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Last updated February 8, 2024

One of the objectives of the 2023-24 BPA Board of Directors is to give the membership greater visibility into the deliberations of the board and to give insight into the things being discussed. To that end, we are publishing a quarterly “Tenth Chair” update so that everyone has a better sense of what’s going on with the board and the deliberations we are undertaking for the convention. This article details board activities from October through December 2023.

Legacy Events

Every fall the board considers granting legacy status to eligible games. The criteria for legacy status is: The event has run for 10 consecutive years meeting minimum attendance standards; The event is scheduled to be a trial event at the next WBC; The event receives 2/3 of the board votes to grant it legacy status. This year the board granted legacy status to 3 games: Adel Verpflichtet, Battle Line, and Battle Cry.

Changes to Event Sanctions and Eligibility

The board also passed a motion to remove the automatic sanctions against the event for late or missing event reports. Moving forward, concerns will be addressed with the GM individually rather than punishing the event.

The board has also reaffirmed its previous decision to only allow one tournament per game with the exception of grandfathered existing games.

Century Event Calculations

The board considered feedback from some members that the playing time being used for century calculations might not completely reflect the reality of games. As a result, moving forward we invited GMs to email the Convention Director if they believe that their game’s time is not being accurately recorded. To be considered for an adjustment, GMs will need evidence to support a different time calculation.

New Quarterfinal Process

The board has adopted a change to the format of the HWO games to better facilitate quarterfinal opportunities in games without impugning on the competitive integrity of the event. Moving forward, GMs can request a quarterfinal to a heat format game if they submit as a HWO event and the event met both of the following criteria at the past WBC:

  • 64 or more attendees
  • 25 or more unique winners

New trial games or games that only meet one of the above criteria will be considered by the Convention Director on a case-by-case basis.

Web/Tech Committee

In order to better facilitate the issuing of a Request For Proposal (RFP) and ensure that companies we work with are compelled to answer in a timely manner, the board has created a paid position of Project Manager to lead the Tech Committee in issuing an RFP for our new website. We expect this position to be filled this winter with more updates on progress to come in the spring.

Juniors Room Committee

The Juniors committee made a number of recommendations to improve the experience of the Juniors Room in 2024 and beyond. Some will require more deliberation and may not be ready for 2024, but quick wins to see this year are:

  • Juniors Room specific T-shirts for junior players registered
  • Increased signage at WBC promoting the Juniors Activities
  • A major award starting in 2024 for Junior Sportsman of the Year

Long Term Vision

The board has been working on a vision statement for the organization to better promote our activities and explain our purpose and motivations. That statement will be reviewed with the membership at the 2024 Annual Membership Meeting held at WBC 2024 on Tuesday, July 23, 2024 at 3:00 pm in the Grand Ballroom.

Continued Commitment to Engagement

The Board is continuing to take a more active role in communicating over social media throughout the year. We are continuing to commit to answering questions asked in the WBC specific forums on ConSimWorld, Facebook, and BoardGameGeek. If you are not comfortable publicly asking your question, you can also contact us through email to Ken directly at or to the entire board at