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Paths of Glory (POG)
Experienced players only. 
Rules will not be explained. Neither GMs nor players will teach the game to beginners during the event. GMs are encouraged to remind players about the Event Class to discourage anyone who ignored the printed warnings, especially in multi-player games. This is a courtesy to players who come to the event prepared to play without instruction and will greatly speed play.

Mulligan: First Saturday @ 14 – Foggy Goggle Rear
Round 1/5: First Sunday @ 9 – Foggy Goggle Rear



Tom Gregorio : GM (1st Year)

GM Email




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1.1 Mulligan Overview

The success of the Single Elimination/Mulligan format in 2016 will see its return in 2017.  This format will ensure everyone can play twice while reducing the number of games played for the majority of players pursing the title.  The First Saturday Mulligan allows folks to get the rust off their POG game while ensuring that late arrivals can join the tournament on Sunday morning with just as good a chance to win it all.  After the First Sunday round, the event will switch to traditional single elimination; play will continue for as many rounds as necessary to create a single undefeated player.  Eliminators will be solicited from the POG faithful fanatics to fill the field but should none be forthcoming, byes will issued to past champions in order of vintage.  No player may be offered more than one bye.  Should no past champion be available to take a bye, a random player in that round will be offered the bye.

The campaign games will begin on Saturday, July 22 at 2 PM, using the WBC Historical Scenario.   Draws will count as an Allied win. Players should bid accordingly.  Pairings will be made between an upper pool and a lower pool, the composition being determined by AREA ratings.

1.2 Bidding for Sides. Each player rolls a die. Player with high die declares a side he wishes to play AND a positive number of Victory Points they will cede the opposing player - any whole number including a bid of zero. The opposing player either accepts the bid (and thus plays the other side), or bids a higher Victory Point number to play the same side. Bidding ends when one player accepts the opposing bid. At the END of the game, the final Victory Point total is adjusted by the ceded points.

2. Schedule: Notification will be given 30 minutes and then 15 minutes prior to the end of each 7-hour round. Slow play will be a factor should a game need to be adjudicated.

3. Tournament Officials: GM: Tom Gregorio. Assistant GMs: TBD

4. Special Tournament Rules: From rule 4.2.4: Recording the cards placed into the discard pile is prohibited, unless agreed to beforehand. However, players may refer to the discard pile for previously played cards which have been removed from play (if these are in a separate pile) in order to confirm an event or war status. Players may use any other optional rules they wish so long as both players agree.

5. Rules Clarifications and Player Aids:

5.1 Version: We will use the 2010 POG Rules. These rules are available from GMT Games in their POG 2010 Reprint, or free for download from their "Living Rules:" section of their company website:

5.2 Optional and Special Rules

Optional Rule 4.2.4 - AH and Ru corps at Lutsk and Stanislaw

Optional Rule 11.2.10 - Trench roll modification

CP addition - Trench in Strasbourg

AP addition/subtraction - Remove trench Brussels

Add trenches in Verona, Asiago, Maggiore and Udine

VP space changes:


* Remove VP spaces from Turkey (2 - Jerusalem and Kharput)

* Add two VP spaces - Koblenz and Aachen


* Remove VP spaces from Ahwaz and Venice and Minsk

* Add spaces at Kovno and Sedan and Amiens

RP change:  The CP receives 1 GE RP each TW turn, i.e., after it has drawn TW cards, if during the RP interphase it has at least three French/Belgian spaces, including Sedan.

5.3 Scenario Details

• The CP Player must open with Guns of August as an Event.

• Entrench may not be played as an Event on Turn 1.

• Only Austrian and Italian armies may operate in Italy (move, attack, advance, or SR into any space in Italy) and no German armies may end their movement (OPS or SR) in Trent, Villach or Trieste until the start of a turn at which THE AP (change from prior year) is at Total War.

• The following cards may double as OPS when played as Events: Landships, Zimmermann Telegram, Over There, Tsar Takes Command, Fall of the Tsar, Bolshevik Revolution.

• If the game ends with an Armistice or at the end of Turn 20, add one VP for each US Army reinforcement event not played at the event

• If the game ends with an Armistice or at the end of Turn 20, subtract two VP if the Tsar has not fallen.

• Use the optional 8 card-hand.

• Royal Tank Corp - this may be used v. clear spaces in Germany.

• On Turn 1 a British MO = French MO


Additional Prizes:

Updated POG decks including the new variants will be provided to all participants.


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