same tournament as Virginia Colin reached the final in Ticket to Ride (finishing second to Donna Davis) and two-time defending Goa Champ Alex Bove was third. Mike Brazinski (Puerto Rico), Donna Davis (Ticket to Ride), Mark Delano (Race For the Galaxy), Tom DeMarco (Saint Petersburg) and Raphael Lehrer (Goa & Thorn & Taxis) were first-time winners, while Sam Atabaki (Caylus), Tom Dunning (Settlers), J. J. Jaskiewicz (Ra), and Lyman Moquin (Power Grid) proved their adaptability by winning different events this year. Brian Reynolds repeated his 2004 Princes of Florence win, after having won the Settlers title last year.

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