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Great Campaigns ACW (GCA)

You may play if you have read the rules, played previously, or participated in a scheduled demonstration. The GM will be available for one hour in Exhibit Annex to teach the game. Be on time. The GM will remain for only 15 minutes if no one is present.

Demo: Wednesday @ 9 – Exhibit Annex Table 4

R1/6: Wednesday @ 11 – First Tracks Center
Quarterfinal/Semifinal: Thursday @ 9 – First Tracks Center
Final: Friday @ 9 – First Tracks Center


David Cross : GM (3rd Year)

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Looking forward to the upcoming release of Atlanta is Ours and Roads to Gettysburg II, we will continue to play the two most recent games that will link with those new releases, Stonewall Jackson's Way II and Battle Above the Clouds. We will keep the same format as last year with three Swiss rounds with eight advancing to the quarterfinals (or four advancing to semifinals if the field is less than 16 players) and strict start times allowing everyone to schedule their trip to WBC. We will have primary scenarios in each game of the Swiss rounds but will have alternate scenarios available. If, after pairings have been announced, both players agree to switch to the alternate scenario then the change can be made for that pairing. Stonewall Jackson's Way II, Battle Above the Clouds, and Grant Takes Command are the only games necessary to bring. We will also have a number of tournament copies of both SJWII and BAC available for play as well as a few copies of GTC.

Wednesday - Swiss Elimination Qualifying Day:
Demo: Learn the mechanics of the system from some of the best players. Try out a brief scenario: "An End to Innocence" from All Green Alike. This will then be the game in the first tournament round.

Round 1: An End to Innocence (AGA #4) with adjusted victory conditions, [Alternate: Crossing Chickamauga Creek (BAC #2)]

Round 2: Bag the Whole Crowd (SJW II #6), [Alternate: McDowell's Opportunity (AGA #3)]

Round 3: The Battle of the Wilderness (GTC #1), [Alternate: McLemore's Cove (BAC #1)]

Thursday Elimination Rounds:
Quarterfinal: Sheridan Rides South (GTC #5), [Alternate: Jackson’s March (SJW II #4)]. If field is less than 16 players, the Quarterfinals will be eliminated and the semifinal/final will be moved into the previous slot.

Semifinal: McLemore's Cove (BAC #1)

Friday Final:
Battle of Chickamauga (BAC #3)

Adjusted Victory Conditions:
For “An End to Innocence”, add the following victory condition
+1VP for each Union Division that ends the game with two brigades (not regiments – so 4-V Division is not eligible) in the area defined as follows:
• From Gainesville and East (hex column 34xx or higher)
• South of line formed by Bull Run and the Unfinished Railroad
• North of Cedar Run

Tournament Rules:
Games not completed by the start time of the next round are subject to adjudication by the GM and his assistants.

Bidding for sides: Players must bid for sides. First, players secretly select what side they want by placing a Confederate or Union counter in their hand. If players pick opposite sides, play proceeds with no VP modifier. If players pick the same side, roll dice to determine the first bidder. Players then bid VPs until a player passes. That bid becomes the VP modifier for the game.

Pairings: In Round 1, the game 1 pairings will be made at random. Game 2 & 3 pairings will be random among players with identical records. In all Swiss rounds, we will ensure no two players meet more than once.

Advancement: We will strive to advance eight players to the quarterfinals if the field is 16 or more. The quarterfinal round will be seeded first based on total Swiss wins, and then points. Typically two wins and you will advance.

Points: Players receive points each time they win. No points are awarded for a loss. Points are given to the winner by taking the loser's AREA rating and multiplying by the scenario multiplier (longer scenarios have higher multipliers)

Scenario Multipliers:
Game 1 - 1.0; Game 2 - 1.2; Game 3 - 1.4

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