EuroQuest VII Winners
Nov. 18, 2009

Despite the worst economy anyone could recall, the seventh rendition of Euroquest managed to gain attendance with SRO conditions on Friday and Saturday as the Holiday Inn was bursting at the seams with gamers. Top individual honors for the weekend went to Sceadeau D'Tela. The North Carolinian who made his first appearance at WBC in 2008 won the Harold Siegelman Award as the top gamer of the convention with 27 points, besting WBC regular Eric Brosius by four points. Scadeau won 18 games overall spread over five events while winning Agricola and Dominion outright. Eric won 16 games while participating in eight events but failed to win a tournament, falling four points short of first place.

Robert Kircher (the 2007 Siegelman winner), and Alex Bove (the reigning BPA Caesar) tied for third with 21 points each. Rob had a convention-best 19 wins (an alltime Euroquest record) spread over five events without a tourney win while Alex won nine games but tied Brosius with the most events entered at eight apiece. Bill Zurn finished fifth with 19 points on ten wins. There was a three-way tie for sixth at 18 points between Tom DeMarco, Cliff Ackman, and Richard Shay.

Overall, tournament participation was up 15%. Brian Reynold's victory in Settlers made him the first three-time winner of a Euroquest tournament. However, the biggest winner of the weekend may have been Greenville Mafia's Josh Githens who won Ticket To Ride in a Euroquest record 68-player field and thereby qualified for Days of Wonder's 2010 North American tournament and a chance to travel to Paris for the World Championship contest.

The winners and laurelists for all events will be listed on their respective event AAR pages.

Harold Siegelman Award

Sceadeau D'Tela
• 27 pts
Eric Brosius
MA • 23 pts

Rob Kircher
• 21 pts

Alex Bove
• 21 pts

Wild Card specialist Eric Freeman became the first four-time Euroquest Champ in the same event but Eric's margin of victory was much closer this year. He was hard pressed by BPA 2008 Caesar Raphael Lehrer, and indeed, had to win his last game (Goa) in a head-to-head confrontation with Raphael and Robert Kircher to pull out the win. Each of the three had had the lead in the standings at some point on Saturday and the issue was not decided until the final game in which they all participated. The final wild card standings were: 1. Eric Freeman 334; 2. Raphael Lehrer 304; 3. Robert Kircher 275; 4. Sceadeau D'Tela 157; 5. Patrick Barringer 152; and 6. Eugene Yee 137.


Sceadeau D'Tela
• 37
Sceadeau D'Tela
• 52
Kevin Garber
• 55
L. Dan Hoffman
• 35

Richard Shay
• 39

Kirk Harris
• 37

Doug Faust
• 44

Ted Bohaczuk

Brian Reynolds

Cliff Ackman

Josh Githens

 Eric Freeman

As usual, the highlight of the convention was the return from Euope of globe trotting Tom McCorry with copies of the new Essen releases. Open Gaming remained busy throughout with enthusiasts trying the latest Euros. Congratulations to GCOM Convention Directors John Weber and Michele Mazzola for another fine weekend of gaming and to GCOM President Keith Levy for his always valuable assistance.

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