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WBC 2019 Orphans/Preliminary Events List
Last updated October 17, 2018.

Trial Ballot Submissions Due by November 25, 2018.

WBC is finalizing its 2019 event listing. The list below represents the WBC 2019 Century Group events based on its 2018 performance. In addition to these events, WBC 2019 will include 25 Trial events, Vendor/Sponsored events, and Junior events. The 25 Trial events will be selected by those members joining the BPA between December 3, 2018 and January 31, 2019.

Century | Trial Ballot Entries |Sponsored Trials | Alternate Trials | Juniors

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Century Events

Century: These events compose the combined Century & Legacy Group of featured events that are supported by multiple prize levels, ranging from two to six plaques and a Centurion shirt, based on a formula using the most recent statistics of attendance and player hours. Slots were pre-determined by 2018 performance and Board vote under the Legacy rules (see BPA FAQs) and require only the commitment of a BPA member to GM the event between December 3, 2018 and the deadline of March 15.

Failure of a member GM to submit a suitable event form for the event by the deadline will drop it from eligibility. All events require a BPA member acting as GM to submit a satisfactory Event Form no later than March 15. Prospective GMs should review the GM Guidelines.

Events are not held for their prior GM but are awarded based on merit determined by past performance, timeliness of event submission and format. Events without a GM commitment at this time are OPEN to any current member who submits an acceptable event form.

 Event - Code Century/Legacy GM
7 Wonders C-1
1775 C-2
1830 C-3
Acquire C-4
Adel Verpflichtet C-5
Advanced Civilization C-6
Afrika Korps L-1
Age of Renaissance C-7
Agricola C-8
Air Baron C-9
Alhambra C-10
Amun-Re C-11
Atlantic Storm C-12
Attack Sub L-2
Auction L-3
Automobile C-13
B17 C-14
Battles of the American Revolution Series C-15
Bitter Woods C-16
Brass C-17
Breakout Normandy C-18
Britannia C-19
Can't Stop C-20
Carcassonne C-21
Castles of Mad King Ludwig C-22
Catan (Settlers of Catan) C-23
Championship Formula Racing (Speed Circuit) C-24
Circus Maximus C-25
Combat Commander C-26
Commands & Colors Ancients C-27
Commands & Colors Napoleonics C-28
Concordia C-29
Conquest of Paradise C-30
Diplomacy C-31
Dominion C-32
Dune C-33
Egizia C-34
El Grande C-35
Empire Builder C-36
Empire of the Sun C-37
Euphrat & Tigris L-4
Facts In Five L-5
Football Strategy L-6
For the People C-38
Formula De C-39
Formula Motor Racing C-40
Gettysburg C-41
Great Campaigns of the American Civil War C-42
Great Western Trail C-43
Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage C-44
Here I Stand C-45
History of the World C-46
Ingenious C-47
Innovation C-48
Ivanhoe C-49
King Of Tokyo C-50
Kremlin L-7
Las Vegas C-51
Liar's Dice C-52
Lords of Waterdeep C-53
Lost Cities C-54
March Madness L-8
Medici C-55
Memoir '44 C-56
Merchant of Venus C-57
Napoleonic Wars C-58
Navegador C-59
Orleans C-60
Paths of Glory C-61
Pirate's Cove C-62
Power Grid C-63
Puerto Rico C-64
Ra! C-65
Ra; The Dice Game C-66
Rail Baron (Boxcars) C-67
Railways of the World C-68
Republic of Rome C-69
Robo Rally C-70
Russian Railoads C-71
Saint Petersburg C-72
San Juan C-73
Scythe C-74
Sekigahara C-75
Slapshot C-76
Splendor C-77
Squad Leader C-78
Star Wars Miniatures C-79
Star Wars Queen's Gambit C-80
Star Wars Rebellion C-81
Stone Age C-82
Superstar Baseball L-9
Terraforming Mars C-83
The Russian Campaign C-84
Through the Ages C-85
Thurn & Taxis C-86
Ticket To Ride C-87
Time of Crisis C-88
Titan C-89
Titan The Arena L-10
Transamerica L-11
Twilight Struggle C-90
Up Front C-91
Vegas Showdown C-92
Victory in the Pacific C-93
Virgin Queen C-94
War At Sea C-95
War of the Ring C-96
Washington's War C-97
Waterloo C-98
Wooden Ships & Iron Men C-99
World At War C-100

To make a GM Commitment, become a current BPA member of Sustaining level or higher and submit a completed Event Form between December 3 and March 15. Century events will be run within two hours of the requested time slot or the GM will be consulted for an acceptable alternate time.

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with histories of past tournament results and upcoming schedule details, qualifications and results.

Trial Ballot Entries

The 39 Trial Ballot Entries listed below were run at WBC 2018, drew the minimum number of players for their event type, but failed to make the Century Group,for WBC 2019. These events will be listed on the trial ballot on the 2019 membershp form for members to vote on between December 3, 2018 and January 31, 2019. Other events not listed here can be added to the ballot by an individual submitting an event form and volunteering to GM the event. To be included on the ballot, the event form must be submitted between November 1, 2018 and November 25, 2018. The top 25 of these events as voted on by those members who joined the BPA during the membership drive between December 3, 2018 and January 31, 2019, will be included at WBC 2019. Any vacancies in these 25 events due to lack of a GM commitment by March 15, 2018 will be filled based on other Alternate GM commitments on hand by March 15. Although we will try to honor requested timeslots, all GMs of Trial events must be willing to run their events when scheduled by the BPA. Failure to do so may disqualify the event.

WBC 2019 Trial Ballot Entries

7 Wonders Duel TB-1
878 Vikings TB-2
Ace of Aces TB-3
Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit TB-4
Battle Cry TB-5
Battle Line TB-6
Broadhorns TB-7
Castles of Burgundy TB-8
Catan: Cities & Knights TB-9
Churchill TB-10
Elchfest TB-11
Evolution TB-12
Five Tribes TB-13
Galaxy Trucker TB-14
Kaiser's Pirates TB-15
Labyrinth TB-16
Leaping Leamings TB-17
Love Letter TB-18
Manoeuvre TB-19
Metacheckers TB-20
Monsters Menace America TB-21
Mr. Madison's War TB-22
Naval War TB-23
Panzerblitz TB-24
Paydirt TB-25
Pericles: The Peloponnesian War TB-26
Pro Golf TB-18
Race For the Galaxy TB-28
Roll For the Galaxy TB-29
Santa Fe Rails TB-30
Small World TB-31
Terra Mystica TB-32
Tin Goose TB-33
Titan 2-Player TB-34
Transatlantic TB-35
Tyranno Ex TB-36
Union Pacific TB-37
Win, Place, & Show TB-38

Events are not held for their prior GM but are awarded based on merit determined by past performance, timeliness of event submission and format. All events require a BPA member acting as GM to submit a satisfactory event form no later than March 15. Prospective GMs should review the GM Guidelines. All requested event times are approximate and subject to change when the official schedule is released. Although we will try to honor requested timeslots, all GMs of Trial events must be willing to run their events when scheduled by BPA. Failure to do so may disqualify the event.

Vendor/Sponsor Introductory (New) Trials:Each vendor and/or Sponsor may add one new Trial event above and beyond the 25 Trial events voted in by the membership anytime prior to March 15. Such New Trials will automatically fall into Century or Continuing Trial classifications the following year based on their 2018 performance. These events must be for games which are in print by the March 15 deadline and for which BPA has received an Event Form from a willing GM. Publisher must submit a copy of the game at the time of the event submission. Events chosen by the Convention Director from the Alternates List to replace otherwise qualifying events without GM commitments are also listed below.

Events Sponsored by Vendors/Sponsors Trial GM - Requested Starting Times

Alternate Events are those which fail in the December/January Membership Drive vote or are submitted too late for the annual Trial ballot but are submitted with a completed event form by willing GMs. Alternate events for which a satisfactory event form has been submitted are used as replacements for any qualifying Century or Trial event without a GM commitment by the March 15 deadline. Alternate events are occasionally upgraded by Sponsors.

WBC 2018 Alternate Events


Juniors Events

Juniors Events: Volunteer GMs are always needed to run free events for children aged 12 & under in the WBC Juniors room. Any game is eligible provided it is suitable for children of that age group and available in sufficient numbers to allow all children present to play. You cannot assume children will bring their own copies of the game. The GM should come prepared to instruct children how to play the game. A BPA Room Monitor is always present to help maintain order but is not always available to assist children in playing the game. Recruitment of assistants to aid you is strongly advised. Volunteer Assistants are very much needed. To volunteer, contact Ken Gutermuth at or Crystal Shipley at

Events for Children 12 & under Junior Events GM - Requested Starting Times

KEY: FSa = First Saturday, FSu = First Sunday, Mo = Monday, Tu = Tuesday, We = Wednesday, Th = Thursday, Fr = Friday, Sa = Saturday, Su = Sunday; TBD = To Be Determined (GM conferring to maximize facility use); Mu: Mulligan, QF: Quarter Final, SF: Semi-Final, F: Final; +: Continuous Rounds to conclusion or posted SF or F. BBB
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