2003 WBC Candid Photos
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- Anticipation -

"Boardgamer! Coming through!"
-Gamers are a blur rushing into the HVI

Checking in and getting badged
-Badges? We don't need no...

Annual Kickoff Meeting
-Don and Ken address the crowd

Champions from 1950?
-They got neon instead of wood

"See, VIPs go to this room."
-Checking the big schedule

So many games, so little time...
-Checking the small schedule

- Let the Games Begin! -

Were you outfoxed by The Five Barons?
-the Fox clan plays Air Baron

Five boardgamers set sail that day
for a three-hour tour...
-Atlantic Storm

A GM's work is never finished.
-Advanced Squad Leader

Medals for those with mettle.

'My flag has fallen and it can't get up!'
-Battle Cry

Our leader gets a brief moment to play.
-Breakout: Normandy

What's Frank Herbert's AREA rating?

The WBC is the cradle of boardgaming.
-Euphrat & Tigris

- Chariots -

-Maybe someone likes board games...

-Shouldn't this plate be on a Hummer?

728 BBY
-Obviously, the 728th Bobby Lee fan.

-Need to find a loophole in DMV rules?
Just ask a boardgamer.

-"Oops, wrong convention!"

- More Games -

Security stands by waiting for
the enemy to be pointed out.
-Enemy in Sight

Whaddya want, a medal?
-Empire Builder

Hey, no cheating on the
"taste of finger tips" category!
-Facts in Five

Good thing Europe has few earthquakes...

"Shhh, I've been practicing my
'I have terrible cards' expression."
-Formula Motor Racing

'Mom, he's tweezing me!'
-Panzergruppe Guderian

Gamers are smart! They've solved the
time-wasting morning shower problem!

"Heh, this victory's gonna be
yet another feather in my cap."

- Vendors -

Games for sale!
-Arranged very carefully into random order

Demonstrations as well
-What more could a gamer want?

There's always service with a smile.
-How to get a gamer's attention.

Did Communism ever look this good?
-Katrina, Battlelines demo

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