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Last updated May 14, 2024

One of the objectives of the 2023-24 BPA Board of Directors is to give the membership greater visibility into the deliberations of the board and to give insight into the things being discussed. To that end, we are publishing a quarterly “Tenth Chair” update so that everyone has a better sense of what’s going on with the board and the deliberations we are undertaking for the convention. This article details board activities from January through March 2024.

Hiring of a Program Manager for Tech and Website Development

The board announced the hiring of Peggy Ng as a Contractor to manage the process of BPA connecting to tech companies and ensuring that our website development project is managed effectively. We are extremely happy to have Peggy on board and look forward to working with her as the project gets off the ground.

Return of the Hobby Service Award

The board had not honoured a member with a Hobby Service Award since 2015. In the intervening years there had been many members that have made a considerable volunteer contribution to WBC and promotion of board gaming in general. We are very happy to bring back this award to start to bring more recognition to our members that have gone well beyond expectations to make WBC a better con for everyone.

Changes to Praetor, Consul, and Caesar Awards

During the early time of the pandemic, the board created a new Praetor award to recognize success in the BPA play by email tournaments that understandably became more popular in the years that face-to-face gaming was challenging. However, in setting the criteria for that award, we did not properly account for the situation where the overall laurels leader for a year did not lead in either of the races for Praetor or Consul. To rectify this, the board made a change so that going forward if the winner of Consul or Praetor is also the overall laurels leader for the year, they will be awarded ONLY the Caesar and not the Praetor/Consul. This would also include the case where they won all 3 awards. However, if the PBEM leader, the in-person leader, and overall leader are 3 unique individuals, all three awards will be given.

GM Resources Page

The Convention Director will build out a new page on our website that will give a variety of resources for GMs. There will be detailed charts for seating and advancement to quarterfinals as well as documentation of tips and tools to use for writing event reports, previews, etc. We are very excited to launch this page and hope to expand upon it in future years.

Juniors Room Committee

The Juniors committee is implementing a number of the approved initiatives from last fall in time for this year’s convention. These include:

  • Printing official WBC Juniors badges for all WBC juniors this year
  • Juniors Room T-shirts for all junior players registered
  • Tuesday movie night as a social activity for the juniors and their families

We also decided that because it was not tracked and graded in 2023, we will be postponing the Junior Sportsman of the Year award. The first will be presented in 2025 based on sportsmanship at the 2024 convention.

Continued Commitment to Engagement

The Board is continuing to take a more active role in communicating over social media throughout the year. We are continuing to commit to answering questions asked in the WBC specific forums on ConSimWorld, Facebook, and BoardGameGeek. If you are not comfortable publicly asking your question, you can also contact us through email to Ken directly at or to the entire board at