Orphan List  [March Feb 22, 2005]

The WBC closes to new events on March 1st, 2005.

The games listed below (the Century Group and Trial Events) will be played at the 2005 WBC provided a GameMaster volunteers for each. Ten games have been added at Century Group slots C-91 to C-100 in the table below by vote of BPA members.

All WBC gaming events are reserved to be run by the previous GM (who satisfactorily completed all obligations) until January 1st, 2005. After that date, if you are a BPA member for 2005, you can GM any game listed below as "OPEN" by being the first to submit a satisfactory event form by the end of February 2005. Why not be a GM this year?

An event not claimed by that date will not be run, in which case it will be dropped from the group and be replaced by the highest ranking alternate in the annual membership vote which has a GM commitment.

This page will be updated weekly between January 1st when reservations expire and March 1st when event submissions are no longer accepted. Events listed as Cancelled are no longer eligible due to lack of a GM commitment by the deadline.

Continuing Trials are limited to the first 25 events for which an acceptable Event form is submitted by a participating GM or the end of February, whichever comes first. New Trials may be introduced by vendors and sponsors at the rate of one per booth space/sponsorship until the end of February.

 Century: 100 events compose the Century Group of featured events which are supported by multiple prize levels ranging from two to six plaques and a Centurion shirt based on a formula using recent statistics of attendance, player hours, and scheduling incentives. 90 of those 100 slots were pre-determined and require only the commitment of a BPA member to GM the event by the Feb 28th deadline. Failure of a GM to submit a suitable event form for the event by the deadline will drop it from the Century Group to be replaced by the highest ranking alternate in the annual membership vote.

Ten Century Group slots composed of either new games or readmitted Trials drawing the most votes in the Annual Century Survey during the December Membership Drive will be added at the end of Membership voting on January 1st, 2005. Regardless of vote, the ten winners also require a GM commitment by the Feb. 28th deadline, or they too will be replaced by the next highest ranking event with a GM commitment.

NEW! PROBATION STATUS: In the past, we were reluctant to penalize players of an event for a GM's failure to honor the commitment made when submitting an Event Form. However, this has made it difficult to provide sufficient incentive to maintain the higher standards we expect from a WBC GM. Consequently, since WBC exists solely as an organization of volunteers banding together for the betterment of our hobby, we feel that it is time for the entire membership to bear the burden of that responsibility. The most important factor in whether an event gets run is the availability of a volunteer GM with sufficient passion for the event to ensure that it is run correctly. All too many of us are more than willing to let someone else bear the burden of being a GM - with the result that we rely too heavily on the same volunteers year after year ... many of whom do double duty in multiple events because others won't step forward to run one. Starting now, the players of an event will bear a little more of that responsibility to provide a satisfactory GM or the event will not be run. Should a GM fail to meet our minimum standards, that person will be banned from running an event for one year and the event itself will go on Probation.

An event on Probation has until December 31st for a new GM to submit an acceptable event form. If this happens AND the new GM fulfills their obligations satisfactorily, Probation status will be droppd. If it doesn't, the event will be reduced one level (from Century status to Continuing Trial or from Continuing Trial to Ineligible). Events on Probation are not eligible for membership vote in the Annual Century Survey.

NEW! CONTINUING TRIAL SELECTION: WBC held 146 tournaments in 2004 - excluding Juniors events. WBC caps its events at 125; 100 Century events and 25 Continuing Trials. New events added by Sponsors, Vendors and membership vote will in all likelihood swell that number above 150 in 2005. Given the likely addition of new events added by membership vote, at least two dozen events run in 2004 will be ineligible to return to WBC in 2005. Consequently, the process by which Continuing Trial events are selected has changed as follows:

Not only will ten Century slots be determined by the Annual Century vote, but 25 Continuing Trials as well. The top 35 events in the Century Survey will be eligible for inclusion in WBC 2005 as either Century or Continuing Trials. Events not ranking in the Top 35 will be ineligible unless selected by a Vendor, Sponsor, or the BPA. Should any of those top 35 events fail to have a satisfactory GM commitment by February 28th, BPA will fill the remaining slots based on the availability of GMs and suitability in matters of balance between genres and subject matter.

The Annual Century Survey thus takes on increased importance. To sum up, when deciding what events to vote for on your membership survey, first check the Orphan List below. Do NOT vote for any of the 90 Century events. Those events are already in - a vote for them is wasted and does nothing to alter its chances of inclusion. DO vote for any event that you wish to see included in WBC 2005 which is not already listed in the 90 Century events listed below.

All events require a BPA member acting as GM to submit a satisfactory Event Form no later than February 28th, 2005 or the event will not be run. Events will be reserved for the previous GM who satisfactorily completed all obligations until January 1st, 2005. After that date, any event not already taken may be run by any BPA member submitting a satisfactory event form by February 28th. This page will be updated weekly between January 1st when reservations expire and March 1st when event submissions will no longer be accepted. All requested event times are approximate and subject to change when the final schedule is made.

For a complete record of the most recent membership vote for the last ten Century slots, see http://www.boardgamers.org/result04.htm.

 Event - Code - Demonstration (if any) Century Game Master Requested Time Slots
18xx - 8xx - Demo We 10 C-1 Pierre LeBoeuf; We 11, We 18, Th 18; SF Fr 13; F Sa 18
Acquire - ACQ - Demo We 22 C-2 Anthony Daw; Sa 21, Su 9; SF/F Su 11
Adel Verpflichtet - ADV C-3 Ray Pfeifer; Sa 18
Advanced Civilization - ACV - Demos: Tu 19, We 19 C-4 Joe Gundersen; We 10, Th 9; F: Fr 9
Advanced Squad Leader - ASL C-5 Jeff Evich; Recon Pre-Con Sat-Sun-Mon 9 AM & 4 PM daily
Afrika Korps - AFK - Demo Tu 18 C-6 Jonathan Lockwood; MU: Tu 19; We 10+ Free Form
Age of Renaissance - AOR C-7 Bill Crenshaw; We 19, Th 19; F: Fr 19
Air Baron - ABN - Demo Tu 17 C-8 Joshua Githens; We 14, Th 13, Fr 13, Sa 9; SF Sa 12; F: Sa 15
Alhambra - ALH - Demo We 17 C-9 Debbie Gutermuth; We 21, Fr 13; SF: Fr 15; F:Fr 16
Amun-Re - AMR - Tu 20 C-10 Jeremy Billones; We 10, Sa 12; SF/F: Su 11
Anzio - ANZ C-11 Bruno Sinigaglio; Tu 18 Free Form; SF: Sa 9; F: Sa 16
ASL Starter Kit - ASK - Demo Th 18 C-12 Perry Cocke; Th 20
Atlantic Storm - ACS C-13 John Coussis; Tu 18, We 10, Th 18, Fr 16; SF: Fr 18, F: Fr 20
Attika - ATK  - Demo: Tu 18 C-14 Jeff Mullet; Tu 20, We 10; SF: We: 12; F: We 14
Axis & Allies - A&A - C-15 Craig Yope: We 10
B-17 - B17 C-16 Dave Terry; Th 9; Awards: Fr 23
Battle Cry - BCY C-17 Scott Bowling; Sa 9
Bulge '81 - B81 C-18 Bruno Sinigaglio; Tu 19 Free Form; SF: Sa 9; F: Sa 16
Bitter Woods - BWD C-19 Randy Heller; Mu: Tu 18, We 10
Breakout Normandy - BKN C-20 Ken Nied; Tu 18; SF: Th 15
Britannia - BRI - Demo: Tu 19 C-21 James Jordan; Tu 20, Th 14, Fr 9; SF Sa 9; F: Su 9
Carcassonne - CAR C-22 Jeff Mullet; Tu 23, Th 15, Sa 9; SF/F: Sa 11
Circus Maximus - CMS - Demo: We 19 C-23 John Jacoby; Tu 18, We 10, Th 9; F: Su 9
Diplomacy - DIP C-24* Deferred toWorld Dip Con offsite - replaced by Attack Sub
Dune - DUN C-25 Brad Johnson; We 10, Th 9, Fr 14; F: Sa 12
El Grande - ELG - Demo: Tu 17 C-26 Rob Flowers; Tu 18, We 13, Th 11; SF/F: Th19
Empire Builder - EPB C-27 Debbie Gutermuth; Tu 18, We 13, Th 13; SF: Fr 21; F: Su 9
Euphrat & Tigris - E&T C-28 Craig Moffitt; We 15, Fr 17; SF: Fr 19; F: Fr 21
Europe Engulfed - EEG C-29 Rick Young; Fr 18
Football Strategy - FBS - Demo: We 17 C-30 Nathaniel Hoam; We 18, Fr 9
For the People - FTP C-31 Mark Herman; Fr 9
Formula De - FDE - Demo: Fr 9 C-32 Dave Bohnenberger; Fr 10, Sa 19; F: Su 11
Formula Motor Racing - FMR - Demo: Th 11 C-33 Ron Wuerth; Tu 21, Th 14, Sa 9; SF: Sa 13
Galaxy - GXY - Demo: We 12 C-34 Mark Mitchell; We 13, Th 11, Th 15, Fr 13; SF/F Sa 11
Gangsters - GSR - Demos: Tu 21, Th 22 C-35 John Pack; Tu 22, We 14, Th 23, Fr 16; SF: Fr 19; F: Fr 22
Goa C-36 Richard Meyer We 14, Th 15, SF: Fr 12; F: Fr 15
Great Campaigns of ACW - GCA - Demo: We 10 C-37 Ed Beach; We: Campaign Game demo; Th 9+, Fr 9+; SF Sa 9
Greed - GRD C-39 Tom Browne; We 23
Hammer of the Scots - HOS C-40 Phil Barcafer; Fr 9
Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage - HRC C-41 Stuart Tucker; Omens Pre-Con Mon-9 thru Tues 19
History of the World - HWD C-42 Rolinda Collinson; We18; SF Th 16; F Fr 9
Kingmaker - KGM C-43 Bill Powers; Tu 20, Th 20,; F: Th 12
Kremlin - KRM - Demo: We 17 C-44 Pete Stein; We 18, We 21, Th 9, Th 13; SF: Th 18, F: Th 21
Liar's Dice - LID C-45 Jason Levine; Fr 23
Liberty - LIB C-46 Ric Manns; Th 15
Medici - MED C-47 Peter Staab; We 14, Th 16, Sa 17; SF: Sa 19; F: Sa 21
Memoir '44 - M44 - Demo: We 10 C-48 Mark Guttag; Sa 15
Merchant of Venus - MOV - Demo: Tu 18 C-49 Richard Irving; We10, Th18. Fr13; SF: Sa 9
Monsters Ravage America - MRA - Demos: We 12, We 18, Fr 12 C-50 Mark Love; We 23, Th 16. Fr 13, Sa 21; SF/F Su 9
Monty's Gamble - MGM - Demo: Tu 17 C-51 Andrew Cummins; Fr 9
Naval War - NVW - Demo: Fr 13 C-52 Jonathan Lockwood; Fr 15
Panzerblitz - PZB - Demo: We 12 C-53 Tom Cooper; We 14 Free Form; SF: Sa 9, F: Sa 18
Paths of Glory - POG C-54 Jim Falling; Guns of August Precon; Sat 9 thru Sun; SF: Monday
Paydirt - PDT - Demo: We 13 C-55 Harry Flawd; We 14, Sa 16; F: Su 9
Power Grid - PGD - We 18 C-56 Jason Wagner; We 19, Th 14; SF: Th 17; F: Sa 21
Princes of Florence - POF - Demo: We 10 C-57 Eric Brosius; We 11, Th 13, Fr 9; SF: Fr 19; F: Sa 17
Pro Golf - PGF C-58 Bruce Monnin; Th 23
Puerto Rico - PRO - Demo Th 19 C-59 John Weber; Th 21, Fr 15, Sa 13; QF: Sa 19; SF: Su 9; F: Su 11
Queen's Gambit - QGB - Demo: Tu 18 C-60 Buddy Sinigaglio; Tu 20, We 16, Th 22 Rd 2: Fr 10
Ra! - RA! - Demo: Tu 20 C-61 Steve Scott; Tu 21, We 21, Th 21, Fr 21; SF: Sa 9, F: Sa 11
Rail Baron - RBN C-62 Ron Secunda; We 17, Th 18, Fr 9; SF: Fr 16; F Sa 16
Republic of Rome - ROR - Demo: We 16 C-63 Sean Larsen; We 18, Th 18; F: Sa 14
Risk - RSK C-64 Keith Levy; Th 20, Sa 10; F: Su 10
Roby Rally - RRY - Demo: We 12 C-65 Marc Houde; We 15, Fr 21; F: Sa 21
San Juan - SJN - Demo: Tu 19 C-66 Paul Weintraub; Sa 9
Saratoga - SAR - Demo: Th 16 C-67 Mark Miklos; Fr 18
Settlers of Catan - SET C-68 Jeff Paull; Sa 9
Samurai Swords - SSS C-69 Charlie Hickok; Fr 9, Fr 16; F: Sa 9
Slapshot - SLS C-70 Sean McCulloch; Sa 23
Speed Circuit - SCT - Demo: Fr 11 C-71 Doug Schulz; Fr 13, Sa 9, Sa 17; F: Su 8
Squad Leader - SQL C-72 Bill Thomson; Sa 9
Successors - SUC C-73 Ralph Gleaton; Tu 18, We 19, Fr 19; F: Sa 19
Taj Mahal - TJM - Demo: Tu 17 C-74 Tom Dunning; We 19, Th 9; SF: Th 17, F: Sa 15
The Napoleonic Wars (five-player) - NW5 C-75 Mark McLaughlin; We 18, Th 18; SF: Fr 18; F: Sa 18
The Russian Campaign - TRC - Demo: Th 17 C-76 Tom Gregorio; Mu: Fr 9; Fr 14
Ticket To Ride - TTR C-77 Tom McCorry; Tu 22, Sa 17, Su 9; SF/F Su 11
Tigers In the Mist - TIM - Demo: Tu 18 C-78 Ray Freeman; Mu: Tu 19, We 10
Tikal - TKL - Demo: Th 16 C-79 Daniel Broh-Kahn; Th 18, Fr 15. Sa 9; SF: Sa 11; F: Su 11
Titan - TTN - Demo: Tu 21 C-80 Bruno Wolff; We 14, 18, 22; Th 10, 14, 18, 22; Fr 10, 14, 18; SF Sa 9
Union Pacific - UNP C-81 Bill Beckman; We 17
Up Front - UPF C-81 Bill Edwards, Th 9
Victory in the Pacific - VIP C-82 John Sharp; Rising Sun Precon: Su 9- thru Tu 14
Vinci - VNC - Demo: Tu 21 C-83 Mark Neale; Tu 22, Fr 9; SF: Sa 11; F: Su 10
War At Sea - WAS - Demo: We 16 C-84 Vince Meconi; Th 9
War of 1812 - 812 C-85 Ric Manns; Tu 18
Waterloo - WAT C-86 Marty Musella; Tu 21 Free Form; SF: Sa 9; F: Sa 16
We The People - WTP C-87 Don Chappelle; Sa 9
Wilderness War - WNW C-88 Keith Wixson; We 10; SF Su 9, F: Su 13
Win, Place & Show - WPS C-89 Ken Gutermuth; Tu 23; Sa 13; F: Sa 17
World At War - WAW - formerly Advanced Third Reich C-90 Mike Crowe; Tu 18
Lost Cities - LST .... determined by vote - Demo: We 16 C-91 Ivan Lawson; We 23, Th 23, Fr 12, Sa 13; Rd 2: Su 9
Sword of Rome - SOR .... determined by vote C-92 Wray Ferrell; Th 9; SF Fr 9; F: Sa13
Battleline - BAT ..... determined by vote - Demo: Tu 22 C-93 Rhonda Reiff; Fr 19
Saint Petersburg - STP .... determined by vote - Demo: We 10 C-94 Tom DeMarco Th 13, Fr 21, Sa 14; SF/F: Sa 16
1776 - 776 .... determined by vote - Demo Tu 18 C-95 Matthew Burkins; Mu: Tu 20; We 10
Wooden Ships & Iron Men - WSM ... determined by vote - Demo: We 10 C-96 Tim Hitchings; Tu18-23; We 12-17; Fr 9-14; Sa 9-16; SF/F: Sa 16
March Madness - MMS ... determined by vote C-97 Terry Coleman; Tu18, We 10, Th 9, Fr 9; SF/F: Su 9
Titan: The Arena - TTA ... determined by vote - Demo: Tu 17 C-98 Greg Crowe; Tu 21, We 22, Th 22; SF/F: Fr 22
Panzergruppe Guderian - PGG ... determined by vote C-99 James Tracy; Tu 18 Free Form; SF: Sa 9
Enemy In Sight - EIS ... determined by vote - Demo: Sa 19 C-100 Neal Schlaffer; Su 9
Attack Sub - ATS - Demo: Sa 18 C-24* Rob Mull ; Su 9

To make a GM Commitment, become a current BPA member of Sustaining level or higher and submit a completed event form before Feb. 28th, 2005.

 Continuing Trials are those events which failed to make the Century Group by 2004 attendance standards but which did draw a minimum of eight participants in the preceding WBC. Unlike former years, Continuing Trials are limited to the top 25 events in the annual membership vote for which a GM submits an acceptable event form. Any vacancies in those 25 will be filled by BPA based on GM commitments on hand by Feb. 28th ***.

 Eligible Continuing Trials Trial Game Master Requested Time Slots
Ace of Aces - AOA - "Circus" meetings We, Th & Fr 22 T-1 Phil Barcafer; Tu 18+; SF/F: Sa 14
Age of Steam - AOS - Demo: We 17 T-2 Peter Staab;  Tu 20, Fr 18; SF Sa 12; F Su 9
Age of Napoleon - AON - Demo: We 13 T-3*** Jim Vroom: We 14
Auction - AUC - Demo: Tu 22 T-4 George Sauer; Tu 18, We 15; SF We 16; F: Su 9
Barbarossa to Berlin - BTB T-5 Ted Raicer; Th 9
Down In Flames - DIF - Demos: Th 18, Fr 12 T-6 Chris Lefevre; Fr 13
Elchfest - ELC T-7 Dan Dolan; Tu 23
Fortress Europa - FSE T-8 Douglas Porterfield; Free Form We 10, Th 9, Fr 9; SF: Sa 13
Gettysburg - GBG T-9 Vince Meconi; Tu 18 Free Form; SF: Sa 9
Guerilla - GUE T-10 Neal Schlaffer; Sa 13
Medieval - MDV - Demo: We 11 T-11 Joel Tamburo; Th 18, Fr 15; SF: Sa 20; F: Su 10
Mystery of the Abbey - MOA - Demo: Th 16 T-12 Eric Hautemont; Th 18; F: Fr 20
Napoleon - NAP - Demo: We 18 T-13 Jeff Cornett; We 19
Stockcar Championship Racing - SCC - Demos: Th 21, Fr 9, Fr 17 T-14*** Michael Garton; Th 22, Fr 10, Fr 17; F: Sa 14
Pirate's Cove - PRC - Demo: Tu 21 T-15 Larry Lingle Tu 22, We 22, Th 9; SF: Fr 18; F: Fr 20
Royal Turf - RTF - Demo: Sa 15 T-16 Andrew Maly; Sa 19
Santa Fe Rails - SFR - Demo: Th 17 T-17 Rob Kircher; Tu 20, Th 21; SF/F: Sa 16
Superstar Baseball - SSB T-18 Randy Cox; Sa 9
The Napoleonic Wars (two-player) - NW2 T-19 Roy Gibson; Tu18; SF: We 10; F: Th 9
Titan Two Player - TT2 - Demo: Tu 20 T-20 Rich Atwater; We 10 Free Form
Facts In Five - FI5 T-21*** Richard Irving; Sa 21
Tyranno Ex - TYX T-22 Jeff Finkeldey; Tu 19, We 19; SF/F: Fr 19
Web of Power - WOP - Demo: Tu 17 T-23 Tom DeMarco; Th 21; SF: Fr 11
Wizard's Quest - WZQ - Demo: We 22 T-24 Paul Bolduc; Th 9
Wrasslin' - WRS T-25 Tim Dolan; Fr 18


The following events (if they have a GM commitment) were considered to replace any qualifying Continuing Trial which failed to have a GM commitment by Feb 28th. All GM's must be BPA Sustaining level or higher members to make a GM commitment. The sequence of appearance in the list below has no relevance to the order of ascendancy. Alternates were chosen based on GM availability, suitability of format, and genre. See http://www.boardgamers.org/bpajoin.htm

 Alternate Events submitted by GMs  Game Master
Carolus Magnus Anthony Daw; Dropped from Trial - lack of Vote
Ivanhoe Steve Scott Dropped from Trial - lack of Vote
Attila - ATT Dropped from Trial - lack of Vote & GM commitment
Street Soccer Dan Dolan Sr Dropped from Trial - lack of Vote
Times Up Richard Irving Dropped from Trial - lack of Vote
Cosmic Encounter - CME Dropped from Trial - lack of Vote & GM commitment
Gettysburg: Badges of Courage - GBC  Dropped from Trial - lack of Vote & GM commitment
Hellas - HEL Dropped from Trial - lack of Vote & GM commitment
London's Burning - LBG Steve Munchak; Dropped from Trial - lack of Vote
Mexica - MEX Arthur Field; Dropped from Trial - lack of Vote
Princess Ryan's Star Marines - PRS Mark McLaughlin; Dropped from Trial - lack of Vote
Title Bout - TBT Dennis Nicholson; Dropped from Trial - lack of Vote
Vanished Planet - VPT Dropped from Trial - lack of Vote & GM commitment
Wrasslin' Battle Royal - WBR Dropped from Trial - lack of Vote & GM commitment
Age of Napoleon - AON Dropped from Trial - lack of Vote & GM commitment
Origins of World War II - OW2 Dropped from Trial - lack of GM
Transamerica - TAM Dropped from Trial - lack of GM


 New Trial Events submitted by Vendors/Sponsors Vendor Events  Game Master
Gloria Mundi - GMD V-1 OPEN
Louis XIV - L14 V-2 OPEN
Shadow of the Emperor - SOE V-3 Stan Hilinski; TBD
Manifest Destiny - MFD - Demo: We 13 V-4 Bill Crenshaw; We 14, Th 9 & 14, Sa 14; SF Sa19; F: Su 9
Empire of the Sun - EOS - Demo: Th 20 V-5 Mark Herman; Fr 10
Primordial Soup - PMS - Demo: Fr 21 V-6 Zev Shlasinger; Sa 10
Die Macher - DIM V-7 Ann Cornett; Sa 9
Combat Soldiers - CBS - Demo: Th 19 V-8 Neal Schlaffer; Fr 9
Brawling Battleships Steel - BBS - Demo: Th 12 V-9 Craig Taylor; We 14, Th 13, Fr 12; SF/F: Sa 12
Blitzkrieg General - BKG - Demo: We 13 V-10 Udo Grebe; We 14; F: Th 14
The Haunting House - THH  V-11 Todd Breitenstein; Sa 10
Empires of the Ancient World - EAW - Demos: Tu 19, Fr 15 V-12 Jamie Tang; Tu 20, Fr 16; SF Sa 14; F: Su 9

NEW TRIALS: Each vendor and/or Sponsor may add one new Trial event above and beyond the 25 Continuing Trials ceiling. Such New Trials will automatically fall into one of the other classifications the following year based on their 2005 performance.

 Juniors events (for those 12 and under) are not limited to specific titles. Volunteers with experience teaching games to young children are invited to submit proposals for games of their choice.

 Junior Events for those 12 & Under Junior Events  Game Master & Requested Time Slot
Liar's Dice J-1 Jason Levine; Th 9
Princess Ryan's Star Marines J-2 Mark McLaughlin; Sa 9
Carcassonne J-3 Kathy Stroh; Sa 15
Plastic Infantry Guys J-4 Ken Whitesell; We 12
Slapshot J-5 Mark Yoshikawa; Sa 12
Lord of the Rings J-6 Ed Beach; Sa 19
Titan: The Arena J-7 Greg Crowe; Tu 18
Trouble J-8 Bruce Reiff; Fr 17
Monsters Ravage America J-9 Mark Love; Th 11
Guillotine J-10 Ray Stakenas; We 15
Sumo Arena J-11 Marc Houde; We 10
Montgolfier J-12 John Poniske; We 18
Lost Cities J-13 John Kerr; Fr19
Lord of the Rings; the Confrontation J-14 James Doughan; Fr 9
Formula Motor Racing J-15 Ron Wuerth; Fr 13
Queen's Gambit J-16 Frank Sinigaglio; Th15
Settlers of Catan J-17 Brian Sutton; Su 9
Wooden Ships & Iron Men J-18 Tim Hitchings; Tu15

TIME KEY: Mo = Monday, Tu = Tuesday, We = Wednesday, Th = Thursday, Fr = Friday, Sa = Saturday, Su = Sunday,

TBD = To Be Determined (GM conforming to maximize facility use)

TBA = To Be Announced (GM conferring with similar event GMs for synchronized schedule)

Mu: Mulligan, SF: Semi-Final, F: Final