2004 WBC Auction - Registration Form for Seller
Print and send this to the BPA to register your Lots for auction.

# of Lots to Register  
x $0.50, Total $
TitleCondition*Min Bid
Lot 1  $
Lot 2  $
Lot 3  $
Lot 4  $
Lot 5  $
(If more lots, continue to list them, condition and min bid on reverse)
Seller's Name 

Make check or money order for the Total payable to BPA and mail with this form to:

or inquire for authorization to pay electronically by Paypal. Send questions to doncon99@toad.net.

* Describe the Condition of each item using one of the following 5 terms:

All transactions are subject to the terms and conditions of sale as defined on page 80-81 of the 2004 WBC program.