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Empire of the Sun (EOS)

You may play if you have read the rules, played previously, or participated in a scheduled demonstration. The GM will be available for one hour in Exhibit Annex to teach the game. Be on time. The GM will remain for only 15 minutes if no one is present.

Demo: Wednesday @ 13 – Exhibit Annex Table 6

Round 1/4: Friday @ 9 – First Tracks Poolside


Craig Yope : GM (1st Year)

Email GM






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The format is Swiss Elimination and the style is Continuous. Three rounds of Swiss play will determine the top four players. These players will then advance to the semifinal round. See the format section below for advancement details.

The tournament is played over the course of two days. There are three Swiss rounds on Friday. The semifinals and final are played on Saturday. Each round is 4 hours in duration. The GM will alert players at each hour mark as to how much time is left.

The event format consists of three rounds of Swiss play with the top four players from the preliminaries (based on record) advancing to Single Elimination play. This will allow anyone to play up to three games regardless of overall record while also making it possible for someone to have a bad outcome and still advance to the elimination rounds.

Swiss Rounds:
There will be three rounds of play. The pairings will be randomly determined in the first round only. Thereafter, players will be matched with opponents of like records (as much as possible). Within each record group (2-0 vs. 2-0, etc.), the pairings are determined by matching the highest ranked player against the lowest ranked player (then the second highest vs. the second lowest, etc.) based on the same criteria used for advancement to Single Elimination play.

The criteria for advancement to Single Elimination play is as follows:
1) Win-Loss Record*
2) In any case of a tied Win-Loss Record:
A) The player with the higher cumulative Victory Point total from all games played
B) The player with the largest single game Victory Point total
C) The player whose opponents had the better combined Win-Loss record D) The player whose opponents had the higher Victory Point total in all games played

*Use Head-to-Head play as a tiebreaker whenever applicable.
The EOS 1943 Scenario Victory Conditions are based upon a Victory Point scale that tracks the changing control of various VP objectives. All calculations for the advancement criteria are based upon the dividing line between the Allied Tactical Victory and the Japanese Tactical Victory (5/6).

For example, a Japanese Decisive Victory of 14 Victory Points would mean 9 points for a player. On the other hand, an Allied Decisive Victory of -3 Victory Points would also mean 9 points for said player.

Also, as a point of clarification, I will be giving the advancement nod to 2-1 records over 2-0 records, as a reward for playing the full three games on the first day. It gives hope to those who may have lost an early game and gets more games being played for event retention purposes.

Single Elimination Rounds:
For Single Elimination (SE) play the advancing players will be placed into a SE bracket. Seeding of the players into the bracket will be based on the players' record from the Swiss rounds. Players with similar records are further ranked based on the VP totals that the players amassed during the Swiss rounds. (Further tiebreaking for seeding purposes will follow the system used to determine player advancement to SE play.)

Tournament Rules:
The 2nd edition rules (V3.0) will be the rule set used in the event and can be downloaded from here:

All questions or comments can be directed to me at the email address provided

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