Sampler Showcase Pre-Con
July 2, 2007

WBC’s Showcase Sampler Pre-Con begins on Mon., July 30, and wraps up on Tues., July 31, before WBC proper begins. It includes two tournament games—San Juan and Die Macherand a 10-game Demonstration Event of games new to the World Boardgaming Championships.

WBC attendees have long lamented the many conflicts between their favorite events. So many games, so little time! The compromise solution has been to offer a few early events in the form of Pre-Cons to those who would like to maximize the gaming derived from their travel expense without seriously detracting from the rest of the week for those unable to attend earlier. With play in a Pre-Con, those making the pilgrimmage to WBC can get more bang for their travel buck while increasing the number of events they can play during a glorious eight-day stint of uninterrupted gaming if they so choose. Valhalla for gamers…here on Earth and only at WBC.

Until last year, those Pre-Con selections have been only for lengthy games whose events gobble multiple days at a time. Now, fans of shorter duration games get their chance in the WBC Sampler Showcase, which includes San Juan, Die Macher, and a 10-game Demo Event that serves as an introduction to new games. The Demo Event is open to boardgames of all types. This is THE events for those who enjoy learning new games without the competitive pressure of tournaments. For every new game played in the Demo Event, players will earn a raffle ticket. The more you play, the more chances to win new boardgames. The games to be featured in the Demo Event are Arkadia, BattleLore, Combat Commander, Hermagor, La Citta, Leonardo Da Vinci, Notre Dame, Shogun, Through the Desert, and Yspahan. If you ever wanted to just try new games at WBC outside of tournament play, here is your chance!

Monday, July 30
10 am - 12 pm Battlelore

12 - 2 pm

2 - 4 pm Notre Dame
4 - 6 pm Leonardo da Vinci
6 - 8 pm Arkadia
8 -10 pm Yspahan
10 pm - Midnight La Citta
Tuesday, July 31

9 -11 am

Through the Desert 
11 am - 2 pm Shogun
2 - 5 pm Combat Commander

The Sampler Showcase will start on Mon., July 30, at 10 a.m. and run until the official start of WBC on 5 p.m. on Tues., July 31.

Tribune/Sponsor-level members may freely partake in any and all of BPA’s Pre-Cons during the days preceding WBC. Play at Sampler Showcase for non-Tribune/Sponsor level members requires a separate registration fee of $10 for BPA members pre-registered by July 21st, 2007, or $20 for all others, payable to the BPA, 1541 Redfield Rd, Bel Air, MD 21015. This fee can be paid separately or in addition to other WBC fees noted on the WBC pre-registration form. If paid at the door, the higher fee will apply. Pre-registration is highly recommended.

WBC special room rates at the Lancaster Host apply to all days of the pre-con. See our travel and accommodations page for details.

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