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2018 BPA Game Library Inventory Last updated 7/16/2018.

The WBC 2018 Game Library inventory is listed below. (Last updated 7/10/2018.) Download a PDF or Excel copy.

TitleCompanyWBC 2018
6 NimmitAmigo 
7 WondersRepos ProductionNEW
7 Wonders DuelRepos ProductionNEW
10 Days in AsiaOut of the Box 
10 Days in the USAOut of the Box 
1754Academy Games 
1775Academy Games 
1777 - The Year of the HangmanClash of Arms Games 
1812 - Invasion of CanadaAcademy Games 
1989: Dawn of FreedomGMT Games 
AcquireAvalon Hill/Hasbro 
Adel VerpflichtetAvalon Hill 
Adventure Time Card WarsCryptozoic Entertainment 
Afrika KorpsAvalon Hill 
Against the Odds: #47 Artic DisasterAgainst the OddsNEW
AgricolaZ-Man Games 
Agricola: All Creatures Big & SmallZ-Man Games 
Airlines - EuropeRio Grande Games 
Alan's AdventurelandRio Grande GamesNEW
AlhambraQueen Games 
Alien FrontiersClever Mojo 
Angels One FiveVictory Point Games 
AquarettoRio Grande Games 
AquariusLooney Labs 
Arctic Scavengers ReconRio Grande Games 
Are You the Werewolf?Looney Labs 
Arena Roma IIQueen Games 
Ark & NoahElfinwerks 
Article 27Stronghold Games 
AttilaBlue Orange Games 
AttilaRio Grande GamesNEW
AvalonIndie Cards & Games 
AzulPlan B Games 
Barbarossa to BerlinGMT Games 
BaronsCambridge Game Factory 
Battle SheepBlue Orange Games 
Battle ThisClance Morning/Self Pub 
BattlegroupLost Battalion 
BattlelineGMT Games 
Battles of the American Revolution: MonmouthGMT GamesNEW
Battlestar GalacticaFantasy Flight GamesNEW
Battlestar Galactica: Pegasus ExpansionFantasy Flight Games 
Battly Hymn Vol 1: Gettysburg & Pea RidgeCompass GamesNEW
BelfortTasty Minstrel Games 
BismarkAvalon Hill 
BlackbeardGMT Games 
BlitzkriegAvalon Hill 
Blockade RunnerNumskull Games 
Bohnanza: Ladies and GangstersRio Grande Games 
Bohnanza: Princes and PiratesRio Grande Games 
Borodino - Battle of the Moskova 1812 1812"GMT Games
BoxcarsRio Grande Games 
Brave RatsBlue Orange Games 
BroadhornsRio Grande GamesNEW
Bruxelles 1893Z-Man Games 
The BuildersAsmodee 
BurrowsZ-Man Games 
Cable CarQueen Games 
Caesar in AlexandriaGMT GamesNEW
Can't StopParker Brothers 
Can't Stop ExpressEagle-Gryphon GamesNEW
The CapitalsMercury Games 
CarcassonneZ Man GamesNEW
Carcassonne Dice GameRio Grande Games 
Carcassonne Hills & SheepZ-Man Games 
Carcassonne: Hunters & GatherersRio Grande Games 
Carcassonne: New WorldRio Grande Games 
Carcassonne: Wheel of Fortune ExpansionRio Grande Games 
CardcassonneRio Grande Games 
CarnivalDice Hate Me Games 
Castle DiceFun to 11 
Castle Merchants  
Castle of BurgundyAlea 
Castles of Mad King Ludwig w/ Secrets ExpBezier GamesNEW
CatanCatan StudiosNEW
Catan Histories: Merchants of EuropeMayfair Games 
Catan: Cities & KnightsCatan Studios 
Cavemen: Quest for FireRio Grande Games 
CC Higgins Rail PassNumskull Games 
Celestial RainbowsGriggling Games 
Century: Golem EditionPlan B GamesNEW
Century: Spice RoadPlan B GamesNEW
Chang ChengZ-Man Games 
Choose OneLooney Labs 
ChrononautsLooney Labs 
Cinque TerreRio Grande Games 
Circus MaximusAvalon HillNEW
City of IronRed Raven 
Clank!Renegade Game StudiosNEW
Clank! in SpaceRenegade Game StudiosNEW
Clank! Mummy HunterRenegade Game StudiosNEW
Clash of GiantsGMT GamesNEW
ClubsNorth Star Games 
CO2Stronghold Games 
Code 777Stronghold Games 
CodenamesCzech Games EditionNEW
Coin QuestR&R GamesNEW
Colossal ArenaFantasy Flight Games 
Combat Commander: EuropeGMT Games 
Command and Colors: NapoleonicsGMT Games 
ConcordiaRio Grande Games 
Conquest of ParadiseGMT Games 
CopycatRio Grande Games 
Core Worlds: Galactic OrdersStronghold Games 
Crocodile Pool PartyRio Grande Games 
CrokinoleHilinski Brothers 
Crude: The Oil GameStronghold Games 
Cuba LibreGMT GamesNEW
Cutthroat CavernsSmirk & Dagger 
Damage ReportBreak From Reality 
Dark HorseKnight Works 
Days of Battle: Golan HeightsVictory Point Games 
D-Day DiceValley Games 
Destination: NeptuneGriggling Games 
DiamonstersIDW Games 
The Doge ShipRio Grande Games 
Dominant Species Card GameGMT Games 
DominionRio Grande Games 
Dominion AdventuresRio Grande Games 
Dominion: Alchemy Rio Grande Games 
Dominion: Cornucopia Rio Grande Games 
Dominion: EmpiresRio Grande Games 
Dominion: Intrigue Rio Grande Games 
Dominion: Prosperity Rio Grande Games 
Dominion: Seaside Rio Grande Games 
Doodle QuestBlue Orange Games 
Dragons GoldIDW Games 
Drive on StalingardDecision Games 
Dungeon RollTasty Minstrel Games 
Dungeons & Dragons Attack WingWizKids 
EgiziaRio Grande Games 
Eight Minute EmpireRed Raven 
Eldritch HorrorFantasy Flight GamesNEW
ElfenlandRio Grande Games 
ElfenroadsRio Grande Games 
Elk FestRio Grande Games 
Empires of the VoidRed Raven 
En GardeSlugfest Games 
Enemy in SightAvalon Hill  
Epic of the Peloponnesian WarClash of Arms GamesNEW
Epic Spell WarsCryptozoic Entertainment 
EpochRio Grande GamesNEW
EvolutionNorth Star Games 
Evolution ClimateNorth Star GamesNEW
Evolution FlightNorth Star Games 
Falling SkyGMT Games 
Feast of OdinFeuerlnd SpieleNEW
Fief: France 1429Academy Games 
Fields of ArleZ-Man Games 
Fill the BarnHoopCAT Games 
Fistful of PenginsWattsalpoog 
Five TribesDays of Wonder 
Flamme Rouge w/ Peloton ExpansionStronghold GamesNEW
Flash Duel (2nd Ed)Sirlin 
Flash Point: Fire RescueIndie Cards & Games 
Fluxx 4.0Looney Labs 
Fluxx 5.0Looney Labs 
Fluxx - Batman FluxxLooney Labs 
Fluxx - BoardgameLooney Labs 
Fluxx- Cartoon Network Looney Labs 
Fluxx- Cthulhu FluxxLooney Labs 
Fluxx- Eco FluxxLooney Labs 
Fluxx- Loonacy FluxxLooney Labs 
Fluxx- Monty PythonLooney Labs 
Fluxx- Oz FluxxLooney Labs 
Fluxx- Regular ShowLooney Labs 
Fluxx- Star FluxxLooney Labs 
Fluxx- Zombie FluxxLooney Labs 
Fluxx-Pirate FluxxLooney Labs 
For the PeopleGMT Games 
Forbidden DessertGameWright 
Formula Motor RacingGMT Games 
Fortress AmericaFantasy Flight Games 
Founding FathersJolly Roger Games 
Freedom: The Underground RailroadAcademy Games 
FrescoQueen Games 
FridayRio Grande Games 
Frontier StationsVictory Point Games 
Gaia ProjectFeuerlnd SpieleNEW
Galaxy TruckerRio Grande GamesNEW
Galaxy Trucker Big ExpansionRio Grande GamesNEW
GhostbustersCryptozoic Entertainment 
Glen MoreRio Grande Games 
Glory to RomeCambridge Game Factory 
GoaRio Grande Games 
Goblins INc.Rio Grande Games 
Going Going GoneStronghold Games 
The Great Chili CookoutJolly Roger Games 
Great Western TrailStronghold GamesNEW
GreedQueen Games 
Ground FloorTasty Minstrel Games 
Guild HallAlderac Entertainment Group 
The Guns of GettysburgMercury Games 
HaggisIndie Cards & Games 
Halls of Montezuma - The Mexican WarGMT GamesNEW
Hammer of the ScotsColumbia Games 
Hearts & MindsWorthington Games 
Heaven & AleEggertspiele 
Hell's HighwayVictory Point Games 
History of the WorldAvalon Hill 
Harry Potter: Hogwarts BattleUSAopolyNEW
Homeland the GameGale Force Nine 
I Say, Holmes!Victory Point Games 
Il VecchioTasty Minstrel Games 
Imperial 2030Rio Grande Games 
Imperial StarsVictory Point Games 
InnovationAsmadi Games 
Innovation: Echoes of the Past Asmadi Games 
IvanhoeGMT Games 
Just DessertsLooney Labs 
Kaiser's PiratesGMT Games 
Kan Ban Automotive RevolutionStronghold Games 
King of TokyoIelloNEW
King of Tokyo w Power Up ExpansionsIelloNEW
KingsburgFantasy Flight Games 
KnockoutVictory Point Games 
LancasterQueen Games 
Las VegasAleaNEW
The Last Days of the Grand Armee Operational Studies Group 
Last SpikeColumbia GamesNEW
Leaping LemmingsGMT Games 
Legendary: Marvel Deck Building GameUpper Deck 
Letter TycoonBreaking Games 
Lewis & ClarkAsmodee 
LiberteValley Games 
Long ShotZ-Man Games 
Lord of the Rings Dice GameWizKids 
Lord of the Rings: The ConfrontationFantasy Flight Games 
Lord of the Rings:The Fellowship of the Ring:Deck Building GameCryptozoic Entertainment 
Lords of WaterdeepWizards of the CoastNEW
Lost CitiesRio Grande Games 
Lost Cities - The BoardgameRio Grande Games 
Lost TempleStronghold Games 
MacaoRio Grande Games 
Machi Koro DeluxeIDW GamesNEW
Mage Wars AcademyArcane WondersNEW
Mage Wars ArenaArcane WondersNEW
Magic LabyrinthDre Magier Spiele 
Manifest DestinyGMT Games 
ManoeuvreGMT Games 
Mansions of MadnessFantasy Flight Games 
MaoriRio Grande Games 
March MadnessAvalon HillNEW
Mare Nostrum EmpiresAcademy Games 
Martian DiceTasty Minstrel Games 
Medival GMT Games 
Memoir '44Days of Wonder 
Meta CheckersDreamGamesNEW
Modern Naval Battles3W-World Wide Wargames 
Modern Naval Battles II3W-World Wide Wargames 
ModusMarbles: The Brain Store 
MogulRio Grande Games 
Monkey LabAlderac Entertainment Group 
Mr. Madison's WarGMT Games 
Munchkin DeluxeSteve Jackson Games 
Munchkin: LegendsSteve Jackson Games 
Munchkin: ZombiesSteve Jackson Games 
Mythic BattlesIello 
Napoleonic 20: Prussia 20Victory Point Games 
Napoleonic 20: Wallachia 20 Victory Point Games 
Napoleonic WarsGMT Games 
Napoleonics 20: Espana 20Victory Point Games 
Naval WarAvalon Hill 
NavegadorRio Grande Games 
Neuroshima HexZ-Man Games 
New ScienceConquistador Games 
New York 1901Blue Orange Games 
Ninja All StarsSoda Pop Minatures 
Ninja vs NinjaOut of the Box 
No Peace Without SpainCompass Games 
Notre DameRio Grande Games 
Nuclear War Flying Buffalo Inc. 
Nuclear War - 50th Anniversary EditionFlying Buffalo Inc. 
Odin's RavensRio Grande Games 
Oh SnapMarbles: The Brain Store 
Old School Tactical Volume 2 w/ Kickstarer extrasFlying Pig GamesNEW
Old School Tactical: AirborneFlying Pig GamesNEW
Onward Christian SoldiersGMT GamesNEW
OregonRio Grande Games 
Orient ExpressRio Grande GamesNEW
OrleansTasty Minstrel GamesNEW
OtrioMarbles: The Brain Store 
Out of GearsElfinwerks 
OutpostStronghold Games 
PandemicZ-Man GamesNEW
Panic StationStronghold Games 
Paris ConnectionQueen Games 
Paths of GloryGMT Games 
PericlesGMT Games 
Pew PewVictory Point Games 
PhotosynthesisBlue Orange GamesNEW
PictomaniaStronghold Games 
Piece of CakeRio Grande Games 
PinataRio Grande Games 
Pirate vs PirateOut of the Box 
Pirates CoveDays of Wonder 
Power Grid - First SparksRio Grande Games 
Power Grid - The Stock CompaniesRio Grande Games 
Power Grid Card GameRio Grande GamesNEW
Power Grid DeluxeRio Grande Games 
Pressure CookerRio Grande Games 
Puzzle Strike w/ Upgrade packSirlin 
Quarter Master GeneralGriggling Games 
Quartermaster General: Air Marshall Griggling Games 
RaRio Grande Games 
Ra - The Dice GameRio Grande Games 
Race for the GalaxyRio Grande Games 
Race for the Galaxy: Brink of War ExpansionRio Grande Games 
RagamiMesa Boardgames 
RarrrAPE Games 
RattlebonesRio Grande Games 
RattusZ-Man Games 
Red Badge of CourageGMT GamesNEW
Redneck LifeGut Bustin' Games 
Relic RunnersDays of Wonder 
Renaissance ManRio Grande Games 
The Resistance Indie Cards & Games 
RialtoTasty Minstrel Games 
Rise of AugustusHurican 
Rising SunCMON LimitedNEW
Ristorante ItaliaElfinwerks 
Rivals for CatanMayfair Games 
Road to EnlightenmentConquistador Games 
Robo RallyHasbro/Avalon Hill 
Rock Band ManagerFantasy Flight Games 
Rock Me ArchimedesMarbles: The Brain Store 
Roll for the GalaxyRio Grande Games 
Roll for the Galaxy AmbitionRio Grande Games 
RowboatHike Moosetache Games 
Ruse & BruiseRio Grande Games 
The Russian Campaign L2 Design Group 
Russian RailroadsZ-Man Games 
SamuraiGMT GamesNEW
Samurai BattlesZvezda 
Samurai: The Card GameRio Grande Games 
San JuanRio Grande Games 
Sands of Iwo JimaBlue Panther LLC 
SanitariumAsmadi Games 
ScytheStonemeier GamesNEW
SerenissimaEuro Games 
Seven DragonsLooney Labs 
Shadowrun CrossfireCatalyst Games 
Shadows over CamelotDays of Wonder 
Sharp ShootersMilton Bradley 
ShipyardRio Grande Games 
Shootin' LaddersSmirk & Dagger 
"Siege of Alesia The - Gaul 52 BC"GMT Games
Sketch ItBlue Orange Games 
SlapshotColumbia Games 
Small WorldDays of Wonder 
Small World: Be not AfraidDays of Wonder 
Small World: UndergroundDays of Wonder 
Smash Up Alderac Entertainment Group 
Smash Up w/expansionAlderac Entertainment Group 
Snake OilOut of the Box 
Snake Oil ExilirOut of the Box 
Spin MonkeysRio Grande Games 
Spirit IslandGreater than GamesNEW
Spy Alley Spy Alley Partners 
Star Wars RebellionFantasy Flight GamesNEW
Starship TroopersAvalon Hill 
Stephenson's RocketRio Grande Games 
Stock Car Championship RacingMcGartlin Motor Sports 
Stone AgeRio Grande Games 
Stonewall Jackson's WayAvalon Hill 
StrainHungry Robot Games 
Strike of the EagleAcademy Games 
Surfs Up Dude!Jolly Roger Games 
The Sun of Austerlitz Operational Studies Group 
Sword of RomeGMT Games 
TemporumRio Grande Games 
Terra MysticaZ-Man Games 
Terraforming Mars w Hellas & Venus Next ExpansionsStronghold GamesNEW
Tetris LinkIdeal 
Thanos RisingUSAopolyNEW
ThebesQueen Games 
There's a Moose in the HouseGamewrightNEW
Through the AgesCzech Games Edition 
Through the DesertFantasy Flight Games 
Thunder Alley GMT Games 
Thunder at CassinoAvalon Hill 
Thunderstone Starter SetAlderac Entertainment Group 
Thurn & TaxisRio Grande Games 
TichuRio Grande Games 
Ticket to RideDays of Wonder 
Ticket to Ride: Europa 1912 ExpansionDays of Wonder 
Ticket to Ride: EuropeDays of Wonder 
Ticket to Ride: Heart of AfricaDays of Wonder 
Ticket to Ride: IndiaDays of Wonder 
Tide of IronFantasy Flight Games 
TiffinRio Grande Games 
Time of CrisisGMT GamesNEW
Times SquareRio Grande Games 
Times UpR&R GamesNEW
Times Up: Title RecallR&R GamesNEW
Tin Goose Rio Grande Games 
TitanValley Games 
TobagoRio Grande Games 
Toboggans of DoomBucephalus Games 
TonkinLegion Wargames 
Traders of CarthageZ-Man Games 
Transamerica w Vexation ExpansionRio Grande GamesNEW
TransatlanticRio Grande GamesNEW
TriesteVictory Point Games 
Triumph & TragedyGMT Games 
Twilight ImperiumFantasy Flight Games 
Twilight StruggleGMT Games 
Two by TwoValley Games 
Ultimate Werewolf: Inquistion Bezier Games 
Unexpected TreasuresRio Grande Games 
Union PacificRio Grande Games 
Unlock Series: A Noside StoryAsmodeeNEW
Unlock Series: Squeek SausageAsmodeeNEW
Unlock Series: The Adventures of OzAsmodeeNEW
Unlock Series: The FormulaAsmodeeNEW
Unlock Series: The House on the HillAsmodeeNEW
Unlock Series: The Island of Doctr GoorseAsmodeeNEW
Unlock Series: The Nautilus' TrapsAsmodeeNEW
Unlock Series: The Tonipal's TreasureAsmodeeNEW
Unlock Series: Tombstone ExpressAsmodee 
Urban SprawlGMT Games 
Vampire EmpireStronghold GamesNEW
VikingsRio Grande Games 
VillageTasty Minstrel Games 
Village InnTasty Minstrel Games 
Viva Java  
Viva Java: The Dice GameDice Hate Me Games 
VoluspaStronghold GamesNEW
Von Manstein's Backhand BlowGMT GamesNEW
WakandaBlue Orange Games 
War PartyTreefrog Games 
War Stories: Liberty RoadConquistador Games 
Washington's WarGMT Games 
White Star RisingLock 'N Load 
Wiz-War: 8th EditionFantasy Flight Games 
Wooden Ships and Iron MenAvalon Hill 
World at War: America ConqueredLock 'N Load 
The X-Files IDW Games 
Xtra innings BaseballXtra innings 
YamslamBlue Orange Games 
YggdrasilZ-Man Games 
Yomi: CompleteSirlin 
YspahanRio Grande Games 
Zombies!!! Twilight CreationsNEW
Zombies!!! 3Twilight CreationsNEW
ZoolorettoRio Grande Games 
Zulus on the RampartsVictory Point Games