The Boardgame Players Association proudly presents the Second Annual

A Dedicated Mini-Con for play of The Napoleonic Wars

October, 22nd, 23rd, and & 24th, 2004
Hunt Valley Inn
245 Shawan Road
Hunt Valley, Maryland 21031-1099

What: Swiss-style tournaments of the Campaign Game using the latest version of the Living Rules will be held in both the two- and five-player versions with occasional use of the three- and four-player games as needed to prevent byes. Everybody plays. No one sits out.

There will be four six-hour rounds with the option to play longer each evening in Rounds 1 and 3. Games not ended by the time limit in Round 2 and 4 will have the option of adjudication or playing on for doubled points a la Backgammon by unanimous consent of the players. Games that end early will have the option of playing an additional round for bonus points. This way everyone is guaranteed a minimum of four games - and some will play more - regardless of the variable endings of the sudden death victory conditions.

At least four of the enlarged mapboards (and possibly more) for use with miniatures instead of counters will be provided for the ultimate in playablity.

BPA plaques will be awarded for each event supplemented by best overall performance plaques by each nation - providing plenty of wood opportunities as well as a chance to improve your standing in BPA's annual Caesar competition.

Hunt Valley Inn
245 Shawan Rd., Hunt Valley, MD 21031-1099
410-785-7000 weekdays between 8 AM & 7 PM EST
Off I-83 Exit 20A, Shawan Rd. First driveway on the right after the exit ramp. See map.
Accessible to Light Rail, just blocks from Pepper Road station.
BWI Airport Shuttle available.

LODGING: BPA has obtained a very favorable group room rate of $84 per night plus applicable state and local taxes (currently 13%). To obtain this rate you must identify your affiliation with the BPA's WAM gaming conference and make your reservation before September 22nd, 2004 (or when our roomblock sells out, whichever occurs first) at 410-785-7000 weekdays between 8 AM and 7 PM EST. After September 22nd, reservations will be accepted on a space or rate available basis. Alternately, you may contact Hunt Valley Inn, 245 Shawan Rd, Hunt Valley, MD 21031-1099. Be sure to identify your affiliation with our group ­ both to get the best rate for yourself and to credit our group with your stay. For maps and other travel information see our hotel page at

Reservations should include:

* Arrival & Departure dates

* Estimated Time of Arrival

* Room preference (single or double, smoking or non-smoking)

* Credit card type to be used for payment including number and expiration date

When: Starting 6 PM, Friday, October 22th, 2004 - Ending 3 PM Sunday, October 24th, 2004. For those wishing to stay longer, open gaming space will be available until 10:00 PM on Sunday.

Why: Waterloo will provide a competitive forum for repeated play of this popular card-driven wargame with the "buckets of dice" combat resolution system without distraction from other events. Whether you favor the two-player wargame or the five-player diplomacy version, there will be multiple opportunities to engage in your favorite.

Who: Your GMs will be the designer and developer of the game. Mark McLaughlin will handle the 5-player version while Don Greenwood does the honors for the two-player game. The entire Last Stand Team (Ben Knight, Stuart Tucker, Roy Gibson and Fred Schacter) will also be on hand to compete in what we hope will be an annual extravaganza for this - our favorite game.

Registration: Admission for Waterloo will be $35 at the door. However, all current BPA members will be eligible for a $10 discount if they have pre-registered by September 22nd, 2004. To pre-register, print out this page, complete the form, and send it wih your check made payable to BPA to BPA, 1541 Redfield Rd, Bel Air, MD 21015.

Name ___________________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________________

City __________________________________ State ____________ ZIP _____

Email ___________________________________________________________

[    ] BPA Member*: $25 if paid by September 22nd

[    ] Non-member or At-the-Door Admission: $35

* All paid attendees of WBC 2004 are current BPA members. You can become a current BPA Associate member for $10 and thereby qualify for reduced Admission to all BPA conventions and free Email tournaments begun during the year of your membership.

Refunds: The Waterloo pre-registration fee is a discounted rate extended in exchange for a guarantee to attend. As such, no refunds are allowed.