Recon Pre-Con

ASL Before WBC; Saturday July 30th thru Monday August 1st, 2005

Lancaster Host, Lancaster, PA

Welcome to the second Recon mini-con which features dedicated play of Advanced Squad Leader in six rounds of swiss-elimination format. Not actually part of WBC proper, Recon is sort of an opening skirmish for those who can't get enough of a good thing. Is Centurion status in your future? Send out a patrol to Recon for an early start to your gaming Campaign week.

WBC attendees have long lamented the many conflicts between their favorite WBC events. So many games, so little time ... No event has been harder hit by the urge to experience more of WBC than ASL - once the undisputed king of Avaloncon with fields regularly drawing in triple digits. In recent years, those ranks have dropped precipitately so with encouragement from the good folks at Multi-man Publications, we've decided to lure some of the faithful back by scheduling ASL the weekend before WBC so you can still lead squads for three days without missing all the other enticements that WBC has to offer later in the week ... thus putting to the test the often espoused theory that those ASL players are still at WBC ... they're just playing something less time intensive so they can sample more games.

With play in a Pre-Con, those making the pilgrimmage to WBC can get more bang for their travel buck while increasing the number of events they can play during a glorious nine day stint of uninterrupted gaming if they so choose. Valhalla for gamers ... here on Earth and only at WBC.

For more specific ASL event details, see the ASL Preview.

Play at Recon requires a separate registration fee of $30 for BPA members pre-registered by July 23rd, 2005, or $40 for all others, payable to the BPA, 7766 Valley View Court, Hickory, NC 28602. This fee can be paid separately or in addition to other WBC fees noted on the WBC pre-registration form.

WBC special room rates at Lancaster Host apply to all days of the pre-con. See