EuroQuest X Winners
Nov. 26, 2012

 Hurricane Sandy eliminated the "crowding" problems of past EQs by reducing attendance for the first time.

 Newcomer Liz Anderson is congratulatd by Tournament Director Marcia Morelli for winning Ticket to Ride.


Wet & Wild

Euroquest 2012 got off to an inauspicious start with the arrival of Hurricane Sandy just days prior to the convention. With the entire east coast under siege and doubts about whether the hotel would even have power, many found their travel plans flummoxed by cancelled flights and questionable roads. Kerrin Addis arrived from Australia before the storm to once again be our furthest traveled guest, but others were less fortunate. Many folks from the northeast had too many storm related issues, dropping our attendance under 300 and marking the first actual decline in EQ attendance that anyone could remember.

Further complicating matters, Convention Director Norman Rule made an unscheduled trip to the emergency room Sunday night and was admitted for surgery (conducted during the height of the hurricane on Monday), leaving him hors de combat. His wife Amy picked up the reins and with support from Tournament Director Marcy Morelli and the rest of the EQ team made the decision that 'the show must go on!'

For those who persevered, the convention was, nevertheless, a success. For many, EQ is all about the tournaments. This year's race for the Siegelman was dominated by former champ Sceadeau D'Tela and Andrew Emerick, with former champ, Rob Kircher a strong contender in the early going. But Rob hit the wall halfway through the convention, allowing Alex Bove and Doug Galullo to pull ahead of him. Defending champion, Daniel Eppolito, finished 11th this time.

Sceadeau took the early lead, winning his own Dominion event. Andrew, who took second place in Dominion, pulled ahead by taking the plaque for Egezia. Rob Kircher's win in Settlers of Catan actually dropped Sceadeau to third until he won in Thurn & Taxis to pull back in front. His lead was short-lived though as Andrew's win in Saint Petersburg put him back on top, until Sceadeau clawed ahead again by a single point with his third place finish in Puerto Rico. Alex Bove's win in Stone Age put him in third, pushing Rob out of the top three.

On Sunday morning, Andrew clinched the title with a second place finish in 7 Wonders, making him the latest member of the 'Magic Men' team to take home the trophy. Not surprisingly, the Magic Men (Andrew, Sceadeau, and former Siegelman winner Randy Buehler) won the GCOM team tournament as well. Other highlights included first time attendee Liz Anderson taking home top honors for Ticket To Ride, and former Convention Director John Weber winning his first EQ wood for third place in the Wild Card tournament that was again won by Eric Freeman.

But Tournament play isn't all EQ is about. This year's event offered 37 game demos including some of the hottest new games from Essen. Highlights included a demo of Viva Java, one of the top 25 Essen games, demoed by game designer T.C Petty III in his first US appearance with the published version of the game. Kudos to John Weber for organizing the amazing display of new games, as well as a Game Designers Forum on Saturday morning.

And of course as always Euroquest featured lots of open gaming and a chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Quite a few 'regulars' were absent due to the storm, but all who made it had a wonderful time. Many stopped by the front desk to sign a giant 'get well card' for Norman, who we are happy to report is doing just fine.

Harold Siegelman Award

Andrew Emerick, CT - 1st

Sceadeau D'Tela, NC - 2nd

Alex Bove, PA - 3rd

Doug Galullo, MD - 4th

Rob Kircher, RI - 5th

EQ 2012 Tournament Winners


Eric Wrobel, MD > 26

Sceadeau D'Tela, NC > 42

Andrew Emerick, CT > 35

Bill Crenshaw, VA > 43

Richard Shay, MA > 51

Scott Fenn, MD > 33

Luann Stubbs, PA > 61

Andrew Emerick, CT > 45

Robert Kircher, RI  > 43

Alex Bove, PA  > 53

Sceadeau D'Tela, NC  > 40

Liz Anderson, NY  > 57


 Hurrricane or no, the hardy faithful who arrived in the wake of the storm enjoyed another pleasant gaming interlude at the Pikesville Hilton.

For a more detailed account of Euroquest 2012's otehr activities see for additional information as it becomes available.

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