Cafe Jay [Updated July 2003]


Jay Tummelson of Rio Grande Games in co-operation with WBC invites you to return to an easier day when home entertainment didn't require an electric outlet and the town soda shop was the center of teen social life. Step back in time to Frankie & Vinnie's - a 50's era nightclub - as we combine boardgames and ice cream for a rollickin' old fashioned good time.

Join Jay and his merry band as they teach all the latest games from Europe that Rio Grande will be producing. Sit down and play any of their quick-playing games and earn a chance at the raffle to win a free sundae! The more you play, the more chances you have to win. There will be milkshake drawings daily at 7 PM.

Cafe Jay Gaming Hours: 

Tuesday: 6 PM - midnight
Wednesday: 10 AM - midnight
Thursday-Saturday: 9 AM - midnight
Sunday: 9AM - 4 PM

Food & Beverage Voucher Program

This year, guests staying at Hunt Valley Inn will receive meal vouchers as part of their daily rate. Cafe Jay is one of the locations where these vouchers may be used.
1. Upon check-in, front desk will distribute to each guest room $30.00 in Food & Beverage Vouchers per room night. Vouchers will be presented in denominations of $10.00. Each $10.00 represents purchasing value toward food, beverages, or gratuity. All Voucher purchases are subject to an automatic 20% Gratuity added to each check. Food & Beverage Voucher portion of the rate is subject to applicable state tax (currently 5%) at the time of check-in.
2. Vouchers have no cash value and may not be redeemed for any amount of cash. If entire amount of Voucher is not redeemed, change will not be provided. Vouchers cannot be used to pay for meals signed to a room.
3. Vouchers are valid only from noon to midnight during the official program dates of Tuesday, July 29, 2003 through Sunday, August 3, 2003.
4. Vouchers will only be valid in the following Food & Beverage Outlets: Cinnamon Tree Restaurant, Paddock Lounge, and the Frankie & Vinnie (Cafe Jay) Concession Area (inclusive of the gazebo patio barbecue).
5. The Food & Beverage Voucher program will not be in effect before July 29th or after August 3rd. That will be reflected in a base rate of $95 per day for those staying at HVI during and prior to WBC at the various pre-cons. Those making reservations via the national reservation service will be quoted the higher rate, but adjustments will be made manually on site for the lower rate sans vouchers.

Check out Cafe Jay's revised menu ...
These items available Wednesday - Saturday, noon till 9 PM:
· assorted beverages and snacks
· turkey & cheddar cheese subs
· assorted salads & Italian cold cut subs
· burgers & chicken breast sandwiches - cooked to order
· fries and onion rings - cooked to order
· rootbeer or cherry floats and ice cream sundaes

Hot Daily Meal Specials:

Lunch: 12 - 2 PM; Dinner: 6 - 9 PM

· Wednesday Lunch: 12" Pizza
· Dinner: Oriental Station with choice of Sweet & Sour Chicken or Beef Teriyaki
· Thursday Lunch: Mexican Station with Corn Tacos filled with Mexican chicken, grilled peppers and onions and Spanish Rice. Side station of lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and salsa.
· Dinner: Texas B-B-Q Station - Slices of barbecued brisket of beef on Cowboy Beans.
· Friday Lunch: Philly Cheese Steak or Philly Chicken Steak and Chips
· Dinner: Italian Station with Bowtie Pasta and choice of Marinara or Alfredo Sauce, sliced grilled chicken or mushrooms, Garlic Bread.
· Saturday Lunch: "Sloppy Joe" · Dinner: Spaghetti with choice of meat or tomato sauce, Italian bread, and small salad

Learning your A, B, C's ...

The Teaching Demonstration hours at Frankie & Vinnie's are relatively new. In years past, our B (Beginner) events were preceded by an hour wherein the GM tried to give newcomers a quick lesson in how to play - a noble gesture that worked better in theory than practise.
* The GM couldn't always be found within a busy ballroom.
* The public rarely arrived together at the appointed time, often appearing in dribs and drabs right up to, and often after, the official starting time - along with other early arrivals - thus causing our harried GM to abort his started lesson and begin anew - often at the expense of the timely start of the event.
* The preceding teaching hour added to the clutter of crowded rooms - making it difficult to secure the necessary space in the transition between starting and ending events.

Now B (Beginner) events are taught in Frankie & Vinnie's at a predesignated time and table - with food and drink close by in Cafe Jay. The GM - who very much wants to introduce new players to the event - will now give you undivided attention and be easy to find next to the event kiosk at the designated table and time. However, you bear the burden of being on time. A GM who has no takers for his teaching seminar is free to leave after 15 minutes.

Do not ask to be taught how to play at an A- or B-rated event. The GM who does so is shortchanging the event's other players. Our GMs are donating their game time to man these teaching hours. Please thank them by adhering to the published schedule for the lessons.

A (Advanced) Events: Events classified as A (Advanced) require that you at least have read the rules before entry. Please understand that some players have travelled extensively in the expectation of challenging matches in their favorite game. It is not fair to them or you to be paired with someone expecting to be shown how to play. Neither of you is likely to enjoy the experience.

C (Coached) Events: Events classified as C actually provide instruction during or before the event. No prior experience of any kind is necessary to play. These games tend to be very simple and/or the GM is willing to dedicate the time required to teach you during the events scheduled playing time.



Demonstration Schedule
 Day & Time Table 1 Table 2 Table 3 Table 4 Table 5 Table 6
Tu19 7 PM ACV QGB TIM 210    
Tu22 10 PM MOA KGM BAT 210 POF  
Wednesday 9 AM *1 BPA Meeting          
We10 10 AM 8XX GC2 WTP SOA TTA 210
We12 Noon RRY GXY DIF VPT    
We13 1 PM CIV BTF PDT HOS **Manifest Destiny MED
We14 2 PM CMS 776 FMR PZB    
We15 3 PM ILL Sword of Rome**        
We16 4 PM TKL EAW SAR      
We18 6 PM ACV Battlelines****        
We19 7 PM NAP          
We21 9 PM AHD          
We22 10 PM WZQ BBY FDE RA!    
Thursday 10 AM 210          
Th11 AM GXY          
Th12 Noon NW2 MOA **Manifest Destiny      
Th13 1 PM Wind of Plunder**          
Th15 3 PM LIB Sword of Rome**        
Th16 4 PM TVW LST      
Th17 5 PM VPT TRC JUN      
Th18 6 PM PRO Battlelines****        
Th19 7 PM VNC          
Th22 10 PM GSR          
Friday 9 AM ACW 5FT DIF MGM    
Fr14 2 PM Sword of Rome**          
Fr16 4 PM NVW EAW VPT    
Fr17 5 PM SCT Battlelines****        
Fr19 7 PM MOA          
Saturday 9 AM **Europe Engulfed          
Sa15 3PM OW2 Battlelines****        
Sunday 8 AM ***Armistice          
Su9 9 AM EIS ATS        

*1 BPA Annual meeting for Members only; Presentation of Board of Directors
**2 Manifest Destiny, Sword of Rome, Winds of Plunder and Europe Engulfed are demonstrations of GMT's P500 candidates; no tournaments are scheduled for them
***3 Armistice After Action Meeting for BPA Members Only; includes BPA Door Prize Drawing, Hobby design Awards, and GMT's Team Uniform Contest

**** Battlelines is a demonstration of Lost Battalion's new game of the same name; no tournament is scheduled for it this year.