2014 WBC Team Tournament Winner's Circle
Oct. 17, 2014

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New Team Tournament Scoring Record Set


Dave Meyaard 8

Jon Gemmel 5

Karl Henning 9

Nick Henning 8

80 teams entered the 24th “Run for the Slivers” at the 2014 WBC and the 2006 scoring record of 24 points was not just broken; it was shattered, stomped on, and ground into dust by Now Playing as the next generation of young guns continues to show their elders the door. The 30 points racked up by the 54-1 entry was a full 25% more than any team has achieved in the 24 years of the tournament. The victors were led by the 17 points of the Henning brothers dynamic duo, Nick and Karl, who together won seven tournaments during the week - thus improving their odds considerably of correctly calling their shots in the Team Tournament. The nimble fingers of dexterity king Dave Meyaard who correctly called his fifth antlers title in repeating as Elchfest champ added another eight points as the team racked up its third predicted title. The lone slacker in this foursome was Jon Gemmel whose 4th place finish in the 166-player field of Carcassonne nonetheless added five points for good measure. He can take solace in the knowledge that he singlehandedly outscored 46 teams.

Finishing second with a much higher pedigree but far less points were the ringers of Harry B's with 24 points to match their 24-1 odds and three wins of their own. The third ranked team composed solely of Boardmasters added to their string of titles in their chosen specialties while scoring eight points apiece but no bonus points for their repeat wins whereas Now Playing included three bonus points in their record breaking total for daring to test new ground. The game plan for the Harry B's came a cropper when head recruiter Bruce Reiff forgot he was supposed to win also - scoring zero points for his team of aces. Life is better than fiction sometimes.

The remainder of the Top Ten were more homegrown squads with strong geographic ties. Taking third and fourth with 19 points were the boys from Greenville as the Mafia War squad lived up to their 33-1 odds and the DC environs of KGB A continued to punish the handicapper for their 83-1 ranking. A difference of a mere three players in the combined fields tiebreaker of the two teams set them apart. Kentucky also displayed some skills as the Lions of Winter overcame 111-1 odds to finish fifth with 18 points - a total that has won the tournament 12 times in years past. But the Dice Lovin' Canucks were the biggest overachievers in the Top Ten, overcoming 223-1 odds to finish sixth with 17 points. Another Canadian team not getting much respect at 181-1 odds, Les Patriotes from Quebec, were right on their heels with 16 points to finish seventh. A trio of veteran squads Lampeter Swamp Dogs, Gang Greene, and Band of Fools at 86-, 57- and 39-1 odds respectively rounded out the Top Ten to provide the correct answers to our annual Bracket Bustin' Contest.

Generally speaking, it was a bad year for favorites with only two of the top ten (Harry B's and Mafia War) making the cut. Many an entry was torn to shreds as Nest of Spies, Wood Bee Contenders, Me & 3 Stiffs and the usual high rollers crashed and burned, littering the landscape with broken brackets. The odds - they may be a changin' next year. The contest record of six correct picks by Mark Love in 2009 and Dave Meyaard in 2013 was never threatened. It was a tough year for predictions with 72% of the field scoring two or less correct picks. However, that proved to be good news for Andrew Maly who won our annual prediction contest in a 5-way tie for best prognosticator in a tough year with a mere four correct picks - albeit the top four. That bested Mr-Win-Everything-in-Sight, Nick Henning, who got 1, 2, 6, & 10 correct, Andrew Drummond who guessed 1, 2, 4, 6, Ewan McNay who got 2, 3, 4 and 7, and our original contest winner Mark Love who got the beginning and the end correct but nothing in between with 1, 2, 9 & 10. Chief among the also rans was none other than the Chairman of the Board and outgoing Consul, Ken Gutermuth, who managed to miss all ten of his picks - the only completely clueless entry in the field.

Now Playing led four teams with strength throughout by scoring with every team member. KGB A (19), Cold Fusion (12), and Band of Fools (10) also managed to score across the board. This total was two less than the six teams that managed to avoid the Weak Link syndrome last year. On the other side of the coin, 23 teams were shutout entirely (down from 27 last year) led ignominiously by my own We Ain't Dead Yet - the top rated team to be shut out. Maybe we are dead.

The Hero Award (almost Heroine) for highest individual score went to Mark Giddings for his Dominion title which won the field tiebreaker with Carter Waite's Titan The Arena victory by a difference of 12 opponents. Both 10-point scores benefitted from bonus points as first titles for their respective owners.

Aside from the astronomical totals by Now Showing, scoring overall was relatively stable across the board. Noobz proved the most sociable team in the field - averaging 197.5 players per event. On the opposite end of that ledger was Peckofpickledpeppers drawing only 25.75 players per tournament. All in all, our 320 players selected 147 different events which meant only 12 were not involved in the Team Tournament. Dominion again proved to be the most popular choice with eight players, followed by Robo Rally and Ticket to Ride with seven each. Lost Cities, Thurn & Taxis, and Prate's Cove tied for fourth as the choice of six players each. But considering the size of the respective fields, Victory in the Pacific may have been the most hotly contested event with five team entries. Exactly 33 Team participants managed to win their predicted events - the same as last year - but the % increased to 10.3% due to the smaller field.

2014 Teams, in order of finish
Click on the graphic to see a larger version. Rankings courtesy of Jeff Cornett.
Unofficial team logos courtesy of Dave Dockter and Kaarin Engelmann. Some logos provided by the teams.
NOTE: PP=Projected Points; Points=Points (number of points earned).Entrants (total number of entrants in all of team's events)
1 2 3 4 5

Now Playing
Team #: 20

(Rank)Odds: (22)50-1
PP: 10.1
Points: 30.314
David Meyaard ELC 8,
Jon Gemmel CAR 5,
Karl Henning GXT 9,
Nick Henning AUT

The Harry B's
Team #: 71

(Rank)Odds: (3)24-1
PP: 22.5
Points 24.156

Harry Flawd PDT 8,
Bruce Reiff FBS 0,
Bruce Beard 8XX 8,
Bruce Monnin WAS 8

Greenville Mafia: War
Team #: 75
(Rank)Odds: (9)33-1
PP: 16.6
Points: 19.172
Josh Githens CMS 9,
John Emery UPF 7,
Bryan Collars CBC 0,
Bruce Young ATS 3

Team #: 24
(Rank)Odds: (31)83-1
PP: 6.5
Points: 19.169
Mark Guttag FI5 2,
Lyman Moquin SKG 3,
Ron Draker NAP 7,
Malcolm Smith HOS 7

Lions of Winter
Team #: 42
(Rank)Odds: (62)349-1
PP: 1.5
Points: 18.405
Derek Glenn DOM 0,
Eric Ho AGR 9,
Chris McCurry 7WS 0,
Keith Dent COB 9

6 7 8 9 10

Dice Loving Canucks
Team #: 48
(Rank)Odds: (55)223-1
PP: 2.4
Points: 17.184
Nick Page LHV 8,
Sara Vanderwal COB 0,
Duncan McGregor CNC 9,
Andrew Drummond MED 0

Les Patriotes
Team #: 39
(Rank)Odds: (49)181-1
PP: 3.0
Points: 16.180
Anthony Lainesse 8XX 4,
Fran├žois de Bellefeuille B&O 8,
Dominic Blai COB 3,
Romain Jacques AUT 1

Lampeter Swamp Dogs
Team #: 23
(Rank)Odds: (33)86-1
PP: 6.3
Points: 16.179
Michael Rinella BKN 0,
Mark Giddings DOM 10,
Brian Smith RBN 4,
Randy Heller KFE 2

Gang Greene
Team #: 22
(Rank)Odds: (24)57-1
PP: 9.4
Points: 14.190
Rob McCracken TRC 0,
Mark Miklos BAR 7,
David Stiffler MMW 7,
Andy Lewis SFR 0

Team #: 10
(Rank)Odds: (12)39-1
PP: 13.9
Martin Sample ACS 5,
Bob Sohn ABN 0,
Aaron Fuegi TT2 7,
Dave Finberg TTN 0

11 12 13 14 15

Cold Fusion
Team #: 49
(Rank)Odds: (18)49-1
PP: 11.1
Points: 12.216
Rich Atwater TTN 2,
Jason Ley AGE 4,
Robb Effinger ELG 3,
Geoff Pounder IOV 3

Band of Fools
Team #: 9
(Rank)Odds: (6)29-1
PP: 18.9
Points: 12.104
Richard Beyma WAT 7,
Gary Dicksn TRC 1,
Michael Dauer POG 3,
Tom Gregorio BWD 1

Aces & Eights
Team #: 54
(Rank)Odds: (46)154-1
PP: 3.5
Points: 11.185
Ron Glass WSM 8,
Mike Horn KPR 0,
Doug Landon NVG 0,
Pat Mirk SFR 3

Iron Meeples
Team #: 15
(Rank)Odds: (14)43-1
PP: 12.7
Points: 11.108
Kevin Wojtaszczk WOR 1,
Nels Thompson BKN 2,
Derek Pulhamus CBC 0,
Grant LaDue WNW 8

Getting Lucky
Team #: 67
(Rank)Odds: (74)770-1
PP: 0.7
Points: 10.358
Corey Averill PRO 0,
Cater Waite TTA 10,
Ashton Worley B17 0,
Ashley Worley GXT 0

16 17 18 19 20

Blobs of Protoplasm
Team #: 29
(Rank)Odds: (67)377-1
PP: 1.4
Points: 10.333
John Keating ACS 0,
Shannon Keating LST 0,
Bjorn von Knorring MAR 7,
Joel Tamburo CIS 3

EPGS 1: Wabbit's Wevenge
Team #: 60
(Rank)Odds: (17)49-1
PP: 11.1
Points: 10.292
Greg Thatcher AMR 2,
Barb Flaxington PRO 0,
Chris Moffa GOA 0,
Craig Moffit E&T 8

Magic Men
Team #: 52
(Rank)Odds: (7)30-1
PP: 18.1
Points: 10.260
Randy Buehler AGE 3,
Sceadeau D'Tela AGR 5,
Andrew Emerick EGZ 0,
Ed Fear POF 2

Avenel Hill Game Co
Team #: 45
(Rank)Odds: (20)50-1
PP: 10.8
Points: 10.241
Andy Gardner VIP 7,
Ben Gardner GSR 3,
Pat Richardson DOM 0,
Henry Richardson B17 0

Team #: 4
(Rank)Odds: (16)45-1
PP: 12.0
Points: 10.125

John Sharp VIP 0,
Bob Hamel GSR 0,
Bruno Wolff TT2 3,
Ed Menzel GBG 7

21 22 23 24 25

Cynical Stoics
Team #: 8
(Rank)Odds: (21)51-1
PP: 10.6
Points: 10.125
Derek Landel WOG 0,
Matt Bacho EIS 0,
Mike Ussery HRC 0,
Eric Wrobel MOV 9

3 Brits & a Yank
Team #: 73
(Rank)Odds: (50)189-1
PP: 2.9
Points: 9.138
Nick Smith CQP 0,
Peter Card HIS 0,
Chris Hancock SCT 0,
Mark Love MMA 9

Nest of Spies
Team #: 14
(Rank)Odds: (1)21-1
PP: 25.9
Points: 8.153
James Pei FTP 7,
David Dockter POG 0,
Stefan Mecay TWS 0,
Chris Byrd HRC 1

Hombres Locos
Team #: 1
(Rank)Odds: (15)44-1
PP: 12.2
Points: 8.125
Peter Reese WNW 0,
George Young WWR 8,
Andrew Maly BAR 0,
Bill Edwards CBC 0

Local Yokels
Team #: 33
(Rank)Odds: (68)387-1
PP: 1.4
Points: 7.518
Chad Weaver DOM 3,
Dusty Usner CAR 0,
Erik Schlosser 7WS 4,
Rich Miller AGR 0

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