WBC Auction and Auction Store Sales
Aug. 27, 2015


The auction sold a total of 599 items—up from 544 last year, led by a record $560 bid for Jake Jacoby’s annual Circus Maximus miniature’s set. (The set went for only $340 last year.) Other lots with top prices included La Bataille de Deutsch Wagram for $380, a 3D version of Settlers of Catan for $270, and Star Wars: Queen's Gambit for $260. There were no unsold lots. The items sold for just over $19,078, up from around $18,000 last year. The average price was $31.85, down from last year's $33.44 average, with 108 lots selling for $10 or less and 76 lots selling for $50 or more.

View a list of the Auction Lot Sales or download a spreadsheet of the sales. The requirement of a $1 minimum bid worked well for the auctioneers and staff and will remain in effect for future years. Thanks to everyone who participated as both buyers and sellers at this year’s event and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

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