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Last updated January 24, 2024

One of the objectives of the 2023-24 BPA Board of Directors is to give the membership greater visibility into the deliberations of the board and to give insight into the things being discussed. To that end, we are hoping to give a quarterly “Tenth Seat” update so that everyone has a better sense of what’s going on with the board and the deliberations we are undertaking for the convention. This article details board activities from July through September 2023.

New and Returning officers

One of the first things the new board did was confirm the 3 BPA Officers for the 2023-24 year. Andy Lewis will be returning as the Chairman of the Board, Bruno Passacantando will be returning as the BPA Treasurer, and Andrew Drummond was elected as the new BPA Secretary for the 2023-24 session.

Event Reports and Previews

The issue that the board has heard about the most was in regard to the 2022 event reports. While this is tied closely to the website upgrades that are also necessary, it is a priority for Ken and the board to ensure that we are back on track with posting event reports. To that end reports were published in the order that the 2023 event reports were received. Any 2023 report that is published will also have its corresponding 2022 report published if it had not been already.

We are also going to accelerate the timing of the 2024 Event Previews. One of the biggest limiting factors in the past for posting the preview was that they needed to wait for the gaming schedule to be finalized. This year we are going to remove the scheduling information from the previews and as a result expect that they will be posted much earlier. Our hope is that this will mean any preview submitted before Dec 31 will be posted by Early March.

Website/Tech Committee

Shortly before the 2023 WBC, the board established a subcommittee of board members and members at large to review what the requirements would be for an improved website and to start working on finding a developer for the same. They put out a survey to get a sense of the membership’s opinions and heard clearly that significant investment of resources into this task would be broadly supported.

The group has built a timeline of events for a typical WBC year and will be tendering an RFP in the near future for some of the early work and “low hanging fruit” that we hope can make an immediate difference in our operations and presence on the internet.

Code of Conduct

2023 was a very successful launch of the new BPA Code of Conduct. There were significantly fewer incidents in 2023 and generally the feedback at the convention was well received. The committee responsible for the Code of Conduct is still looking to develop it as an ongoing living document and will be seeking feedback in various mediums moving forward on how to continue to grow as a convention while being safe and inclusive for all.

Commitment to Social Media

The Board is hoping to take a more active role in communicating over social media throughout the coming year. In particular we are looking to engage with and reply to questions asked on Facebook, Consimworld, and BoardGameGeek. However, if you have a broad comment for the Board in general, you can email it to and the board will receive the feedback directly.

Long Term Vision

The board has had some opening conversations around setting a mission statement around what type of convention we want to be in the future. At this point it is still preliminary work, but the hope is that we have something to present to the membership by the 2024 BPA Annual Meeting.

Late Night Deduction Gaming

After the late-night deduction games were played in the Annex in 2023, the board wanted to find a better, more permanent solution for these games in the future. For 2024, we will be adding these games as a demo on the schedule and running them in First Tracks in order to have a more welcoming space for everybody.

Tournament Structure

The board has spent considerable time discussing how to improve tournament structures for 2024 and particularly how to manage multi-heat games that need or want a Quarterfinal. Revised guidelines for the 2024 game submissions were published to that end.

GM Resources

The board is looking to put together a resource manual of sorts for new and returning GMs to try and better facilitate new people taking the step of becoming a WBC GM and giving all GMs a common set of published resources. Look forward to updates as we move into 2024.

Juniors Room

The board has created a subcommittee to brainstorm and take action to improve the experience of juniors at WBC 2024 and also to hopefully drive a higher attendance for the juniors room. Look forward to more information as this initiative develops.

Regular Business

The board is also considering all of its regular duties that include legacy status for 2024 and the various awards that are given each year for exemplary work amongst our members.