Rising Sun Pre-Con
April 27, 2011

Welcome to the Rising Sun mini-con which features dedicated play of Victory in the Pacific in five rounds of swiss format followed by three rounds of Single Elimination play for the top eight players, as the event changes its format for the first time ever. Not actually part of WBC proper, Rising Sun is sort of an opening skirmish for those who can't get enough of a good thing.

Is Centurion status in your future? Send out a patrol to Rising Sun for an early start to your gaming Campaign week. Or if a stay for all of WBC isn't possible, get your gaming fix during the pre-con weekend.

WBC attendees have long lamented the many conflicts between their favorite WBC events. So many games, so little time...

No event has tested its faithful more than Victory in the Pacific whose many rounds of swiss play have taken place in the midst of all sorts of other gaming temptations during the height of WBC for 14 consecutive years. During that run, the faithful have always heard the laments of others that if only it did not comflict with X, they'd be there too. Well, now you have your chance. By moving to a Pre-Con slot, Victory in the Pacific frees you from the temptations of those other gaming sirens and allows you to experience the pure thrills of seeing just how many times you can win in five rounds .... while freeing you for all the other WBC events commencing as Rising Sun draws to a close.

With play in a Pre-Con, those making the pilgrimmage to WBC can get more bang for their travel buck while increasing the number of events they can play during a glorious eight-day stint of uninterrupted gaming if they so choose. Valhalla for gamers ... here on Earth and only at WBC.

Tribune members may freely partake in all of BPA’s Pre-Cons during the two days preceding WBC. Play at RISING SUN for non-Tribune/Sponsor level members requires a separate registration fee of $10 plus $10 per day for those pre-registered by July 25, or $20 plus $10 per day for all others, payable to the BPA, 7766 Valley View Court, Hickory, NC 28602. This fee can be paid separately or in addition to other WBC fees noted on the WBC pre-registration form and also covers play in any other pre-con events played on those days. If paid at the door, the higher fee will apply.

Example: Al is coming just for the weekend. He can pre-register for Saturday and Sunday only for $30. If he waits to pay at the door, the cost will be $40. Bob is coming just for Sunday. He can pre-register for Sunday only for $20. If he waits to pay at the door, the cost will be $30. Carl is coming for Saturday through Tuesday (four days). He can pre-register for $50. If he waits to pay at the door, the cost will be $60. Don is already a 2011 Sustaining level member entitled to free admission for WBC week. He wants to arrive and play on the preceding Sunday also. He can pre-register for Sunday only for $20. If he waits to pay at the door, the cost will be $30. Earl is a 2011 Tribune level member. He can attend all nine days for free.

WBC special room rates at the Lancaster Host and Continental Inn apply to all days of the pre-con. See our travel and accommodations page for details.

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