2011 WBC Vendor Information
Dec. 4, 2010

VENUE: The Boardgame Players Association invites you to exhibit at WBC (the World Boardgaming Championships) on Aug. 5 - 7, 2011, at the Lancaster Host Resort, conveniently located off Route 30 next to Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA. This gaming conference is unique and known worldwide for its emphasis on competitive play of boardgames. It continues to attract the largest turnout of boardgame competitors anywhere worldwide. Total attendance is estimated at 1,500 people. This is not an inflated figure using daily attendance and counting the same person multiple times; rather, it is a count of actual boardgamers in attendance—many of whom stay for a week or more.

The BPA does not conduct events in Miniatures, Role Playing, Collectible Card Games or Computer Games although vendors are free to sell those items. The public is invited to browse free of charge.

Flea markets are not allowed. BPA holds a highly successful used game auction on Tuesday, but it is completed long before the Vendor's Room opens. Sales are limited to approved Vendors. Space is limited and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. WBC hosts it sales in a secure 4,400 sq ft ballroom devoted exclusively to vendors. Nearby demonstration areas augment the sales area. Sales at past WBCs have been brisk, with most vendors reporting results comparable or superior to far larger, but less focused, shows. Several say they experience greater sales at WBC than at larger national shows. This is because the attendance is pure—every attendee is a boardgamer.

SPACE & HOURS: Each Vendor space is the equivalent of a 10’ x 10’ area with four 8’ x 18" covered tables, two chairs and 20' of aisle frontage. The Vendor area will be open for sales from Friday, Aug. 5 through Sun., Aug. 7 between 10 am and 6 pm. Access to the Vendor area is limited to these hours of operation. While the Vendor area will be locked when not in service, the BPA assumes no liability for theft or damage to merchandise. Those who leave their displays and goods unattended do so at their own risk.

EXCLUSIVITY: The WBC does not grant exclusivity to any vendor. Vendors may sell whatever products they wish. We suggest that vendors cooperate for their mutual benefit by voluntarily agreeing among themselves which products to stock at their particular tables in advance. Check BPA Links for a current list of participating vendors.

COST: Each Vendor space costs $500 until January 1. Rates increase in $50 increments on January 1, March 1, and July 20. Make your reservation now for the best rate! Payment must be made at time of application. Payment is a commitment to attend and is non-refundable.

LOCATION: Vendor space will be limited to the 4400 sq. ft. of Ballroom A, which has historically sold out. Vendors are urged to commit early or risk being shut out.

EARLY SALES: Although WBC lasts seven days (plus a weekend Pre-con preceding the official WBC opening on Monday), vendor sales are limited to Friday through Sunday to compress vendor hours and expenses. The shows’ sole fulltime sales agent will accommodate vendors by taking on consignment new releases only for early sale Monday through Thursday to facilitate distribution of new releases early in the conference.

TRIAL EVENTS: Vendors of record by Feb. 28 may introduce one new Trial tournament per space. Such events will be eligible to qualify for future automatic Tournament status based on attendance. Vendors may not charge admission for participation in their events and must limit participation in their Trial tournaments to those with a convention badge. All events at our conference are free to those members and paid guests displaying a current WBC badge. The conference will provide a standardized first-place plaque for Trial events. At their discretion, Vendors may augment this with prizes of their own, but cash prizes are discouraged. Any supplemental prizes offered should be communicated to BPA by Feb. 28 for inclusion in the Event Preview pages of our website.

TRIAL LIMITS: All Trial games must be published by Feb. 28 in the year of the convention. Publishers must provide BPA with a copy of the game at that time and grant BPA the right to use all images contained therein for purposes of providing an event kiosk, website preview, program coverage and plaque icons for the event. Send the game to BPA, 1541 Redfield Rd, Bel Air, MD 21015-5739 no later than Feb. 28.

DEMONSTRATIONS: Vendors may provide free demonstrations of their games in our special Demonstration Area. Only one demonstration per one-hour time block is allowed. Slots will be rationed to Vendors in order of their Vendor space purchase.

ADMISSION: Vendors will receive two admission badges per space as part of their Vendor fee. Those wishing additional badges must purchase memberships seperately.

SET-UP & BREAKDOWN: Vendors may set up Thursday between 6 PM and midnight. Breakdown must be completed by midnight on Sunday.

SHIPPING: Lancaster Host will impose a receiving charge of $10 per package shipped to and received from the hotel. Letters and parcels weighing one pound or less are received free of charge. When sending packages via FREIGHT CARRIER, the hotel will receive packages at a charge of $33 per hundred weight (100 pounds) provided that advance notice of three (3) business days is given prior to delivery. Applicable labor charges will also be applied for special deliveries and send-outs. Also, carriers unable to unload cargo to surface areas will be unloaded by forklift at the customer’s expense of $85 per hour with a one-hour minimum.

Shipments will not be received prior to 48 hours in advance of function. The hotel must have prior notification of all incoming packages. All packages must be addressed to the Banquet Department and marked with the name of the vendor, "BPA World Boardgame Championships", and date (Aug. 5-7). Vendors are solely responsible for shipping any packages back from the hotel.

VOTING RIGHTS: Vendor space confers voting rights in the BPA commensurate with the membership level.

ADVERTISING: All paid vendors will be given a logo link on the home page and exhibitor links portion of our website. To advertise in our Program/Yearbook or on our website, see our Advertising rates.

COMPLIANCE: The BPA rents Vendor space from Lancaster Host Resort and each vendors license is subject to the terms and conditions of our lease and the rules of conduct of the Resort. Violations of these terms may result in termination of vending rights by either the BPA or Lancaster Host. No refund is available in these (or any other) circumstances.

PAYMENT: Read the Terms and Conditions of Membership. Complete and print the Membership Form. Mail the form and a check payable to BPA, 1541 Redfield Rd, Bel Air, MD 21015-5739.

Additional options:

EXHIBITS: Vendors may also purchase a permanent demonstration table(s) for use Monday thru Sunday in either of the main gaming venues. This Demonstration Area is neither secured nor subject to exhibit hour restrictions. Sales are not allowed in the Demonstration Area. Impromptu demonstrations by unlicensed vendors are strictly prohibited.

SEMINARS: BPA is pleased to provide use of a state of the art audio-visual classroom with banked seating for seminars by its exhibitors and vendors. Introduce your company’s new and coming products and interact with your customers in a scheduled meeting. Designers can expound on their design philosophy and explain the whys and wherefores of their latest projects. Seminars are free to all official vendors/exhibitors. Submit seminar information via the Seminar Form . First come, first served—space is limited.

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