WBC 2015 Auction Sales, by Lot
Aug. 27, 2015
Auction Sales Overview | Download Spreadsheet

Lot # Item Publisher Sales Price
1War of 1812Columbia$18
2Quebec 1759Columbia$15
3Athens & SpartaColumbia$20
5Bobby LeeColumbia$3
6Sam GrantColumbia$12
8Band of Brothers & Ghost PanzerWorthington$30
9Gettysburg - Badges of CourageColumbia$20
12Texas GloryColumbia$14
13WW2 - Barbarossa to Berlin + Mounted MapGMT$20
14Washington's WarGMT$22
15Sword of Rome + Mounted Map + 5-Player Exp.GMT$20
16Fields of FireGMT$28
18Barbarossa - Kiev to RostovGMT$10
19Barbarossa - CrimeaGMT$14
20Roads to LeningradGMT$16
21Commands & Colors - AncientsGMT$18
22Fighting FormationsGMT$10
23London's BurningAvalon Hill$16
24Field Commander - Rommel - Deluxe EditionDVG$7
25Field Commander - AlexanderDVG$12
26Phantom LeaderDVG$9
27Phantom Leader - Deluxe EditionDVG$26
28Hornet Leader - Carrier Air OperationsDVG$30
29Bastogne - Screaming Eagles Under SiegeMMP$22
30Silent WarCompass$9
31B-29 SuperfortressKhyber Pass$18
32A Few Acres of SnowTreefrog$22
33RAF - The Battle of Britain 1940Decision$28
34"Duel in the Dark Lot (Includes Base Game (UP), Baby Blitz Expansion (SW), Early Nights (SW), Complete Edition Expansion (SW))"Pilot$32
35War of the Ring (plus Battles of the Third Age)Fantasy Flight$46
36Where There is Disc ordFifth Column$80
371960 - Making of the PresidentZ-Man$24
38Glory to RomeCambridge Games$28
39Empire BuilderMayfair$14
40D-Day Dice Lot (Includes Operation Neptune Expansion (SW) and Normandy Expansion (SW))Valley$20
41"Thunderstone Lot (Includes Base Game (PC), Wrath of the Elements (PC), Doomgate Legion (UP), Dragonspire (UP), Thornwood Siege (UP), Heart of Doom (UP))"AEG$56
42"Arkham Horror Lot: (Includes Base Game (PC), Dunwich Horror (UP), Innsmouth Horror (SW), Kingsport Horror (SW), Miskatonic Horror (SW), Curse of the Dark Pharaoh (UP), The King in Yellow (UP), The Lurker at the Threshold (SW), The Black Goat of the Woods (SW))"Fantasy Flight$100
43"Arkham Horror + 5 expansions (Innsmouth, Dunwich, Kingsport, Black Goat, King in Yellow)"Fantasy Flight$70
44Twilight Struggle Deluxe (2011)GMT$40
45Twilight Struggle Deluxe (2012)GMT$40
47Pursuit of GloryGMT$22
48Columbia Bundle: Quebec 1759 + Texas GloryColumbia$26
49Napoleon's TriumphSimmons Games$85
50London's BurningAH$10
51"Magazine bundle: S&T 145, 157, 210, 216, 221 (all with games); C3i 10, 13, 14, 19, 23, 25, 26; General 24-5, 27-2, 29-4, 30-2, 31-6, 32-1; Command 25 (mag only), 44; PoG Players' Guide"Various$80
52"GBOH Bundle: Alexander, SPQR, Caesar, Caratacus"GMT$32
53The Civil WarVG$10
54C&C Ancients - stickers applied!GMT$20
55Swords and Sorcery + GondorSPI$90
56Warriors of GodMMP$20
57Republic of RomeAH$20
58Espana 1936Devir$18
59Hearts & MindsWorthington$22
60Kutuzov + WellingtonGMT$20
62Union PacificRGG$38
63Battle CryAH / Hasbro$20
64Tide of Iron + Days of the FoxFFG$30
65LOTR + SauronRGG$10
68CanalmaniaRagnar Brothers$20
69Tigers In The MistGMT$32
70Princess Ryan's Star MarinesA-H$6
71Die MacherValley Games$32
72WaterlooTreefrog Games$26
73Steel DriverTreefrog Games$28
74RoboRally + Armed & Dangerous Expansion (Metal Robots)Wizards Of The Coast$50
75KeyTownR&D Games$200
76KeydomR&D Games$95
77Union PacificRio Grande$38
78Star Wars: Queen's GambitA-H/Hasbro$260
79Caesar's LegionsA-H$40
80Rise of the Roman RepublicGMT$34
81Carthage - The First Punic WarGMT$22
82The Burning BlueGMT$32
83Conquest of ParadiseGMT$26
841960: The Making of a PresidentZ-Man$20
85Amun-ReHans Im Gluck$32
87Grand IllusionGMT$6
88The Great War in Europe DeluxeGMT$20
89"1825 Units 1, 2, 3"Hartfold/Tresham$220
90"1861 (second edition, 18xx)"All-Aboard$85
91After the FloodTreefrog$30
95Age of IndustryTreefrog/Mayfair$32
96Das MotorsportspielProfessional Motor Sports$22
97A Few Acres of SnowTreefrog$36
981862Prune Games$85
99Steel DriverTreefrog$30
100Tinner's TrailTreefrog$44
102God's PlaygroundTreefrog$110
103Onward to VenusTreefrog$32
107Roads and Boats (with Et Cetera expansion)Splotter$95
108Martin Wallace's Totally Renamed Train Game (a.k.a. Steam)Mayfair$40
109The Great ZimbabweSplotter$110
110Pitchcar + L'Extension & Long Straights ExpansionsFerti$50
111A Study in EmeraldTreefrog$90
112DuneAvalon Hill$46
113ElricAvalon Hill$12
114Twilight Imperium III & Shattered Empire ExpansionFantasy Flight$50
115Arkham Horror: Dunwich Horror & Curse of the Dark Pharaoh ExpansionsFantasy Flight$12
116Arkham Horror: Innsmouth Horror & The King in Yellow ExpansionsFantasy Flight$24
117Arkham Horror: Kingsport Horror & The Black Goat of the Woods ExpansionsFantasy Flight$14
118Arkham Horror: Miskatonic Horror & The Lurker at the Threshold ExpansionsFantasy Flight$22
119Arkham HorrorFantasy Flight$28
120DunkirkGuidon Games$95
121"East, West, Med, Euro, Volga (complete 1st ed. set) "Columbia Games$42
1224 Battles Army Grp South + S&T Kharkov issue with gameSPI$46
123Triumph of Chaos + Comrade's GuideClash of Arms$40
124"Streets of Stalingrad (boxed set in shrink plus full 2nd set, extras)"L2$210
125Peloponnesian WarVictory Games$32
126Roads to LeningradGMT$26
127Complete PreStags-Chariot Sparton Yeoman Legion Viking in traysSPI$46
128Downtown: Air War over HanoiGMT$24
129Island War quad (in tray)SPI$34
130WAR AT SEAL2 Design$20
140Manifest destinyGMT$15
141Rail BaronLeisure Time Games$36
142Age of SteamWarfrog$22
143World in FlamesAustralian Design Group$24
144We The PeopleAvalon Hill$16
145Stonewall Jackson's Way IIMMP$30
1467 AgesADG$28
147ManhattanHans Gluck$20
148Statis Pro BaseballAH$5
1491805: Sea of GloryGMT$18
151Glory IIIGMT$8
152IlluminatiStephen Jackson Games$10
153Monmouth: BAR Vol. VGMT$6
154Pacific Theater of Operations - SPI (1991) - w/labelled counter traysSPI$10
155Silver Bayonet: The First Team in Vietnam 1965 (1990) w/errataGMT$9
156SteamMayfair Games$30
157Vietnam: 1965 - 1975 w/ counter trayVictory Games$18
158Power Grid: Factory ManagerRio Grande Games$16
159Shell Shock: Two Player Ambush! Game SystemVictory Games$22
160SpartacusGale Force Nine$9
161The End of the TriumvirateZ-Man$7
162Phantom Leader: The Vietnam Air War Solitaire Strategy gameDVG$12
163ChainmailWorthington Games$4
164TempusCafé Games$14
165RheinlanderFace to Face Games$14
166Fury of DraculaFantasy Flight$40
167A Line in the SandTSR$8
168Frontline: D-DayDVG$85
169Roads and BoatsSplotter Spellen$70
170AntiquitySplotter Spellen$160
171IndonesiaSplotter Spellen$130
172"Heroscape Master Set #1 Lot: Master Set, Gorillas and Hounds, Monks and Guards, Kilts and Commandos, Heroes of Nostralund, Minute Men and Wolves, Heroes of Banespur, Drones and Minions, Snipers and Vipers, Grut Orcs, The IX Roman Legion, Heroes of Bleakwoode, Knights and the Swog Rider, Heroes of Laur, Road Tree and Bridge, Lava Terrain Pack with Guards x2"Milton Bradley$200
173"Heroscape Master Set Lot: Master Set, Gorillas and Hounds, Monks and Guards, Kilts and Commandos, Heroes of Nostralund, Minute Men and Wolves, Heroes of Barrenspur, Drones and Minions, Knights and the Swog Rider, Heroes of Laur, Road Tree and Bridge, Lava Terrain Pack with Guards"Milton Bradley$180
174Conquest of the EmpireEagle Games$18
175War of ImperialismEagle Games$9
176DreadfleetGames Workshop$26
177Starcraft the Board GameFF$57
178Starcraft The Board Gmae: Brood War ExpansionFF$55
179Doom the Board GameFF$30
180Descent: First EditionFF$34
181Descent: Tomb of IceFF$60
182Descent: Sea of BloodFF$20
183Descent: Altar of DespairFF$20
184Descent: Road to LegendFF$36
185Descent: Quest CompendiumFF$30
187Buck Rogers: Battle for the 25th CenturyMilton Bradley$12
189Leviathans: British Fleet BoxCatalyst$12
190Leviathans: French Fleet BoxCatalyst$7
191Axis and AlliesMilton Bradley$30
192Stalingrad Pocket - 1st EdThe Gamers$5
193 Tobruk (pun) + Panzer Grenadier : Afrika Korps (unp) AH / Avalanche$10
194ChickamaugaDavid Tomas$14
195Panzer Leader + Panzer BlitzAvalon Hill$16
196Catan History # 2 Trojan / Great WallMayfair$14
197Sorcerer + Freedom of the GalaxySPI$12
198Normandy + Leipzig (color flat trays)SPI$42
199Panzer '44 (unp) + Panzer Armee Afrika (pun)SPI$32
200Stonewall (unp) + Wilson's Creek (pun)SPI$24
201Red Sun RisingSPI$38
202Korea + Solomon's CampaignSPI$22
203Battle for Germany (Coll Ed) + Bridge Too FarSPI$44
204Task Force (unp) + Foxbat & Phantom (pun)SPI$24
205East Is Red (boxed) with S&T # 42SPI$9
207Lee Moves North + Wilderness Campaign (white box)SPI$20
208Year of the Rat with S&T 35 (flattray)SPI$12
209ConfrontationGame Science$55
210Kursk (flattray) w/ S&T 57 & Panzergruppe GuderianSPI$24
211Berlin 85 (boxed) + BAOR (S&T 88) + 5th Corps (S&T 82)SPI$7
212"S&Ts w/ games: 42, 54, 59, 79, 81, 84, 88, 109, 131"SPI$60
213Kasserine Pass (yellow box)Conflict Games$8
214With Fire and Sword (zip)Simulations Canada$14
215Sea Lion (zip)Third Millenium$22
216October War (bx) with S&T 81SPI$11
218Cossacks Are ComingPeoples Wargames$24
219"D-Day : Charles Roberts personal copy auctioned at Origins IX (1983) w/ Cert of Authenticity, auction catalog, AH Silver Jubilee mag, and '52-'80 Index & company history. C. Roberts sig. on Cert and rules."Avalon Hill$60
220"Afrika Korps, Stalingrad"Avalon Hill Games$8
221Axis & Allies 1939-45 Starter St (2-player) w/ N. Africa 1940-1943 Map GuideAvalon Hill Games$12
222Axis & Allies North Africa 1940-1943 Map GuideAvalon Hill Games$4
2231960: The Making of the PresidentZ-Man$20
224Agents of SMERSH8th Summit$26
225Napoleon in EuropeEagle Games$28
226The Napoleonic Wars: 2nd EditionGMT Games$14
227Return of the HeroesPegasus Press$6
228StarcraftFantasy Flight$60
229Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Skull & ShacklesPiazo$26
230Steam over HollandVendetta$40
231India RailsMayfair$23
232Lincoln's WarMMP$22
233The War: Europe 1939-1945Compass$42
234Empire BuilderMayfair$22
235British RailsMayfair$25
236KremlinJolly Roger$22
237"Barbarossa: Kiev to Rostov, 1941"GMT$16
2381989: Dawn to FreedomGMT$18
240Andean AbyssGMT$44
241Virgin QueenGMT$36
242Napoleonic Wars (2nd Ed)GMT$24
243A Study in EmeraldTreefrog$140
2441830: Railroads and Robber BaronsAvalon Hill$40
2451862: Railway Mania in the Eastern CountriesLMV&B$115
246Command & Colors: NapoleonicsGMT$24
247Command & Colors: Napoleonics - The Spanish Army Expansion Nr. 1GMT$30
248"World War II: Battle for Moscow, 1941"Zvezda$18
250Paris ConnectionQueen$22
251Operation SkorpionCompass$24
252Natons in ArmsCompass$55
253War & PeaceWorthington$9
254Caesar's Gallic WarWorthington$16
255Blood & SandWorthington$9
256Caesar in AlexandriaGMT$14
257India RailsMayfair$20
2581856: Railroading in Upper CanadaMayfair$38
260Martian RailsMayfair$34
261The Conquerors: Alexander the GreatGMT$12
262Here I Stand (2nd Ed)GMT$40
263Red Storm Over the ReichCompass$22
264Desert War: Egypt 1940Worthington$7
265Carthage: The First Punic WarGMT$22
266"The Seige of Alesia, Gaul 52BC"GMT$10
267Chariots of FireGMT$12
270Storming the ReichCompass$24
271Winds of PlunderGMT$10
272Conquest of Paradise with C3i Random Event Rules & CardsGMT$14
273God's PlaygroundTreefrog$80
276A House DividedPhalanx$20
277Rise of EmpiresPhalanx$18
280Tales of the Arabian NightsZ-Man$24
282A Game of Thrones (1st ed)Fantasy Flight$12
283Way Out WestWarfrog$24
285Waterloo (# and Signed)Treefrog$45
286Conquest of the PacificConquest$20
287For the Crown (wnd Edition)Victory Point$32
289This Hallowed GroundXeno$5
290Europe at WarXeno$2
292Gettysburg (# and Signed)Treefrog$34
293Kampf Um RomKuhlmann$7
294Men of Iron (includes C3i #22 Agincourt)GMT$26
295Caesar: Conquest of Gaul (includes Gergovia; Carataucs)GMT$14
296"The Great Battles of Julius Caesar (includes Veni, Vidi,Vici; Jugurtha; Attila; c3i #21 Barbarians Errata Counters; C3i #19 Cheriton)"GMT$30
297MaharajaAvaoln Hill$18
298Dominent SpeciesGMT$36
300Flying Colors (includes Ship of the Line Expansion)GMT$14
301Serpents of the Sea (includes /c3i #24 counters)GMT$12
304Bonaparte at MarengoSimmons$26
305World in Flames 4th ed. (includes Africa Aflame (UP); Asia Aflame (UP); Planes in Flames (PU))ADG$34
307Distant SeasDistant Seas$11
308Medwar SicilyWorthington$4
309The Great Battles of Alexander 1991 ed. (includes Juggernaut; Pahlanx; Dictator)GMT$6
310"The Great Battles of Alexander Deluxe Ed. 3rd Printing (includes C3i #21 Spartacus, C3i #19 Simple GBoH Battle; Tyrant; Diadochi)"GMT$22
311SPQR ( includes Deluxe Scenario Pack (UP); Barbarian (UP); Player's Guide; 2x War Elephant (PU & UP); Africanus (PU); Consul for Rome (PU); Pyrrhic Victory (PU); 9x C3i inserts)GMT$55
312The Europe 1939-1945Compass$48
313Devil's Horsemen (includes Mamluk)GMT$11
314Onward Christian Soldiers (includes C3i #19 Counters)GMT$12
315Cataphract (includes Justinian)GMT$24
316War Galley (includes Salamis)GMT$14
317Lion of the NorthGMT$14
319War of the Ring (Pieces in Plastic countainers)Fantasy Flight$38
320Railroad TycoonEagle$26
321Age of RenaissanceAvalon Hill$58
322Terra TurriumFranckh$3
323Princes of the RenaissanceWarfrog$60
324World War II Pacific Theater of OperationsSPI$18
3251860 Railways of the Isle of WightJKLM$65
326Thunderstone Lot (Base Game; Wrath of the Elements; Doomgate Legion; Heart of Doom; Thornwood Siege)AEG$50
327Die Siedler von Catan Limited Edition in 3D (German version)Kosmos$270
328Command & Colors Ancients 1st EdGMT$22
329British Rails 1st EdMayfair$14
330Tales of the Arabian Nights 1st EdWest End$14
331Age of RenaissanceAvalon Hill$48
332Star Wars Escape from the Death StarKenner$10
333Red Storm RisingTSR$10
334Puerto RicoRio Grande$14
335Settlers of Catan & 5-6 player expansion & Event CardsMayfair$28
336Guadalcanal - 1st Ed rules and countersAvalon Hill$24
337Wellington in the PeninsulaRand Games$22
338Sorcerer (pun) + Battle Fleet Mars (unp)SPI$40
339Dragonslayer + UniverseSPI$24
340Gettysburg '77 + Fury in the West + Pickett's ChargeAH/Battleline/Yaqinto$18
341Napoleonic Wars Base set with Exp 1 and Exp 2GDT$14
342Napoleon at Bay (pun) + Struggle of Nations (unp)Avalon Hill$12
343Franco Prussian WarSPI$22
345Napoleon at LeipzigOSG$14
346Road to WashingtonCommand Perspective$38
347Battle for the ArdennesSPI$16
349Catan + Cities & Knights + Exp 5-6Mayfair$40
350Am Civil War + Ney vs WellingtonSPI$7
351 Dark Ages Flat + S&T # 28SPI$36
352Flying Circus (pun) + Spitfire (unp)SPI$28
353Imperium RomanumWest End Games$12
354Age of Discovery + PatricianMayfair$12
355Mech War '77SPI$12
356Power and ResolutionSimulations Canada$14
3578th Army - Operation CrusaderGDW$14
358Tannenberg (69) + Kaiser's Battles (83) + Tsushima (130)SPI$24
359S&T Special Editions # 1 - #4SPI$18
360Cromwell (zip)Sim Des Corp$22
362Axis & AlliesAVALON HILL/HASBRO$24
363Breakout NormandyAVALON HILL$24
364Canal ManiaRAGNAR$12
365Circus Maximus - Big BoardJACOBY$560
366El AlameinSPI$10
367Island WarSPI$32
368Leaping LemmingsGMT$16
369Monster DerbyGAMESMITH$4
370North Africa QuadSPI$32
371Panzer BlitzAVALON HILL$24
372Pea RidgeSPI$16
373Rail BaronAVALON HILL$55
374Search and DestroySPI$26
376Solomons CampaignSPI$20
377Speed Circuit 8 TRACKSUNKNOWN$50
378Stone AgeRIO GRANDE$34
379Stonewall - The Battle of KernstownSPI$4
380Tide of IronFF$16
381To the Green Fields BeyondSPI$14
382Twilight StruggleGMT$10
384Wilderness WarGMT$10
385Wilson's CreekSPI$28
386World War IISPI$10
387Conquest of the EmpireEagle-Gryphon Games$20
388DreadfleetGames Workshop Ltd.$30
389Railways of the World + Railways of EuropeEagle-Gryphon Games$36
390Key HarvestRio Grande Games$22
391AmyitisYstari Games$2
392Pacific TyphoonGMT Games$14
393Fortress Europa-2nd Ed + African CampaignAvalon Hill / TSR$46
394NATO + Gulf Strike Victory Games$34
395D-Day + Tactics II + Battle of the Bulge (65) + U-BoatAvalon Hill$26
396Midway with Corasl Sea variantAvalon Hill$30
397Catan History #1 (Cheops/Alexander)Mayfair$9
398Titan (2nd Ed) with Titan Figurine ExpansionValley Games$38
399Squad Leader + COI + COD + GIAvalon Hill$46
400Spies (pun) + Plot to Assisinate Hitler (unp)SPI$20
401Shogun + Tai-Pan (Clavel)Fasa$16
402Power Grid + Benelux ExpansionRio Grande$27
403Catan: Card Game + Card Game Expansion + Dice GameMayfair$10
407Management (p) + Verdict II (up) + Beat Inflation (p)Avalon Hill$13
408War At SeaAvalon Hill$44
409Pentagon GamesJohn Prados$6
410Shiloh + Operation Market GardenThird Millenium$42
411First Indochina War + Empire IThird Millenium$22
412Starfarers of Catan w/ updated componentsMayfair$80
413Invasion Sicily + Lee vs MeadeRand Games$18
414Age of StreamWarfrog$30
416"Cash N Guns, Cash N Guns: Yakuzas"Repos$28
417"Castle Merchants, Medici, Dragon Land""Z-Man, Rio Grande"$20
418El GrandeRio Grande$20
419"Factory Fun, Pyramidis""Cwali, ICE"$8
420ImperialRio Grande$10
421Railroad Tycoon (2005 Edition)Eagle Games$28
422Settlers of Catan and Large Wooden Inlay Playing boardMayfair$58
423Show Manager (Second Edition)Queen$18
425Tyranno ExAvalon Hill$4
426Fortress Europa (2nd edition)AH$7
427Russian Civil WarSPI$20
428The Red StormYaquinto$5
429Empires of the Middle AgesSPI$36
430East Wind RainTask Force Games$10
431Swords and SorcerySPI$28
432Mech War IISPI$42
433France 1940AH$5
434Napoleon's Last BattlesSPI$26
435Advanced 3rd Reich/Rising SunAH$48
436The Korean WarVictory Games$22
437War in the IceSPI$21
439Soldier King Game Design Wkshp$7
440Salvo I and II3W$18
441Up ScopeSPI$9
442Fire in the SkyMMP$30
443Kingmaker (incl variant events)AH$23
444Starship TroopersAH$7
446Monty's GambleMMP$18
447Kremlin (incl expansion kit)AH$30
448Sword of Rome (incl 5th player)GMT$5
449Breakout Normandy (1993)AH$6
450Operation ShoestringGMT$8
451Silver BayonetGMT$8
452Starship CommandInferno Games$6
453Richthofen's WarAvalon Hill$3
454The Battle of MonmouthClash of Arms$28
455"Wings of War Burning Drachens, with 3 additional models from Airplane Pack Series II"Fantasy Flight$22
4574 Battles of Army Group South (Kiev punched)SPI$55
458After the HolocaustSPI$16
459Air WarSPI$12
460China WarSPI$18
462Marlborough at BlenheimWest End Games$7
464"S&T Magazine with Game Issue #65,67,68,70-73,76,78-89,91,93-95,97-107 (35 in All) (All unpunched except 67 and 72)"SPI$140
465Soldier KingGDW$6
466The Battle of AusterlitzSPI$12
467U-BoatTabletop Games$24
468Dungeon 1st EditionTSR$28
469A Mighty FortressSPI$40
471Combat Commander: EuropeGMT$26
472Virgin QueenGMT$34
473White Star RisingLnL$7
476"Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd Ed, Lair of the White Wurm + 1st Edition base minis"FF$40
477AcquireAvalon Hill (Hasbro)$75
478Azhanti High LigteningGDW$36
479Babylon 5 Component Game System (lot)Component Game Systems$26
481ChaostleChivalry Games$17
482Dust TacticsFantasy Flight Games$26
483El Grande *Decennial EditionRio Grande$30
484Fast Attack BoatsYaquinto$7
485Illuminati: New World Order (lot)Steve Jackson Games$12
486KhronosRio Grande$14
488Ogre & GEV (Original plastic boxes)Steve Jackson Games$22
489"Spy RPG Lot (Top Secret, Top Secret S/I boxed set, James Bond RPG & reference materials)"TSR & Victory Games$38
490Starship TroopersAvalon Hill$3
491Starship TroopersAvalon Hill$12
492TannhauserFantasy Flight Games$14
493The Burning BlueGMT Games$24
494Traveller (lot)GDW$22
495Unhappy King CharlesGMT Games$10
496EFS CrimeaGMT$20
497EFS Kiev to RostovGMT$20
498Halls of MontezumaGMT$9
499Empire of the Sun plus C3I countersGMT$18
500Storming the ReichCompass$10
501Breakout NormandyAvalon Hill$12
502Sword of Rome 2nd editionGMT$24
503East FrontColumbia$20
504Battle for GermanySPI$6
505Empires of theAncientWorldWarfrog$16
506GunslingerAvalon Hill$26
507War in the PacificSPI$70
508War in the EastSPI$55
509Turning Point the battle for StallingradSPI$20
510Battle for the ArdennesTSR$12
511ASL Bundle: Kampfgruppe Peiper I + IIAH$120
512A Victory DeniedMMP$14
5133 Days of GettysburgGMT$60
514Red Badge of CourageGMT$18
515Fast Action Battles: The BulgeGMT$24
516Rebel Raiders on the High SeasGMT$26
517Tigers In The MistGMT$32
518New York 1776WP$28
519Where There is DiscordFifth Column$44
520War Without MercyClash of Arms$9
521Dead of Winter: Battle of Stones RiverGMT$12
522Gustav Adolf the GreatGMT$50
523Russia BesiegedL2$44
524Heroes of the WorldSirius$12
525Sid Meier's Civilization: The Baord GameFantasy Flight$20
526Across the Rappahannock: Glory IIGMT$28
527A Few Acres of Snow- Limited EditionTreefrog$34
528Tinner's TrailTreefrog$36
529Polis: Fight for the HegemonyAsylum Games$16
531Princes of FlorenceRio Grande Games$24
532Babylon 5 Component Game System Core SetComponent Game Systems$7
533DungeonQuestGames Workshop$18
534Railroad TycoonEagle Games$22
535The Civil WarVictory Games$32
536Victory in the PacificAvalon Hill$46
537Merchant of VenusAvalon Hill$44
538Force Eagle's WarThe Gamers$12
539Conquest of ParadiseGMT$26
540Merchant of VenusAH$36
541Wizards QuestAH$20
543Second FrontGRD$130
544The Russian CampaignL2$125
545Breakout NormandyAH$18
546Battle of the Buldge ( Smithsonian Series )AH$20
547D - Day ( Smithsonian Series )AH$15
548Guadalcanal ( Smithsonian SeriesAH$22
549Bitter WoodsAH$30
550Art of SiegeSPI$115
551 Contantanople ( 5th Wheel to Art of Siege ) SPI$28
552La Bataille de Deutsch WagramMarshall Ent.$380
553Raid on St NazaireAH$30
554War and PeaceAH$18
555A Winter WarGRD$24
556Poland: First to FightGRD$26
558Operation CrusaderGDW$28
560Campaigns of Robert E LeeCOA$10
561Prochorovka Armor at KurskTask Force Games$3
562Operation PegasusTask Force Games$5
563Junta first editionCreative Wargames$12
564For Honor and Glory War 1812Worthington Games$22
565War for a Continent F&I RevWorthington Games$18
566First Blood 1 2 ManassasSDI$12
567Objective SchmidtThe Gamers$42
568No Retreat The Russian FrontGMT$50
569This Terrible SoundThe Gamers$44
570This Hallowed GroundThe Gamers$70
571A Fearful SlaughterMMP$20
572South MountainMMP$12
573None but HeroesMMP$20
574Last Night on EarthFlying Frog Prod$20
575Betrayal at House on the Hill 1st EditionAvalon Hill$24
578Operation TyphoonSPI$75
579Memoir '44Days of Wonder$20
580Rebel SabersTSR/SPI$20
581Gleam of BayonetsTSR/SPI$24
582Streets of StalingradL2$210
583Bullwinkle and RockyTSR$10
584TCS Omaha (includes Gamers Christmas Countersheets)Gamers$70
585SCS AfrikaMMP/Gamers$44
586Fire in the SkyMMP$56
587OCS DAK2MMP/Gamers$130
588OCS SicilyGamers$60
589OCS Enemy at the GatesGamers$30
590Turning Point: Stalingrad ( includes Expansion Countersheet (UP)Avalon Hill$40
591Dawn of the DeadSPI$34
592Breakout NormandyL2$36
593Football StrategyAvalon Hill$9
594Napoleonic Wars 2md edGMT$24
595Infinite CityAEG$10
596Lincoln's WarMMP$14
597Last WillRio Grande$28
598Neuroshima HexZ-Man$22
599HawaiiRio Grande$26
600PinataRio Grande$10
601Cuba LibreGMT$50
603Memoir '44 Eastern FrontDays of Wonder$18
604Civil WarVictory Games$34


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