GUNS OF AUGUST: paths of glory [Updated April 2003]

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Peter Reese, VA

2002 Champion

2nd: Rob Hazzard, NJ

3rd: Marvin Birnbaum, NJ

4th: Bob Heinzmann, FL

5th: David Dockter, MN

6th: Hank Burkhalter, GA

Event History
1999    Donald Stone     36
2000    Peter Reese     52
2001    David Dockter     34
2002    Peter Reese     49

AREA Ratings

GM: Jim Falling

Guns of August Pre-Con

The Guns of August Mini-Con is seperate from WBC and requires its own registration fee of $30. Current BPA members may deduct $10 from the cost if you are a current BPA 2003 member at any level. However, you do not have to pay both WBC Admission and the seperate registration to attend only Guns of August as a seperate event. Note: Paying to attend WBC on other than a daily guest badge automatically makes you a current BPA member.

The Food & Beverage Voucher program at Hunt Valley Inn will not be in effect before July 29th or after August 3rd. That will be reflected in a base rate of $95 per day for those staying at HVI during and prior to WBC at the various pre-cons. Those making reservations via the national reservation service will be quoted the higher rate, but adjustments will be made manually on site for the lower rate sans vouchers.

1.0 Overall

Paths of Glory (POG) fans will have an opportunity to play the campaign game for up to three days with a guarantee of four Campaign Games in the swiss portion on Saturday and Sunday.

1.1 The Campaign Game Pre-Con (Saturday/Sunday - July 26h-27th)
The campaign heat will begin on Saturday at 9 AM, using a Swiss format designed to produce four top players for the Playoff rounds. Players will bid for sides. We will determine the top finishers by (1) Points {3 for a win, 1 for a tie} Note that draws are allowed in the preliminary rounds and players are allowed to make peace offers at their own risk. (2) Tiebreakers {head to head, points by opponents, then a coin flip}. We will play four rounds {7 hours each} of the campaign game until late Sunday night. Round 1 match-ups will be determined by a random draw within two brackets: Bracket A and B. Bracket A is for experienced players. Bracket B is for novices. Each participant will declare a preference for Bracket A or B - based upon their assessment of their experience. The GM reserves the right to place players into either bracket. After round 1, the Brackets will cease to exist. Subsequent match-ups will be random among those players having the most points.

1.2 The Playoff Rounds. (Monday - July 28th)
The Playoff Rounds will occur on Monday, unless all four players agree on another time that works for everyone involved. Playoff round contestants will bid sides using the campaign game. Unlike the preliminary rounds, no draws will be allowed. Draws will count as an Allied win. Players should bid accordingly. Match-ups will be random among the players, with the exception of not matching up players that previously met in the campaign heat if possible.

1.4 Bidding for Sides.
Each player rolls a die. Player with high die declares a side he wishes to play AND the amount of victory points they will "cede" the opposing player - any whole number including a bid of zero. The opposing player either accepts the bid (and thus plays the other side), or bids a higher victory point number to play the same side. Bidding ends when one player accepts the
opposing player's bid. At the END of the game, the final victory point total is adjusted by the ceded points.

2.0 Schedule: Notification will be given 30 minutes and then 15 minutes prior to the end of each round. For results to be counted, players must submit a completed score sheet (provided at the tournament) to the GM. Games with score sheets not in by the scheduled end of the round will adjudicated on the spot by the GM and at least one assistant GM. Chess clocks will be
available throughout the tournament for the GM to sample speed-of-play. Extremely slow play will be a factor should a game need to be adjudicated.

3.0 Tournament Officials: GM: Jim Falling. Two Assistant GMs will also be drafted on Saturday. I can be reached for questions by email at the address listed below.

4.0 Special Tournament Rules: From rule 4.2.4: Remove one AH "at start" Corps from the Reserve Box and place it in Stanislaw. Remove one RU "at start" Corps from Reserve Box and place it in Lutsk. Players will use this setup unless both players decline. Recording with pen and paper the cards placed into the discard pile is prohibited. Players may refer to the event markers. Players may also review the dead card pile to confirm an event or war status if both players agree.

5.0 Rules Clarifications and Player Aids:

5.1 Version
Rules used are the set published 05/19/01. These rules and an associated FAQs are available from GMT Games in their POG Update Kit, or free for download from their "Living Rules" section of their company website:

5.11 Other Useful PoG Resources
Quite a number play PoG online using ACTS. Its website is:

There is a fair amount of discussion regarding PoG. Check out the PoG board at:

5.2 Optional and Special Rules
Prior to bidding for sides, players will need to decide which, if any, of the following options will be used. Special rules for the tournament are also listed.

5.21 Preliminary Rounds

5.211 Setup
The initial setup will be modified by:
1) Removing one AH at start corps from the Reserve Box and placing it in Stanislaw.
2) Removing one RU at start corps from the Reserve Box and placing it in Lutsk.
However, if both players agree, this modification is not used.

5.212 Expansion Cards
If both players agree, the expansion cards may be used.

5.213 Level 1 Trench Roll Modifier
If both players agree, rule ll.2.9 may be used to modify entrench attempts.

5.214 Capital Occupation
If both players agree, if Paris is occupied by the CP Player, add two VPs. If Berlin is occupied by the AP Player, subtract two VPs. In both cases, this is a one time penalty.

5.216 Clarifications
To confirm, the Rape of Belgium card may only be played as an event if the Allied War Status is still at Mobilization, not Limited or Total War.
To confirm, rule concerning play of the Italian and Romanian Entry cards is in effect.
In cases of rules interpretations or conflicts, the GM will have final authority for tournament purposes.

5.22 Playoff Rounds
The Campaign Game is utilized. The initial setup will be modified by:

1) Removing one AH at start corps from the Reserve Box and placing it in Stanislaw.

2) Removing one RU at start corps form the Reserve Box and placing it in Lutsk. However, if both players agree, this modification is not used.

No optional rules.

6.0 Changes from Previous Year s
In 2000, Andy Maly used the 1914 Scenario in the prelim rounds, and the campaign game in the final. Turnout was great.

In 2001, three preliminary campaign game rounds were used to determine the quarter finalists - with the top four CP and four AP players advancing. It worked very well, but some lamented the lack of a shorter option - hence the scenario heat the following year. Jim Falling was the GM last year and did a good job putting up with 30+ POG players in the POG-A-Thon (six rounds of the campaign game to arrive at a winner).

In 2002, GM David Docktor lead the trial group for a precon at WBC. It worked very well - 38 turned out for the campaign heat (Saturday/Sunday). A scenario heat was held on Wednesday (11 additional participants, plus five from the campaign heat). Although the split format allowed both camps of PoGers (hard core campaign gamers and "lite" scenario players) to participate, the playoff round could not be scheduled until Thursday - and not everyone could attend.

7.0 Awards

7.1 Top Dog
You get the WBC piece of wood - very nice.

7.2 Putnick Prize
Something special to the player with the most wins as an allied player.

7.3 Hindenberg Prize
Something special to the player with the most wins as the central powers player.

7.4 Other Prizes
I will award a few odds and ends for moments of brilliance and utter muck ups.

GMT is offering a $2.00 coupon to every player of this event. In addition, medalists (plaque winners) will receive merchandise credits of $20 for 1st, $15 for second, $10 for third, and $5 for fourth through sixth place.

 GM      Jim Falling  [2nd Year]   NA   (NA)

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