World Boardgaming Championships Publicity
June 3, 2015

2015 WBC Preregistration Form

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2015 WBC Poster

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2015 WBC Postcard - Back
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2015 WBC Postcard - Front
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Overview of WBC

Game On: The World Boardgaming Championships documentary trailer

Off the Beaten Path - World Boardgaming Championships

Video Overview of World Boardgaming Championships (Dr. Lew Pulsipher, Game Design Blog)

Why should I go to WBC? (Jason Levine, Boardgame Breakfast Episode 31)

Media Coverage of WBC 2014

WBC 2014 Report (Robert Woodham; Dexter099)

Episode 229: Liberty or Death (Lancaster World Boardgaming Championships) (Rich Galati, Gamers on Games)

Episode 230: Myrmes (Lancaster World Boardgaming Championships) (Rich Galati, Gamers on Games)

Notes on WBC 2014 - A Photo Essay (Fred Manzo, The Boardgaming Way)

Reflections of a First Time Attender to the World Boardgaming Championships (Bill Carrigan; Marnak)

My First Trip to WBC - Pics included (Harold Buchanan; hankhankhank)

The Sophomore Goes to WBC (Chris Whitpan; Games on Tables Blog)

After Action Reports (Johnny Wilson; drjohnny)

A Newbie's WBC Game Recaps (Andrew Drummond; ardrummo)

Lessons to be learned: WBC 2014 (daveroswell)

Games I played at WBC 2014 (Jeremy Oppenheim; Teravos)

WBC 2014 or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Con (Mike K; Coyotek4)

The WBC - A Casual Gamer's Recap (Mat Thomsen; Madcapmartini)

Anni's Adventures at WBC 2014 (Anni Foasberg; Ibaimendi)

WBC 2014 -- This Time with No Pithy Comment (Chris Palermo; Lemur)

WBC 2014: Jump Starting Just Short, or Not Fancying the Fancy Lounge (Doug Faust; Phrim)

WBC 2014--Wargames and Euros and Fillers, Oh My! (Max DuBoff; MD1616)

WBC 2014 - another rocking DonCon at the Lancaster Host (J. R. Tracy; jrtracy)

WBC 2014 (Daniel Ottey; otteydw)

The Brosius family attends the 2014 World Boardgaming Championships (Eric Brosius)

Sean's 2014 WBC Geeklist (Sean McCulloch; SeanM)

In the world of role-playing war games, Volko Ruhnke has become a hero (Jason Albert, The Washington Post)

2014 WBC: Back in the tribe after two year absence (David Dockter; Herr Dr)

My 2014 WBC (Max Jamelli; sigtaulefty)

Top Ten Reasons to attend The WBC (Charles Faella; GaeLo Farm)

WBC 2014 (Sam B.; LunaInLove)

rri1's 2014 WBC (Richard Irving; rri1)

Conventions: World Boardgaming Championships (Lew Pulsipher)

Documentary ‘Game On: The World Boardgaming Championships’ captures friendly competition (FlipSidePA)

Inside GMT Games: World Boardgaming Championships (GMT Games)

Promo for "Game On: The World Boardgaming Championships" documentary" (Kickstarter)

WBC 2014 after-action report (Eric Raymond, Armed and Dangerous)

My first trip to WBC with Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection (Harold Buchanan, Inside GMT Games)

Intellectual Property Overview for the small business (Anthony M. Verna, Presentation at WBC)

Live @ WBC 2014 - Bryan Collars, designer of WBC: The Boardgame (The Party Gamecast LIVE)

Live @ WBC 2014 - The WBC 2014 - Jay Treat (The Party Gamecast LIVE)

Live @ WBC 2014 - The WBC 2014 - Mike Fitzgerald (The Party Gamecast LIVE)

Live @ WBC 2014 - The WBC 2014 - Dominic Crapuchettes (The Party Gamecast LIVE)

Live @ WBC 2014 - The WBC 2014 - Keith Levy (The Party Gamecast LIVE)

WBC 2014 - Matt Loter's Interview of Uwe Eickert (FATcast podcast)

WBC 2014 - Matt Loter Insults Steve Bunocore for 23 Minutes (FATcast podcast)

WBC 2014 Saturday and Sunday (Paul Owen, Man OverBoard)

WBC 2014 Friday (Paul Owen, Man OverBoard)

WBC 2014 Thursday (Paul Owen, Man OverBoard)

World Boardgaming Championship – 2014 (Jason C,

WBC 2014 Recap - Part 2 (Keith Ferguson, Ad Astra)

WBC 2014 Recap - Part 1 (Keith Ferguson, Ad Astra)


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