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Age of Renaissance (AOR) Links Email GM Last updated 6/7/2017.
Class B: Beginning Players Welcome You may play if you have read the rules, played previously, or participated in a scheduled demo. Be on time for the scheduled demonstration. The GM will remain for only 15 minutes if no one is present.
Schedule GM: Eric Monte (2nd Year)
Round Day Start Time Duration Location
Demo 1 FSat 17 1 Exhibit Annex Table 3
Demo 2 Mon 17 1 Exhibit Annex Table 3
Heat 1 FSat 18 6 Hemlock
Heat 2 FSun 20 6 Hemlock
Heat 3 Mon 18 6 Hemlock
Final Tues 9 6 Hemlock
2017 Tournament Format  HMWG

In 2017 AOR will be offered as a class B sponsored event. Anyone who attends a demo will be welcomed in the heats. Heats will be offered Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights, with the Final taking place Tuesday morning. Demos will be offered one hour before Saturday and Monday heats. Up to 6 will qualify for the Tuesday morning Final.

The change to B class is motivated by a need to get some new blood into this tournament! New players - feel free to email me with any questions you may have with this amazing game!

WBC Specific Rules:

The Attribute of Master Art is amended to allow its owner to immediately discard one card during the turn of its purchase in addition to its normal discard abilities during the Buy Card Phase. Per the rules, this discard will also be face up.

Please confirm you have the correct number of cards in each deck. All players at a game where the cards are found to be wrong after Turn 1 will count that heat as a loss. No Exceptions. It is the responsibility of every player to make sure the game is equipped properly.

Tournament Format/Pace of Play:

Heat games will be determined randomly. We will differentiate between new (as in you don’t know the rules) and players who do know the rules. We will make table assignments as random as possible while still having a reasonable mix of experienced and new players. This is to keep games moving.

Time limits: All heats will be 6 hours long. Games must get started 15 minutes after the start time. 5hrs and 15 minutes after the start of the heat, tables will not start another turn and complete final card play after the completion of the upkeep phase. There will be a final shortage/surplus roll before the start of the final card play phase, per the rules.

Time in this game is a funny thing. When all players are experienced the game should take 4-6 hours at most. Slow and inefficient movement through the phases can add significant time to the game. Both new and experienced players may be the cause of the game moving slowly, everyone – please keep pace! Please consider the following suggestions and rules to keep the games moving.

  • Feel free to record the purchases of other players. However, it is a tournament rule you are not allowed to ask for a full list of a players advances when it’s their turn or your turn. You may ask about Exploration/Religious advances since they usually have a significant effect on purchasing for the entire game. You may always ask a player what they bought in the purchase phase of the current turn. A good time to catch up is during the expansion phase when neither you nor the player you are checking is expanding. This rule is intended to speed play, not to conceal which advances you own!
  • Taking a rundown of what every player has purchased after the purchase phase should be avoided since it is very time consuming. Tables that continually do this should be brought to my attention and may be asked to move immediately onto expansion at the conclusion of the purchase phase.
  • Bidding should be limited to two minutes. Advice for new players, just bid high (at least above 20) if you don’t know what to do since this is often a safe play (protects against events, gives you options during expansion, and you’ll probably get paid anyway during card play). Players continually taking excessive time should be brought to my attention.
  • Plan your purchase phase in advance!

Mistakes: AOR is a game with a decent amount of moving parts. Things are bound to be overlooked, forgotten, and possibly done the wrong way. Whenever you feel something is awry, say something, right away! If there was a significant mistake, please alert the GM or assistant GM to help solve the issue. It’s always best to have an independent party make the choice for everyone, this way no one feels badly after the game.

Advancement: Qualification to the 6 player final will be based on:

  • Most 1st place finishes
  • Best 1st place finish
  • Most 2nd place finishes
  • Best 2nd place finish
  • Shortest game running time – all games will be considered to have started at 15 minutes past the hour of the heat start time and end when the tournament score sheet is handed to the GM.
  • Die roll

Best finish will be based on percentage of the winning score. Frankly, the past several years have netted few winners and the need to advance runners-up. Therefore, I would like to be clear about a few things:

  • No players finishing 3rd or worse will play in the final. This is to keep the integrity of the heats and the tournament as a whole intact.
  • Any players who choose not to show for the final table will be disqualified per WBC rules.
  • If any eligible qualifiers/alternates are not present for the final and/or choose not to play, it is possible that the final table will be less than six players. If this is the case, it is possible that players who finished worse than 2nd during the preliminary round will receive laurels for their performance and still not be allowed to compete in the final. When determining the top six finishers, only percentage of the winner’s score will be a factor. So, this may mean that someone who finished 4th or worse with a high percentage of the winner’s score may receive laurels before a player who finished third and had a low percentage of the winners score.
  • In the event there are two or less qualifiers present for the final there will be no final. The top qualifier present will receive 1st place laurels and the next qualifier will receive 2nd place laurels. 3rd-6th will then be determined by the procedure above. Note that in this situation qualifiers and any alternates are disqualified for not being present! The four highest ranked players after all qualifiers/alternates that did not appear will receive laurels to fill the remaining finishing spots that must be reported to the BPA.
  • If we have more than six people who qualify for the final, a list of one or more alternates will be posted and may replace qualifiers that do not appear for the final. If alternates do not appear and are needed, they are considered disqualified per WBC rules and may not lay claim to any prize.


Players are expected to respect each other and those around them. Profanity will not be tolerated. This tournament is here for everyone to enjoy first and foremost.


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