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Churchill (CHL) Links Email GM Last updated 6/30/2017.
Class A: Experienced Players Only Rules will not be explained. Neither GMs nor players will teach the game to beginners during the event. 
Schedule  GM: Greg Schmittgens (1st Year)
Heat/Round Day Start Time Duration Location
Round 1/4 Mon 10 3 Rathskeller
2017 Tournament Format century eventcentury event

The Tournament Scenario (section 9.6) will be played in each round. Player sides (Leaders) will be randomly assigned in each round. Players will be randomly assigned to a game in all rounds by the GM. The GM and assistant GMs will play in the tournament as required to ensure all games have three players (no ‘bots).

All Round 1 winners will advance to Round 2. Additional players will be invited to play in Round 2 according to Round 1 point ranking results until 27 players have been seated in the Round 2. Scores from games ending with Condition 3 (at least one Axis power has not surrendered) will use the score after the section 4.43 modification. If there is a tie among non-winners that needs to be resolved, the following priority will be used: Condition 1, Condition 2, and then Condition 3.

If only 27 or less players participate in Round 1 or less than 27 players choose to play in Round 2, only nine players will advance (per the above criteria) to Round 2, which will be the semifinal round.

The nine winners from the Round 2 games will be randomly assigned to a game in the Round 3 semifinal. The three winners from Round 3 will be in the Final. In addition, the scores from the three semifinal games will be used to determine places 4 through 6 for laurels (using the same hierarchy per the above).

Each round will be three hours. Note that the event ran long in its 2016 debut, but that was primarily due to lack of familiarity with the new game and the event’s C experience rating. The game will NOT be taught in 2017 and players are expected to know how to play so playing time should be less challenging. Players will be expected to keep a brisk pace. Time warnings will be given after 2 hours, 30 minutes and after 2 hours, 40 minutes. Games will be adjudicated after 2 hours and 50 minutes. Scores for adjudicated games will be based on the game state when adjudicated. PLAY TO FINISH YOUR GAME ON TIME!

A caveat on the rules (AKA The rules are right, the player aid card is wrong): The intent of the Condition 2 victory condition is correct in the rules. If the difference between the high and low score is greater than the modified value, the second place player wins. (The player aid card incorrectly reverses this; it says the second place player wins if the new value is greater than the difference.)


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