2007 WBC Team Tournament Winner's Circle
Oct. 15, 2007

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Nest of Spies Card Sharks Pull Three-peat

James Pei—7

Rod Fedin—1

Stefan Mecay—9

Nick Pei—0

Two-time defending champion Nest of Spies, a coalition of Card Driven Wargamers from four different states, justifiying their high ranking by the odds makers as the second-highest ranked team, repeated as champions of the 2007 Team Tournament over a field of 78 four-member squads. They became the first team to win three titles, let alone three in a row, by replacing the absent Dave Dockter with Ron Fedin who contributed the crucial winning point for his 5th place laurels in Wilderness War. The team also got their customary seven points from James Pei who won For The People for the seventh straight year and eight points from Stefan MeCay repeating as champion of Twilight Struggle. The latter has become a mega force to be reckoned with at WBC in only his second year of attendance.

Scoring was inexplicably down for the entire tournament despite the first-ever inclusion of bonus points awarded for scoring in any event not previously won. That wasn't the fault of Those Other Guys who finished in a dead heat for the lead thanks to four bonus points awarded across the board as all four team members scored in games they had not previously won. The 17-all deadlock was broken by the Total Players tie-breaker with Nest of Spies prevailing 170-161. Those Other Guys could have also prevailed had three less players competed in the Twilight Struggle tournament - making that event worth eight points instead of nine. If you told me that Nest of Spies had to win a Total Players tie-brekaer with a predominantly Euros team, I wouldn't have given a nickle for their chances. Still, not bad for a 111-1 shot.

The year's biggest over-achievers were the Fallen Angels who overcame 1900 -1 odds to finish seventh and gain some respect from the odds makers behind 10 points from Chris Johnson for Ingenius and three points by Dan Eppolito for Saint Petersburg.

The other side of that coin saw 23 teams shutout. The highest ranked squad to earn nothing but goose eggs was the Ghosts team at 43-1.

Two other teams joined Those Other Guys with depth in the form of all four members scoring: Bands of Fools which finished 12th with 12 points and Old Guard which ranked 18th with 10 points.

The Perfect Storm team won the Misery Loves Company title with 516 entrants for an average of 129 entrants per event. On the opposite end of the scale, claiming the Big Fish in the Small Pond category was Pseudoconscripts whose 92 total entrants averaged only 23 players per event. Big or small, didn't make much difference as both finished out of the money.

The most frequently named choice for the Team Tournament was Carcassonne which was the selection of seven of the 312 players in the tournament. In all, 118 of our 147 events were selected by someone with Queen's Gambit, Robo Rally, Settlers of Catan, Wilderness War, Lost Cities and El Grande all tying for second with six each.

It was a bad year for the Happy Handicapper. Of his top 25 picks in the field of 78 teams, only 12 (48%) made the Top 25 - down 8% from 2006.

2007 Top 25 Teams in Order of Finish

Rank Name Odds Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Points Entrants
1 Nest of Spies 27-1 James Pei/FTP/7 Ron Fedin/WNW/1 Stefan Mecay/TWS/9 N. Pei/HWD/0 17 174
2 Those Other Guys 111-1 Keith Levy/BLR/8 Peter Putnam/CYL/3 Rod Spade/POF/4 Jim Sparks/WAW/2 17 161
3 Da Boys 45-1 Harry Flawd/SSB/8 Devin Flawd/PDT/8 Jordan Flawd/TTA/0 M Yoshikawa/MMS/0 16 206
4 Greenville Mafia: Death 37-1 Arthur Field/COL/8 Ralph Gleaton/RRY/0 Mike Hazel/ELG/4 John Emery/UPF/2 14 189
5 CABS: Manly Men 22-1 Bruce Reiff/FBS/8 K Gutermuth/WPS/3 Jeff Mullet/AOR/3 Dave Metzger/812/0 14 120
6 Reservoir Dogs 47-1 Matt Fagan/DUN/0 P Barcafer/NW5/0 Jim Doughan/BKN/7 JR Tracy/ASL/7 14 118
7 Fallen Angels 1900-1 M Nickoloff/RA/0 Chis Johnson/ING/10 Shannon Beets/AMR/0 D Eppolitto/SPB/3 13 403
8 Polish Lancers 64-1 John Poniske/WTP/0 Ric Young/TWS/5 Paul Gaberson/WNW/8 Bruce Wigdor/UPF/0 13 167
9 Greenville Mafia: Famine 82-1 David Gantt/ACQ/0 Bill Beckman/SSB/3 Bryan Collars/HIS/9 Henry Pfeiffer/M44/0 12 243
10 Greenville Mafia: War 45-1 Davyd Field/TKL/2 Josh Githens/CMS/10 Scott Pfeiffer/NW5/0 Ross Jones/SUC/0 12 225
11 Central FL Gamers 46-1 Scott Cornett/SCT/2 Jeff Cornett/E&T/0 Kevin Youells/ACV/8 Paul Hakken/8XX/2 12 149
12 Band of Fools 34-1 Gary Dickson/TRC/2 Steve Dickson/MOV/2 Ray freeman/TIM/1 Tom Gregorio/BWD/7 12 120
13 Nickel City Gamers 119-1 Grant LaDue/WNW/0 L Wojt'czyk/LST/0 M Wojt'czyk/CAR/3 K Wojt'czyk/WOR/8 11 309
14 Baby Seals 36-1 Jason Levine/FDE/0 Ewan McNay/BRI/2 Pete Reese/POG/1 George Young/WTP/8 11 169
15 CABS: Pete's Angels 65-1 Pete Stein/KRM/8 Deb Gutermuth/EPB/2 L Gutermuth/FMR/0 Rhonda Reiff/LID/0 10 360
16 El Chupacabra 76-1 Bru Bernard/VNC/0 Bra Bernard/ABN/2 George Deutsch/AOA/8 Dan Eshleman/GXY/0 10 192
17 3 Old Farts & Ray 80-1 Ken Whitesell/FBS/0 C Villeneuve/AOA/0 Ray Stakenas/CBC/3 R Stakenas II/UPF/7 10 151
18 Old Guard 46-1 F Pafenberg/B81/3 Randy Heller/BWd/2 Bill Morse/QGB/2 Bob Ryan/ANZ/3 10 129
19 Shockers 65-1 M Musella/WAT/7 Keith Schoose/TWS/0 John Popiden/PGG/2 Bert Schoose/ BAT/0 9 146
20 AREA 60-1 John Sharp/VIP/2 Bob Hamel/WAS/0 Ed Menzel/GBG/7 Bruno Wolff/TT2/0 9 136
21 MITSGS 52-1 A Applebaum/VIP/0 Marty Sample/ACS/0 Dave Finberg/TT2/0 Aaron fuegi/TTN/8 8 224
22 Perfect Storm 220-1 V Kyrkos/MOV/0 Eric Monte/TTR/0 Josh Gifford/PGD/0 M Kyrkos/PRO/6 6 516
23 Four Winds 80-1 Allen Kaplan/CCA/3 Chris Bauch/MMS/0 Duane Curry/ACS/0 Terry Coleman/DIF/3 6 220
24 Team Delaware XIV 42-1 T Hitchings/WAS/0 W Rohrbeck/WSM/6 Vince Meconi/AFK/0 E Hitchings/EIS/0 6 114
25 Yoel Blocks for Jay 2 156-1 Rob Flowers/TKL/0 Boaz Gura/POF/5 R McFadden/TWS/0 Al Schwartz/ELG/0 5 262
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