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- Still More Gamers -

The future of boardgaming is here.
-Junior Events

Hats off to Keith Levy for running
Momma Mia for the juniors.
-Junior Events

Laundry Room's Burning, errr, I mean...
-London's Burning

"Hey, he's taking our picture!"

"No peeking!"
-Mystery of the Abbey

"It's a snack." "It's a strategy."
"Wait, you're both right!"
-Merchant of Venus

Ravage? Why, that scarey orange dude
has turned the whole room on its side.
-Monsters Ravage America

"I'm gonna pick yer Bonesapart."
-Napoleonic Wars

- Here and There -

Smokin' in the gazebo...
-Using vouchers for lunch

"Can I play in the piano tournament?"
-outside Maryland ballroom

Did the wargamers trash the ballroom?
-No, they just like to give the
enemy bad directions.

Need your hair done?
-the WBC has everything

Best roll of the con?
-that's what they said

It looks like 4 is significant in this game.
-open gaming

Big brother is watching
-Cafe Jay from overhead skylight

'I'm nuts about boardgaming.'
-outside the Worthington room

- More Games -

Princess of Florence?
-Princes of Florence

Oh, this must be the princess
-Princess Ryan's Star Marines

"Now's when that extra AH money I
tucked in my purse comes in handy."
-Rail Baron

"Go, Uuuuuuuuuuukraine!"

Warning, student driver!
-Speed Circuit

"I'll trade two sheep for one wine."
-Settlers of Catan

The newest train game in the yard.
-Santa Fe Rails

Back from the ashes
-Streets of Staliningrad

"You can have my copy for $25 million
plus a game to be named later."
-Superstar Baseball

"Look, this year I did bring longer arms."
-Advanced Third Reich

- People -

Jamie Tang has both victory points
and brownie points covered.
-Yum, and no voucher needed!

Jay Tummelson, always on the move.
-and impossible to capture in focus

A BPA t-shirt is always photo worthy.

"Just wait'll they see how
I can play Wrasslin."

After 22 hours of gaming and 2
of sleep, why would anyone yawn?

Games on wheels.

- Last of the Games -

"Ooomph! Right in the gut!"
-Tigers in the Mist


The tinkling of dice in a cup is
music to a wargamer's ears.
-The Russian Campaign

"Hey, anybody know the time?"
-Victory in the Pacific

The planet monster is hungry...
-Vanished Planet

Sometimes the camera flash does work.
-War at Sea

"May I?" "Yes, you may."
-a polite game of Wilderness War

Voted best looking dice tower.
-Wooden Ships & Iron Men

- Winding Down -

Not quite the Stanley Cup,
but still impressive.

"The last day? Already?"

Plaques looking for winners
to take them home.

Using up those vouchers...
-Paddock Bar

"Don't you worry in there, honey,
the games are safe inside the car."

Thanks for playing!

More games and fun await
you at the 2004 WBC.

(Photos by Steve Okonski)

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