2014 WBC Auction Registered Lots
July 29, 2014

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Lot numbers will be announced during the auction. Bring this list with you; copies will NOT be provided onsite.

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Lot # Item(s) Publisher Minimum Bid Condition
Shrink Unpunched Punched Complete Punched Unknown Punched Missing Other
1Battles of the ArdennesTSR$1   x   
2ElricAH$1   x   
3Gulf StrikeVictory$1   x   
4Code of BushidoAH$1  x    
5Time WarYaquinto$1   x   
6Killer AngelsWest End$1  x    
7Battle of SalamancaSSG$1   x   
8Battle of Five ArmiesIron Crown$1   x   
9Magic Realm (1st edition rules)AH$1   x   
10Air SuperiorityGDW$1  x    
11Moscow 1941SR$1  x    
12Kasserine PassConflict$1   x   
13Knights of the AirAH$1   x   
14MohawkAulic Council$1   x   
15Rebel SabersTSR$1  x    
16FrigateSPI$1   x   
17CitadelGDW$1   x   
18SorcerorSPI$1   x   
191918SPI$1   x   
20Star Force Alpha CentauriSPI$1   x   
21Lee at GettysburgSPI$1   x   
22VeracruzSPI$1   x   
23All Wound Up!TWC$1 X     
24CaliforniaUP$1 X     
25Vampire EmpireStronghold$1 X     
26Dragon ParadeZMG$1  X    
27"Guderian""s Blitzkrieg 2"MMP$1  x    
28Case BlueMMP$1  x    
29DAK 2MMP$1  x    
30Panzergruppe GuderianAH$1   x   
31Solitaire ASL 2nd edMMP$1 x     
32HannibalValley$1 x     
33Age of RenaissanceAH$1 x     
34Empires of the Middle AgesDecision$1 x     
35Streets of StalingradL2$1  x    
36Virgin QueenGMT$1 x     
37SekigaharaGMT$1 x     
38Gettysburg (Martin Wallace Signed #706/1500)Treefrog$1   x   
39Last Train to Wensleydale (Martin Wallace signed #1012/1500)Treefrog$1   x   
40Union PacificRio Grande$1   x   
41A House DividedPhalanx$1  X    
42The Coming StormOSG$1  X    
43Stock Car Championship RacingMcGartlin$1   X   
44On To RichmondAH$1   X   
45Grant Takes CommandMMP$1   X   
46DowntownGMT$1   X   
47The Burning BlueGMT$1   X   
48ConfusionStronghold$1   x   
49Urban SprawlGMT$1   x   
50GigantenKosmos$1   x   
51London's BurningAH$1   x   
52Huge ASL Lot - All base modules except AoO. Includes deluxe modules and most historical modules. Includes sorted Plano boxesAH   x   
53"World in Flames Bundle - Deluxe Edition, Days of Decision III, America in Flames, Deluxe Update Pack"ADG  x    
54Turning Point: StalingradAH   x   
55Turning Point: StalingradAH   x   
56Empires in ArmsAH  x    
57Empires in ArmsADG   x   
58Napoleonic Wars - Deluxe EditionGMT x     
59DecathlonAH  x    
60Empires of the Middle Ages - 2nd EditionDecision Games  x    
61Civilization AH   x   
62Advanced CivilizationAH  x    
63Atlantic StormAH  x    
64Pacific TyphoonGMT x     
65Age of RenaissanceAH   x   
66Robo RallyAH  x    
67Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage - 2nd EditionValley Games x     
68Up Front w/Banzai Expansion (no Desert War)AH  x    
69France: 1940AH   x   
70Advanced Third ReichAH   x   
71Rising SunAH  x    
72Star Wars: The Queen's GambitAH   x   
73Empire of the SunGMT   x   
74Wilderness WarGMT  x    
75Wilderness WarGMT  x    
76Panzer Grenadier Bundle (Core +2 Exp.)Avalance Press  x    
77Totaler Krieg!Decision Games  x    
78Stalingrad PocketThe Gamers   x   
79Omaha BeacheadVictory  x    
80Air Assault on CreteAH  x    
81MidwayAH   x   
82U-BoatAH   x   
83Stalingrad AH   x   
84Combat! Bundle (3 Modules)Critical Hit  x    
85Panzer BlitzAH   x   
86Titan: The ArenaAH   x   
87Rise of the LuftwaffeGMT   x   
888th Air ForceGMT   x   
89Zero!GMT   x   
90Shell Shock!Victory  x    
91Ambush Bundle (Base + 2 Modules)Victory   x   
92Von Manstein's Backhand BlowGMT   x   
93Guns of AugustAH  x    
94HannibalAH$1 X     
95Magic RealmAH$1   X   
96Empires in ArmsAH$1  X    
97AvalancheGDW$1  X    
98White DeathGDW$1   X   
99Suez 73GDW$1 X     
100Pelopensian WarVictory$1  X    
101Civil WarVictory$1  X    
102KoreaVictory$1 X     
103Breakout Normandy AH$1 X     
104Star Wars Queens GambitAH$1 X     
105Malaya/ BurmaHobby Japan$1  X    
106Red Star/White EagleGDW$1   X   
107Eagle DayHistogames$1       
108Endeavor    X   
109Merchants and Mauraders    X   
110Fire in the SkyMMP$1  X    
111Bloody AprilGMT$1  x    
112Notre DameRio Grande$1  X    
113ASL Start Kit #1MMP$1  X    
114"Hell's Highway,Breakout:Normandy,Napoleon's Last Battles""VG,AH,SPI"$1   x   
115"Leningrad, Red Army, Panzerkrieg, Von Manstein's Backhand Blow""SPI,GDW,OSG,GMT"$1   x   
116Rail BaronAH$1   x   
117"Ironbottom Sound, Norway 1940"Quarterdeck$1  x    
118"Smithereens, The Legend Begins, Napoleon at Leipzig""XTR,Terran,COA"$1  x    
119Streets of StalingradL2 Design$1 x     
120Stonewall Jackson's WayAH$1 x     
121Stonewall in the ValleyAH$1 x     
122Stonewall's Last BattleAH$1 x     
123Roads to GettysburgAH$1 x     
124Grant Takes CommandAH$1 x     
125"WWII, Pacific Theater of Operations"SPI$1  x    
126Pacific VictoryColumbia Games$1  x    
127Attack! & Attack! ExpansionEagle Games$1 x     
128Circus MaximusAH$1 x     
129New WorldAH$1 x     
130We The PeopleAH$1 x     
131For The PeopleAH$1 x     
132"General Mags V11 #5, V12 #4-6, V13, V14,V15,V16 (all)"AH$1      x
133"General Mags V21 #6, V22-23 (all), V24 #3-6 V25"AH$1      x
134"General Mags V27-29, 31 (all) V30 #1-5"AH$1      x
135The Longest DayAH$1   x   
136MachiavelliAH$1   x   
137Duel of AgesVenatic$1   x   
138Age of RenaissanceAH$1   x   
139Civilization/Advanced CivizationAH$1   x   
1401830AH$1   x   
141DuneDescartes$1   x   
142Terrible Swift SwordSPI/1976$1   x  min wear
143The Gleam of BayonetsTSR/1983$1   x  min wear
144GettysburgAH/1958$1     erritt; part of box missing 
145GHETTOPOLYGhettopoly.com$25 X     
1461914AH$1   X   
159MIDWAYAH$1   X   
169JUTLANDAH$1   X   
170KING MAKERAH$1   X   
172RAIL BARONAH$1   X   
174TITANAH$1   X   
175Harpoon W/ 6 METAL SHIPSGDW   xx   
176Escape from Colditz autographed HPG   xx   
177Fortress EuropaAH   xx   
178Bull RunAH   xx   
179Russian Civil WarSPI   xx   
180Air CavWest End  xx    
181Great Campaign CW first 6 Titles BundledAH   xx   
182GBACW Lot: Here Come the Rebels; Stonewall Jackson's Way; Stonewall in the Valley; Stonewall's Last Battle; On to Richmond; Road to Gettysburg    xx   
183Conflict of Heros Price of HonorAcademy Games  Unopened    
184Gettysburg: Three Days in JulySPEERIT STRATEGY GAMES$1   X   
185Against the ReichWEG$1  X    
186Carrier War and 1944-46 expansionOmega$1   X   
187Axis and Allies-Spring 1942AH/Hasbro$1   x   
188Axis and Allies-Spring 1942AH/Hasbro$1   x   
189"Memoir 44 Lot: Memoir 44, Air pack, Terrian Pack, Eastern Front, Pacific Theater"Days of Wonder$1   x   
190"Carassonne Lot: Carcassone, Kids of, Ark of the Covenant"Rio Grande$1   x   
191Cuba and Ming DynastyRio Grande$1   x   
192Fury of DraculaFantasy Flight$1   x   
193Geist and TwilightRose Knows/Cardinal$1   x   
194Golden City and Sceptor of ZavandorZ-Man$1 x x   
195Lenardo Da Vinci and King MeMayfair$1   x   
196Starship CatanMayfair$1   x   
197Terra Nova and Trans EuropaWinning Moves/ Rio G$1   x   
198Titan: The ArenaAH$1   x   
199TombAlderac Entertianment $1   x   
200TribuneFantasy Flight$1   x   
201Jambo and Medici Vs StrozziRio Grande$1   x   
202General Magazine Lot (51 Issues) w/7 BindersAH$1    x  
203Roads to Gettysburg w/Skrirmisher #1 and CountersAH$1  X    
204Stonewall's Last BattleAH$1  X    
205Battle Fleet MarsSPI$1  x    
206MechWar 2SPI$1   x   
207Adv Third Reich Bundle (3rd Reich/Adv 3rd Reich/Rising Sun)AH$1  X    
208Fying ColorsGMT$1   x   
209A House DividedGDW$1   x   
210Breakout NormandyAH$1   x   
211Monty's GambleMMP$1  x    
212Terrible Swift Sword 2nd EdTSR$1  x    
213The Civil WarVG$1   x   
214Thunder at CassinoAH$1   x   
215Turning Point Stalingrad w unit storage boesAH$1   x   
216Storm over ArnhemAH$1   x   
217Hell's HighwayVG$1   x   
218Objective AtlantaBattleline$1   x   
219Cuba LibreGMT$1 X     
220Crown of RosesGMT$1   X   
221Hunters From The SkyThe Gamers/MMP$1 X     
222Champion HillThe Gamers/MMP$1 X     
223In Their Quiet Fields - Antietem IIThe Gamers / MMP$1 X     
224LerosThe Gamers/MMP$1 X     
225Black WednesdayThe Gamers/MMP$1 X     
226Special Ops #1 - Summer 2011 - RaphiaMMP$1 X     
227Special Ops #2 - Winter 2012 - Ukraine '44MMP$1 X     
228Twilight Imperium 3rd EditionFantasy Flight$1 X     
229Sid Meier's Civilization2K Games$1 X     
230Axis and Allies - PacificAH$1 X     
231TrajanPassport Game Studios$1 X     
232Pirate's CoveDays of Wonder$1 X     
233Twilight Imperium RexFantasy Flight$1 X     
234Dominant SpeciesGMT$1 X     
235World Without EndKosmos$1 X     
236Warriors and TradersNSKN$1 X     
237YGGDRASILZ-Man$1 X     
238SteamMayfair$1 X     
2391830Mayfair$1 X     
240Pandemic + Pandemic Expansion On The BrinkZ-Man$1 X     
241Colonial DiplomacyAH$1 X     
242Monster's Ravage AmericaAH$1  X   
243DuneAH$1  X   
244Trader's of GenoaRio Grande$1  X   
245Thunderstone Advance Towers of RuinAEG$1 X     
246The Mystic WoodAH$1   x   
247Fortress AmericaMilton Bradley$1   x   
248Conquest of the EmpireMilton Bradley$1   x   
249Age of RenaissanceAH$1 x     
250Circus MaximusAH$1     some counters 
251Wooden Ships & Iron MenAH$1   x   
252Warlords: China in Disarray 1916-1950Panther Games$1  x    
253History of the WorldAH$1   x   
254History of the WorldAH/Hasbro$1   x   
255Formula De'Euro Games$1   x   
256Attach SubAH$1   x   
257Europa UniversalisAzure Wish$1   x   
258Turning Point StalingradAH$1   x   
259ElricAH$1   x   
260Up FrontAH$1   x   
261A Game of ThronesFantasy Flight$1   x   
262TitanAH$1   x   
263Tide of IronFantasy Flight$1   x   
264Battles of WesterosFantasy Flight$1   x   
265"Wargamer Magazine with game #44-50, Wargamer #28 Game Port Stanley no magazine"3W$1  x    
266"S&T Magazine with Game 20,22,29,30,31,34,37-57,59,60,62-66 (35 total)"SPI$1   x   
267KurskSPI$1  x    
268TitanAH$1   x   
269Battles for the Ardennes QuadSPI$1  x    
270Napoleon at LiepzigOSG$1   x   
271The Next WarSPI$1   x   
272Sixth FleetVG$1   x   
273New WorldAH$1   x   
274BulgeSPI$1  x    
2751914: Twilight in the EastGMT x     
2761812: The Invasion of CanadaAcademy   x   
277Bitter EndCompass   x   
278The Bulge: Fast Action SeriesGMT x     
279Stalins WarGMT x     
280Road to EnlightenmentConquistador  x    
281Storm Over StalingradMMP   x   
282Dien Bien Phu/The Third BridgeCritical Hit  x    
283HomesteadersTasty Minstrel  x    
284Carson CityEagle  x    
285Lost BattlesFifth Column  s    
286Andean AbyssGMT   x   
287Where There is DiscordFifth Column  x    
288Trial of StrengthPanther x     
289WaterlooAH$1   x   
290StalingradAH$1   x   
291BritanniaAH$1   x   
292BismarckAH$1   x   
293Up Front & BanzaiAH$1   x   
294White Star RisingLnL$1   X   
295Bundle: MBT + IDFAH$1   X   
296ASL: Onslaught to OrshaHOB$1   X   
297ASL Bundle: Beyond the Beachhead 2 + Operation CobraBFP$1   X   
298ASL: Blood and JungleBFP$1   X   
299ASL: Blood Reef Tarawa (includes Gamer's Guide)MMP$1   X   
300The Legend BeginsTerran$1   X   
301Texas GloryCG$1   X   
302Bobby LeeCG$1   X   
303Ardennes '44 (2012 printing)GMT$1   X   
304The Kaiser's PiratesGMT$1   X   
305Normandy '44GMT$1   X   
306No Retreat - The Russian FrontGMT$1   X   
307Space Empires/Space Empires Close EncountersGMT$1   X   
308Phantom LeaderDVG$1   X   
309Frontline D-DayDVG$1   X   
310A Victory LostMMP$1   X   
311A Victory DeniedMMP$1  X    
312Julius CaesarColumbia$1   X   
313TroyesZ-Man$1   X   
314The Golden CityZ-Man$1   X   
315Cinque TerreRio Grande$1   X   
316Pirates CoveDOW$1   X   
317Empires in ArmsAH$1  x    
318None but HeroesMMP$1  x    
319Four Battles of Army Group SouthSPI$1   x  "about 3/4 unpunched, sorting tray"
320La Bataille D'Albuera EspanolClash of Arms$1  x    
321La Bataille Espanol TalaveraClash of Arms$1   x   
322La Bataille Peussisch-EylauClash of Arms$1  x    
323La Bataille d'AuerstadtClash of Arms$1   x   
324La Bataille de les Quatre BrasClash of Arms$1   x  sorting tray
325La Bataille de LignyClash of Arms$1  x    
326La Bataille de la Moscowa Napoleon's Battle of BorodinoGDW$1   x   
327Ironclads Expansion KitYaquinto$1 x     
328War in EuropeSPI$1   x  "2 sorting trays, mostly unpunched"
329Victory In The PacificAH$1 x     
330Breakout: NormandyAH$1 x     
331Stonewall's Last BattleAH$1 x     
332GangstersAH$1   x   
333For The PeopleAH$1  x    
334This Terible SoundThe Gamers$1  x    
335Stalingrad PocketsThe Gamers$1   x   
336BurmaThe Gamers$1 x     
337SicilyThe Gamers$1 x     
338AusterlitzThe Gamers$1  x    
339Thunder at the CrossroadsThe Gamers$1   x   
340Malvern HillsThe Gamers$1   x   
341April's HarvestThe Gamers$1   x   
342MarengoThe Gamers$1   x   
343Champion HillThe Gamers$1   x   
344Gaines MillThe Gamers$1   x   
345Barren VictoryThe Gamers$1  x    
346Embrace An Angry WindThe Gamers$1  x    
347PerryvilleThe Gamers$1  x    
348The Great Battles of AlexanderGMT$1  x    
349Red Badge of CourageGMT$1  x    
350WW2 Barbarossa To BerlinGMT$1 x     
351CaesarGMT$1  x    
352Grand IllusionGMT$1   x   
353SamuraiGMT$1  x    
354June 6thGMT$1   x   
355Three Days of GettysburgGMT$1  x    
356Reds The Russian Civil WarGMT$1   x   
357Paths of GloryGMT$1 x     
358Ari Bridge TO VictoryGMT$1 x     
359TypoonGMT$1 x     
360Invasion: NorwayGMT$1 x     
361Twilight StruggleGMT$1 x     
362Lost VictoryGMT$1 x     
363Barbarossa Army Group SouthGMT$1 x     
364SavannahGMT$1 x     
365Carthage The First Punic WarGMT$1 x     
366Ukraine '43GMT$1 x     
367Clash of GiantsGMT$1 x     
368HellenesGMT$1 x     
369Santa Fe RailsGMT$1 x     
370Sinai 1973GMT$1 x     
371Washington's WarGMT$1 x     
372The Great Battles of AlexanderGMT$1 x     
373The Three Battles of ManassasMMP$1  x    
374Korea The Forgotten WarMMP$1 x     
375KriegDcision Games$1   x   
376Age of RenaissanceAH$75 X     
377War of the Ring (1st edition)Fantasy Flight$30  X    
378War of the Ring Battles of the Third Age (1st edition expansion)Fantasy Flight$50 X     
379ColosseumDays of Wonder$50 X     
380Merchants & MaraudersZ-Man$70 X     
381History of the World (1993)AH$50 X     
382Magic RealmAH$40    X  
383Desert VictoryOmega$1   X   
384Semper FiGamers/MMP$1  X    
385Hold The Line/French & Indian ExpWorthington$1   X   
386Captains Edition HarpoonGDW$1   X   
387GuadacanalAvalanch$1   X   
388Forgotten Heroes 1st EdLNL$1 X X   
389Anzac Attack 1st EdLNL$1 X     
390Gulf Strike Lot: Gulf Strike; Gulf Strike 2nd Ed Scenario Update; Gulf Strike Desert Shield ExpVictory$1   X   
391Panzer Grenadier 1st EdAvalanche$1   X   
392Heroes of the Soviet UnionjAvalanche$1   X   
393TotensontagLNL$1   X   
394Band of Heroes 1st EdLNL$1   X   
395World at War Lot; World at War; World at War Death of 1st PanzerLNL$1   X   
396Combat CommanderGMT$1   X   
397Combat Commander MediterraneanGMT$1   X   
398Combat Commander PacificGMT$1  X    
399"Combat Commander Battle Pack Lot: Paratroopers BP#1; Stalingrad BP #2, Normandy BP #3"GMT$1  X    
400GuadacanalAH$1   X   
401Mustangs w/expansionAH$1   X   
402Battle of the BulgeAH$1   X   
403Campaign for North AfricaSPI$1  X    
404Glory Lot: Glory; Across the Rappahannock; Glory IIIGMT$1  xx   
405Fortress EuropaAH$1  X    
406ShanghaiPanther Games$1   X   
407Warrior KnightsGames Workshop$1   X   
408Solitaire ASLAH$1  X    
409Swords of GloryWolfhound Games$1   X   
410Age of RenaissanceAH$1   X   
411War of the RingSPI$1       
412Europe EngulfedGMT$1   x   
413Hell's HighwayVG$1   x   
414Princes of the RenaissanceWarfrog$1   x   
415Settlers - Historische Szenarien (Alexander & Cheops)Kosmos$1  x    
416Drive on ParisTGA$1   x   
417GuadalaharaTGA$1  x    
418GazalaTGA$1  x    
419Tide of IronFFG$1  x    
420Spanish Civil WarGMT$1   x   
421Dominion: HinterlandsRGG$1 X     
422Down in Flames Bundle (ROTL and 8th AF + C3i add ins)GMT$1   x   
423Down in Flames: Corsairs and HellcatsGMT$1   x   
424Down in Flames: ZeroGMT$1   x   
425Devil's HorsemenGMT$1  x    
426ChandraguptaGMT$1  x    
427Dead of WinterGMT$1  x    
428MarengoTGA$1  x    
429Winds of PlunderGMT$1  x    
430West FrontCG$1   x   
431Wings of War: Watch your Back & Famous AcesNexus$1   x   
432Malvern HillTGA$1  x    
433Crusader RexCG$1   x   
434Seven PinesTGA$1  x    
435Gaines MillTGA$1  x    
436Doomed Battalion (ASL) 1st EditionAH$1  x    
437"Napoleon at War Folio (Wagram, Jena, Marengo, Leipzig)"SPI$1   x   
438Hammer of the ScotsCG$1   x   
439Texas GloryCG$1  x    
440ImperiumGDW$1   X   
441Squad LeaderAH$1  X    
442Afrika KorpsAH$1   X   
443Battle of the BulgeAH$1  X    
444TUF Bundle: Tuf; Tuf-abet; HexagonyAH$1  XX   
445Politician Bundle: Candidate; Assassin; Point of Law; Bureaucracy; Executive Decision; Blind JusticeAH$1 XXX   
446Sci-Fi Bundle: Freedom in the Galaxy; Starship TroopersAH$1 X     
447Financial Bundle: Gold!; Business Strategy; Foreign ExchangeAH$1 XX    
448Napoleon at Bay & The Struggle of NationsAH$1 XX    
449Air Bundle: Tac Air; Luftwaffe; Richtofen's War; Air ForceAH$1  XX   
450Hitler's War & Fortress EuropaAH$1   X   
451NewtownGMT$1 X     
452Wizards Bundle: Wizards; Wizard Quest; DragonhuntAH$1 XXX   
453Tobruk & KriegspielAH$1  X    
454The Arab-Israeli WarsAH$1 X     
455Sports Bundle: Pro-Football;Regatta; Wrasslin'; DecathlonInfo Concepts/AH$1  X    
456Bundle: Spices of the World; The Game of Shakespeare; The Book of Lists; The Peter PrincipleAH$1  XX   
457Road Kill Bundle: Road Kill; Outdoor Survival; YellowstoneAH$1   X   
458Dark EmperorAH$1   X   
459Stock Bundle: The Stock Market Game x2; Stock Market GuruAH$1  XX   
460Air Assault on CreteAH$1   X   
461Advanced Third Reich & Third ReichAH$1  XX   
462Space Bundle: Stellar Conquest; Moonstar; UFOAH$1  XX   
463Amoeba WarsAH$1 X     
464Source of the NileAH$1   X   
465The Mystic WoodAH$1  X    
466Ming DynastyRio Grande$1 X     
467Worthington Bundle: Blood Lust; Arctic Survival; Tech-BubbleWorthington$1 X     
468MacaoRio Grande$1   X   
469After the FloodTreefrog$1  X    
470TempusCafé$1   X   
471Smokers Wild & TV WarsAH$1  XX   
472GladiatorAH$1   X   
473Title BoutAH$1   X   
474Pro TennisAH$1 X     
475Blood Bowl Team ManagerFantasy Flight$1 X     
476Black Spy & SleuthAH$1  X    
477Yspahan & Eminent DomainRGG/Tasty Minstrel$1 X X   
478New YorkQueen$1   X   
479CaylusRGG$1  X    
480Karesansui w/ exp & Two by TwoGryphon & Valley$1 X X   
481HomesteadersTasty Minsel$1  X    
482ElricAH$1  X    
483Victory: The Blocks of WarColumbia$1   X   
484Custer's Last StandBattleline$1   X   
485Baseball & Football StrategyAH$1   X   
486Verdict & Verdict IIAH$1   X   
487DispatcherAH$1   X   
488Management & Beat InflationAH$1   X   
489Alpha OmegaAH$1 X     
490Magic RealmAH$1  X    
491Fury in the WestBattleline$1   X   
492Le MansAH$1   X   
493Flat TopAH$1   X   
494Air Force & Wooden Ships and Iron MenBattleline$1   X   
495Monsters Menace AmericaAH$1 X     
496Luck or Logic & A Game of TriviaAH$1  XX   
497Machievelli & Alpha OmegaBattleline$1  XX   
498Dauntless & Air Fore Dauntless ExpansionBattleline$1   X   
499Alexandor the Great & ConquistadorAH$1  XX   
500Cartagena & The Legend of Robin HoodRio Grande/AH$1   X   
501Railroad Barons & Crazy RaceLookout/Timbuktu$1 X     
502A World at WarGMT$1 X     
50318OED.I.C.E$1 X     
504Command & Colors AncientsGMT$1 X     
505Command & Colors NapoleonicsGMT$1 X     
506Command & Colors Napoleonics - The Russian ArmyGMT$1 X     
507Command & Colors Napoleonics - The Spanish ArmyGMT$1 X     
508Fading GloryGMT$1 X     
509Rails of New EnglandRio Grande$1 X     
510EclipseLuutapelit$1 X     
511Freedom w/ Kickstarter extrasAcademy$1 X     
5121775 The American Revolution w/ Kickstarter extrasAcademy$1 X     
513Legendary Dark City ExpansionUpper Deck$1 X     
51418GLDeep Thought$1  X    
5151850Deep Thought$1  X    
51618VADeep Thought$1   X   
5171826Deep Thought$1   X   
51818MEXDeep Thought$1  X    
519Fires of MidwayClash of Arms$1 X     
520Crown of RosesGMT$1 X     
521Andean AbyssGMT$1 X     
522ManoeuvreGMT$1 X     
523Leaping LemmingsGMT$1 X     
524Battle for StalingradDVG$1 X     
525Clash of Giants IIGMT$1 X     
526Kremlin Kickstarter EditionJolly Rogers$1 X     
527Sword of RomeGMT$1 X     
5281989 Dawn of FreedomGMT$1 X     
529Washington's WarGMT$1 X     
530Sun of YorkGMT$1 X     
531Virgin QueenGMT$1 X     
532SnowdoniaLookout$1 X     
533Barbarosssa - Kiev to Rostov 1941GMT$1 X     
534Barbarossa - Crimea 1941-1942GMT$1 X     
535Fighting FormationsGMT$1 X     
536Napoleonic WarsGMT$1 X     
537Descent - Road to Legend ExpansionFantasy Flight$1 X     
538Vasco da GammaRio Grande$1   X   
539Bloody AprilGMT$1 X     
540A Distant PlainGMT$1 X     
541Cuba LibreGMT$1 X     
542Heights of CourageMMP$1 X     
543Lincoln's WarMMP$1 X     
544Here I StandGMT$1  X    
545Dragon PassAH$1   XX   
546Shifting SandsMMP$1   X   
547OregonRio Grande$1 X     
548Notre DameRio Grande$1 X     
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