Orphan List  [Updated Feb 22, 2004]

This is the final update. WBC closes to new events on March 1st. The next update will be the official 2004 schedule.

The games listed below (the Century Group and Trial Events) will be played at the 2004 WBC provided a GameMaster volunteers for each.

If you are a BPA member for 2004, you can GM any game listed below as "OPEN" by being the first to submit a satisfactory event form by the end of February 2004. Why not be a GM this year?

An event not claimed by that date will not be run, in which case it will be dropped from the group and be replaced by the highest ranking alternate in the annual membership vote which has a GM commitment.

This page will be updated weekly between January 1st when reservations expire and March 1st when event submissions are no longer accepted. Events listed as Cancelled are no longer eligible due to lack of a GM commitment by the deadline.

Continuing Trials are limited to the first 25 events for which an acceptable Event form is submitted by a participating GM or the end of February, whichever comes first. New Trials may be introduced by vendors and sponsors at the rate of one per booth space/sponsorship until the end of February.

Century: 100 events compose the Century Group of featured events which are supported by multiple prize levels ranging from two to six plaques and a Centurion shirt based on a formula using recent statistics of attendance, player hours, and scheduling incentives. 90 of those 100 slots were pre-determined and require only the commitment of a BPA member to GM the event by the end of February deadline. Failure of a GM to submit a suitable event form for the event by the deadline will drop it from the group to be replaced by the highest ranking alternate in the annual membership vote. Ten additional Century events composed of either new games or readmitted Trials will be added at the end of Membership voting on January 1st, 2004.

Ten Century Group slots will be awarded to events drawing the most votes in the annual membership survey during the December Membership Drive. Regardless of vote, the ten winners also require a GM commitment by the end of February deadline, or they too will be replaced by the next highest ranking event with a GM commitment.

Continuing Trials are limited to the first 25 events for which an acceptable Event form is submitted by a participating GM or the end of February, whichever comes first.

New Trials may be introduced by vendors and sponsors at the rate of one per booth space/sponsorship until the end of February.

All events require a BPA member acting as GM to submit a satisfactory Event Form no later than February 29th, 2004 or the event will not be run. Events are reserved for the previous GM who satisfactorily completed all obligations until January 1st, 2004. After that date, any event not already taken may be run by any BPA member submitting a satisfactory event form by the end of February. This page will be updated weekly between January 1st when reservations expire and March 1st when event submissions are no longer accepted. All requested event times are approximate and subject to change when the final schedule is made.

Century Group 2004 membership voting results. For comparison see the 2003 membership vote.

 Event Century Game Master & Initial Requested Time Slot
18xx - 8xx C-1 Pierre LeBoeuf; We 11, We 18, Th 18; SF Fr 13; F Sa 18
Adel Verpflichtet - ADV C-2 Ray Pfeifer; Sa 19
Advanced Civilization - ACV C-3 Joe Gundersen; We10, Th 9; F: Fr 9
Advanced Squad Leader - ASL C-4 Jeff Evich; Recon Pre-Con Sat-Sun-Mon
Advanced Third Reich - A3R (aka World At War) C-5 Michael Crowe; We 10
Afrika Korps - AFK C-6 Jonathan Lockwood; Free Form Tu 19; Rd 2 Th 9
Age of Renaissance - AOR C-7 Ken Gutermuth; TU 18, Th 9; SF: Th 18; F: Fr 18
Air Baron - ABN C-8 OPEN;
Amun-Re - AMR C-9 Kevin Youells; Tu 22, Th 9; SF: Th 11; F: Su 9
Anzio - ANZ C-10 Paul Fletcher; Free Form Tu 18
Atlantic Storm - ACS C-11 John Coussis; Tu 18, We 10, Th 21, Fr 12; SF: Fr 14, F: Fr 16
Axis & Allies - A&A C-12 Philip Shea; TBD
B-17 - B17 C-13 Dave Terry; Th 9
Barbarossa to Berlin - BTB C-14 William Cooper; W10
Battle Cry - BCY C-15 George Sauer; Sa 9
Battleline - BAT C-16 Jeff Mullet; Fr 19
Bulge '81 - B81 C-17 Bruno Sinigaglio; Free Form Tu19; SF Sa 9
Bitter Woods - BWD C-18 Randy Heller; M: Tu 18; We 10
Breakout Normandy - BKN C-19 Ken Nied; We 10
Britannia - BRI C-20 James Jordan; TBD
Carcassonne - CAR C-21 Michelle Hymowitz; We 13, We 20, Th 15, Th 17; SF: Fr 11; F: Fr 15
Circus Maximus - CMS C-22 John Jacoby; Tu 18, We 10, Th 9, Fr 9; F: Su 9
Diplomacy - DIP C-23 Andrew Marshall; Fr 18, Sa 10, Su 9
Down In Flames - DIF C-24 Mike Lam; Fr 14
Dune - DUN C-25 Brad Johnson; We 13, Th 10, Fr 10; F: Sa 18
El Grande - ELG C-26 Rob Flowers; Tu 18, We 13, Th 20; SF: Fr 13; F: Fr 16
Empire Builder - EPB C-27 OPEN
Enemy In Sight - EIS C-28 Neal Schlaffer; Su 9
Euphrat & Tigris - E&T C-29 Mark Guttag; Fr 15
Football Strategy - FBS C-30 Nathaniel Hoam; We 18, Fr 9
For the People - FTP C-31 Mark Herman; Fr 9
Formula De - FDE C-32 Dave Bohnenberger; Th TBD, Fr TBD; F: Sa TBD
Formula Motor Racing - FMR C-33 Chris Janiec; TBD
Galaxy - GXY C-34 Kaarin Engelmann; Tu 18, We 16, Th 13, Fr 13; SF/F: Sa 11
Gangsters - GSR C-35 John Pack; Tu 22, We 14, Th 23, Fr 16; SF: Fr 19. F: Fr 22
Great Campaigns 1862 - GC2 C-36 Paul Nied; We 12
Great Campaigns 1863-65 - GC3 C-37 Ed Beach; Fr 9
Greed - GRD C-38 Tom Browne; We 23
Hammer of the Scots C-39 Phil Barcafer; We 10
Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage - HRC C-40 Stuart Tucker; Omens Pre-Con Mon-Tues
History of the World - HWD C-41 Rolinda Collinson; We 18, SF or F: Th 17, F if needed: Fr 9
Kingmaker - KGM C-42 Scott Bowling; TBD
Kremlin - KRM C-43 Pete Stein; We 18, We 21, Th 9, Th 13; SF Th 18; F: Th 21
Liar's Dice - LID C-44 Jason Levine; Fr 23
Lost Cities - LST C-45 Mike Zehnal; Sa 19
March Madness - MMS C-46 Terry Coleman; Tu 18, We 10, Th 9, Fr 9; SF: Su 9
Medici - MED C-47 Peter Staab; We 14, Th 16, Sa 17; SF: Sa 19; F: Sa 21
Merchant of Venus - MOV C-48 Richard Irving; We 12, Th 18, Fr 9; SF: Sa 9; F: Sa 12
Monsters Ravage America - MRA C-49 Mark Love; TBD
Mystery of the Abbey - MOA C-50 OPEN
Naval War - NVW C-51 Jim Fleckenstein; Fr 15
Panzergruppe Guderian - PGG C-52 Robert Frisby; Th 9
Paths of Glory - POG C-53 Guns of August Precon S9 U9 OPEN
Princes of Florence - POF C-54 OPEN
Pro Golf - PGF C-55 Bruce Monnin; Th 23
Puerto Rico - PRO C-56 John Weber; Th 21, Fr 15, Sa 9; SF: Sa15, Sa 20; F: Su 11
Queen's Gambit -QGB C-57 Buddy Sinigaglio; Tu 20, We 16, Th 10; SF: Fr 10
Ra! - RA! C-58 Steve Scott; Tu 20, We 20, Th 18, Fr 18; SF: Sa 9
Rail Baron - RBN C-59 Ron Secunda; We 17. Th 18, Fr 10; SF: Fr 16; F: Sa 15
Republic of Rome - ROR C-60 Nicholas Benedict; We 15; F: Fr 18
Risk - RSK C-61 Keith Levy; TBD
Roby Rally - RRY C-62 Marc Houde; TBD
Saratoga - SAR C-63 Mark Miklos; Fr 20
Settlers of Catan - SET C-64 Jeff Paull; Sa 9
Shogun - SSS C-65 Charley Hickok; Sa 9, Sa 16; F: Su 8
Slapshot - SLS C-66 Sean McCulloch; Sa 23
Speed Circuit - SCT C-67 Doug Schulz; Th 14, Fr 17, Sa 14; F: Su 9
Squad Leader - SQL C-68 Peter Pollard; S9
Successors - SUC C-69 Doug Cooley; TBD
Taj Mahal - TJM C-70 Brian Stallings; TBD
The Napoleonic Wars (five-player) - NW5 C-71 Mark McLaughlin; We 18, Th 18; SF: Fr 18; F: Sa 18
The Napoleonic Wars (two-player) - NW2 C-72 Roy Gibson; TBD
The Russian Campaign - TRC C-73 Tom Gregorio; Th 19; Fr 9
Tigers In the Mist - TIM C-74 Ray Freeman; Tu 19, We 10
Tikal - TKL C-75 Daniel Broh-Kahn; We 21, Th 21, Fr 21; F: Sa 21
Titan - TTN C-76 Bruno Wolff; We 10+; SF: Sa 9; F: Sa 18
Titan Two Player - TT2 C-77 Rich Atwater; We 10
Titan: The Arena - TTA C-78 Greg Crowe; TBD
Tyranno Ex - TYX C-79 Jeff Finkeldey; TBD
Union Pacific - UNP C-80 Andy Lewis; We 18
Up Front - UPF C-81 Bill Edwards, Th 9
Victory in the Pacific - VIP C-82 John Sharp; Fr 9
Vinci - VNC C-83 OPEN
War At Sea - WAS C-84 Vince Meconi; Th 9
War of 1812 - 812 C-85 Ric Manns; Tu 18
Waterloo - WAT C-86 John Clarke; Free Form Tu 21; SF: Sa 10
We The People - WTP C-87 Don Chappelle; Sa 9
Wilderness War - WNW C-88 Keith Wixson; We 10
Win, Place & Show - WPS C-89 Ken Gutermuth; Tu 23; Sa 13; F: Sa 16
Wooden Ships & Iron Men - WSM C-90 Tim Hitchings; Tu18, Fr 9, Sa 9
Acquire determined by membership vote 1st - ACQ C-91 Justin Thompson; Su 9
1776 determined by membership vote 2nd - 776 C-92 Matthew Burkins; M: Tu, We
Auction determined by membership vote 3rd - AUC C-93 Bruce Reiff; M: Tu 18, We 15
Liberty determined by membership vote 4th - LIB C-94 Ric Manns; Th 18
Alhambra determined by membership vote 5th - ALH C-95 Debbie Gutermuth; We 19, Fr 11; SF: Fr 13; F: Fr 15
Monty's Gamble determined by membership vote 6th - MGM C-96 Andrew Cummins; TBD
Ace of Aces determined by membership vote 7th - AOA C-97 Phil Barcafer; TBD
Medieval determined by membership vote 8th - MDV C-98 Joel Tamburo; TBD
Attack Sub determined by membership vote 9th - ATS C-99 Rob Mull; Su 10
Age of Steam determined by membership vote 10th - AOS C-100 Peter Staab; Tu18, Th12, Sa 12; SF: Su 9

Changes to the originally posted requested times have been listed in red.

Alternates: These events are listed in the order of the vote support they received in the annual Membership Drive survey completed in December and include a combination of new events and Continuing Tirals. Should any Century event not receive a volunteer GM by the Feb 28th deadline, an event on this list will ascend to the Century group in the following order. New events will be run only if admitted to the Century by this process or sponsored as a New Trial by a vendor or Sponsor. Continuing Trials on this list may continue to be run as such provided their Event form is among the first 25 approved.

 Submitted Alternate Events Alternate Game Master & Requested Time Slot
Europe Engulfed - EEG A-1 / NT-1 Rick Young; Fr9
Die Macher - DIM A-2 / T10 Tom DeMarco; Fr 9; F: Su 9
A House Divided - AHD A-3 / T1 Daniel Broh-kahn
Trans America - TAM A-4 Bill Navolis; Su10
Santa Fe Rails - SFR A-5 / T28 OPEN
Storm Over Arnhem - SOA A-6 / T29 Tom Drueding; M: Tu18, We 10
Web of Power - WOP A-7 / NT-4 Tom DeMarco; TBD
Princess Ryan's Star Marines - PRS A-8 / T27 Mark McLaughlin; Fr 9
Royal Turf - RYT A-9 Andrew Maly; Sa 18


 Submitted new Event Sponsor GM & Requested Time Slot
Mr. President - MRP NT-1 Jared Scarborough; We 11, We 14, We 17, We 20
Europe Engulfed - EEG NT-2 Rick Young; Fr9
Trans America - TAM NT-3 Bill Navolis; Su10
Web of Power - WOP NT-4 Tom DeMarco; TBD
Ticket To Ride - TTR NT-5 Eric Hautemont; We 17, Th 14, Fr 11; SF: Sa 15
Memoire '44 - M44 NT-6 Richard Borg; Th 14, Fr 14; F: Sa 14
Age of Napoleon - AON NT-7 OPEN
Attika - ATK NT-8 Jeff Mullet; Tu 20, We 12, We 21; SF: Fr 9; F: Fr 11
Gettysburg: Badges of Courage - GBC NT-9 Grant Dalgliesh; Th 13
Hector and Achillies - H&A NT-10 OPEN
Battlelines - BLS NT-11 Ken Whitesell; TBD
Brawlin' Battleships - BBS NT-12 Craig Taylor; TBD

NEW TRIALS: Each vendor and/or Sponsor may add one new Trial event to the below list of "grandfathered" Continuing Trials above and beyond the 25 Continuing Trials ceiling. Such New Trials will automatically fall into one of the other classifications the following year based on their 2004 performance.

  Continuing Trials are those events which failed to make the Century Group by 2003 attendance standards but which did draw a minimum of eight participants in the preceding WBC. Unlike former years, Continuing Trials are limited to the first 25 events for which a satisfactory event format is submitted and approved.

Barring entrance by other means (sponsorship or a Century vacancy which elevates one of the 25), there are currently no remaining slots for Continuing Trials. This means all remaining OPEN events in this category will be deleted from eligibility. Any GM who would like to save one of these events from extinction is urged to submit an event form in case a vacancy does occur.

 Eligible Continuing Trials Trial Game Master & Requested Time Slot
A House Divided - AHD T-1 ALTERNATE ONLY
Across Five Aprils - A5A T-2 OPEN
Attila - ATT T-3 Rob Flowers; Su 9
Bohnanza - BZA T-4 OPEN
Brute Force - BTF T-5 Rob Beyma; Th 14
Circus Minimus - CMN T-6 OPEN
Civilization - CIV T-7 OPEN
Clash of Giants - COG T-8 OPEN
Cosmic Encounter - CME T-9 Mark Geary; TBD
Die Macher - DIM T-10 Tom DeMarco; Fr 9; F: Su 9
Dinosaurs of the Lost World - DLW T-11 OPEN
Elchfest - ELC T-12 Dan Dolan; Tu 22
Empires of the Ancient World - EAW T-13 Jeffrey King; Tu 18, We 10
Facts In Five - FI5 T-14 Randy Cox; Sa 20
Fifth Fleet - 5FT T-15 ALTERNATE ONLY
Fortress Europa - FSE T-16 Paul Koenig Free Form We 10
Gettysburg - GBG T-17 Vince Meconi; Free Form Tu 19
Guerilla - GUE T-18 Neal Schlaffer; Sa 13
Hellas - HEL T-19 Ann Cornett; TBD
Junta - JUN T-20 OPEN
London's Burning - LBG T-21 Steve Munchak; TBD
Mexica - MEX T-22 Skip Maloney; TBD
Napoleon - NAP T-23 Jeff Cornett; We 20
Origins of World War II - OW2 T-24 Martin Svensson; Sa 17
Panzerblitz - PZB T-25 Bill Scott; FREE FORM We 14; SF: Sa 9
Paydirt - PDT T-26 Harry Flawd; We 14, Sa 16
Princess Ryan's Star Marines - PRS T-27 Mark McLaughlin; Fr 9
Santa Fe Rails - SFR T-28 OPEN
Storm Over Arnhem - SOA T-29 Tom Drueding; M: Tu 18, We 10
Superstar Baseball - SSB T-30 Randy Cox; Sa 9
Title Bout - TBT T-31 Dennis Nicholson; We 18
TV Wars - TVW T-32 OPEN
Vanished Planet - VPT T-33 Sam Blanchard; We 19, Th 19, Fr 19; F: Sa 19
Wizard's Quest - WZQ T-34 Paul Bolduc; Th 9
Wrasslin' - WRS T-35 Tim Dolan; Th 15
Wrasslin' Battle Royal - WBR T-36 Paul Weintraub; Su 13

 Juniors events (for those 12 and under) are not limited to the specific titles listed below. Volunteers with experience teaching games to young children are invited to submit proposals for games of their choice.

 Junior Events for those 12 & Under Junior Events  Game Master & Requested Time Slot
 Trouble Junior J-1 Bruce Reiff; Fr 17
 Adel Verpflichtet Junior  J-2 Anne Norton; TBD
 Lord of the Rings; The Confrontation Junior J-3 Jim Doughan; Fr 13
 Lord of the Rings Junior  J-4 Ed Beach; Sa 18
 Princess Ryan's Star Marines Junior J-5 Mark McLaughlin; Sa 9
 Carcassonne Junior J-6 OPEN
 Formula Motor Racing Junior J-7 Mike Stachowski; TBD
 Titan: The Arena Junior J-8 Greg Crowe; TBD
 Liar's Dice Junior J-9 Jason Levine; Th 9
 Slapshot Junior J-10 Bruce Monnin; Sa 15
 Ben Hur Junior J-11 Kaarin Engelmann; Fr 9
 Guillotine Junior J-12 Andy Lewis; Th 15
 Monsters Ravage America Junior  J-13 OPEN
 Legends Robin Hood Junior J-14 OPEN

TIME KEY: Mo = Monday, Tu = Tuesday, We = Wednesday, Th = Thursday, Fr = Friday, Sa = Saturday, Su = Sunday, TBD = To Be Determined

M: Mulligan, SF: Semi-Final, F: Final

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