2014 WBC Sportsmanship Award
Jan 17, 2015

Charter member Tom Gregorio became our 22nd Sportsmanship winner and in so doing, proved that not all nice guys finish last. The proud owner of no less than nine WBC titles and our 19th ranked career laurelist, is now the highest ranked player with a Sportsmanship Award to his credit. Tom earned his nomination in the Bitter Woods tournament—an event he has won six times. He noticed his opponent had left a hole in his defensive line with potentially crippling consequences. He pointed out the error and allowed his well-versed adversary to correct the error before playing on. It cost him the game, the tournament and team points in one fell swoop. His fellow members rewarded him for his chivalry with 13.3% of the vote to claim our biggest prize—a free week’s lodging at WBC 2015.

However, an even bigger story may have been his opposition for our highest honor. Throughout the month long vote it soon became apparent that this was a two-man race. Who else could be the foil but 2014’s Mr. Almost; Nick Henning. Nick, whose five won tournaments set a WBC record, had just lost close counts for both Caesar and Consul metagaming honors in 2014, largely due to rarely invoked bookkeeping rules, and it was his destiny to fall just short again with 12.6% of the vote. Nick had earned his nomination in the Tzolkin’ semifinal for allowing a player to redo his last move—and as a result—did not qualify for the Final and his chance at a sixth title!

Open Gaming got its first nod in the 2014 vote as Tim Horne’s donation of his time in helping a newcomer family enjoy its first WBC by helping them learn several new games gave a great first impression worthy of 8.7% of the vote for third place. Katharine McCorry was fourth with 8% for enduring the whining of someone who needs to learn how to lose with a bit more class. Doug Smith followed close behind in 5th with 7.7% of the vote for filling the void in a Princes of Florence game when a player committed the multi-player faux pas of abandoning his position in midgame.  And last, but hardly least, our youngest nominee 11-year old Julia Carrigan filled the sand position admirably by accepting with charm and good grace her random elimination from advancement in the Settlers Junior tournament when the GM had to cull a winner from the next round. 

Thanks to all our good sports and to the 285 members who took a moment to vote for them. 

Sportsmanship Winners

Chuck Stapp

Tiger Von Pagel

Rob Kilroy

Ian Lange

Jim Matt

Ed Connery

Frank Sinigaglio
1999- NJ

Robert Sacks

Bret Hildebran

Kaarin Engelmann
2002, 2008—VA

James Jordan

Steve Okonski
Bruno Sinigaglio
Phil Barcafer
Rebecca Hebner
Mark Yoshikawa
John Emery
Larry Lingle
Peter Eldridge
Emily Wu
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