Waterloo IV Announcement
Sept. 24, 2006

The Boardgame Players Association in co-operation with the Greenville Mafia proudly presents the Fourth Annual

Waterloo or Napoleon moves South ...

A Dedicated Mini-Con for play of The Napoleonic Wars

Oct. 13-15, 2006
Amerisuites Hotel
, Greenville, SC

WHEN: Starting at 12 p.m., Fri., Oct. 13 and ending at 3 p.m. on Sun., Oct. 15. For those wishing to stay longer, open gaming space will be available until 10 p.m. on Sunday.

WHAT: Play will begin Fri., Oct. 13 at noon. Those present will be divided into three-player games. Play will continue until 1 a.m. Play will resume Saturday morning at 9 a.m. until midnight. The event finals will be Sunday at 10 a.m.

There are no “rounds.” When you complete a game, you merely wait until two new opponents are available and play again. You can take breaks as needed. The Game Master will assist in making tables, with the emphasis on each person getting to play each nation once and maximizing the variety of opponents. You can play as many games as you can get in during the tournament time. You can take breaks between games as needed and breaks during games as agreed.

To determine the players who advance to the Sunday Final, the best result with each nation will be scored. The best result will be scored as follows:

  • Wins, ranked 1st turn to 5th turn
  • Seconds, ranked 1st turn to 5th turn
  • Thirds

If there is a tie (e.g. more than three people who have 1st turn wins with each nation), then the tie breaker will be average placement with each nation, as follows:

  • French placement (1, 2 or 3) for all games you played as France added together and divided by that number of games. Thus, if you played one game as France and won, your average is 1.0. If you played two games and got a first and a second, your average is 1.5. The same is done for Austro Russian and British averages, and the total of the averages is the tie-breaker.
  • If there remains a tie, the average victory points scored by the tie players in all games played will be the next tie breaker.
  • Any ties remaining will be determined by Waterloo—randomly assign Allied or French side. One side gets Napoleon +8 and Ney +4 in Picardy. The other side gets Wellington +6 in Brussels and Blucher +6 and Bulow +4 in Munster. Each side draws one random card from the deck. The French have the Guard. Nappy must attack Wellington in Brussels. Wellington can evade to Munster or bring up Blucher/Bulow to fight in Brussels. If Wellington falls back to Munster, Nappy must follow but the French get to draw another card. The To The Death event is active. Neither side will withdraw after the first battle. Thus, there will be between two and four battle rounds. Either side may play the card(s) they have. The winner of the battle wins the tie.

BPA plaques will be awarded for best overall performance plaques by each nation—providing plenty of wood opportunities as well as a chance to improve your standing in BPA's annual Caesar competition.

WHERE: Amerisuites Hotel, 40 West Orchard Park Dr, Greenville, SC 29615. Phone: 800-833-1516 or 864-232-3000.

LODGING: BPA has obtained a very favorable group room rate of $75 per night plus applicable state and local taxes bringing the total to $82.50. To obtain this rate, you must identify your affiliation with the Boardgame Player's Association's Waterloo gaming conference and make your reservation before Oct. 1, 2006 (or when our roomblock sells out, whichever occurs first) at 864-232-3000 weekdays between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. Eastern time or 800-833-1516. After Oct. 1, reservations will be accepted on a space- or rate-available basis. Alternately, you may contact Amerisuites Hotel, 40 West Orchard Park Dr, Greenville, SC 29615. Be sure to identify your affiliation with our group—both to get the best rate for yourself and to credit our group with your stay.

Reservations should include:

  • Arrival and departure dates
  • Estimated time of arrival
  • Room preference (single or double, smoking or non-smoking)
  • Credit card type to be used for payment including number and expiration date

WHO: Your hosts will be the Greenville Mafia, a swell bunch of gaming buddies who annually drive north to kick Yankee butt in this, their favorite game. They wish to extend a little southern hospitality and see if their mojo is still good on home turf, as well.

WHY 3-PLAYER: In the opinion of your hosts, the three-player game is the best balanced of all the versions. Waterloo will provide a competitive forum for repeated play of this popular card-driven wargame with the "buckets of dice" combat resolution system without distraction from other events.

REGISTRATION: On-site registration will be $35, regardless of affiliation. However, all current BPA and/or Greenville Mafia members are eligible for a $10 discount if they pr-register by Oct. 1, 2006. Print the Registration Form found here. Fill it out and send it and a check to BPA, 1541 Redfield Rd, Bel Air, MD 21015. NOTE: The Waterloo pre-registration fee is a discounted rate extended in exchange for a guarantee to attend. As such, no refunds are allowed. There are NO exceptions.

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