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Boxcars (BXC) (formerly Rail Baron) Links Email GM   Last updated May 23, 2019
Class B: Beginning Players Welcome You may play if you have read the rules, played previously, or participated in a scheduled demo. Be on time for the scheduled demonstration. The GM will remain for only 15 minutes if no one is present.
Schedule  GM: Trella Bromley (3rd Year)
Round Day Start Time Duration Location
Demo 1/1FSa171Exhibit Hall Annex 2
Heat 1/3FSa185Wintergreen
Heat 2/3FSu125Wintergreen
Heat 3/3Mo95Wintergreen
2019 Tournament Format HMW

You don't have to be an expert player to join in the fun. Join us for the Demo to learn how to play. Tournament special rules will be provided at each game table.

There are three first-round heats; you can play in as many as you like. The top 16 or 25 (depending on size of the field) first-round players (typically, that's everyone who wins at least one game in the first round, plus a few alternates) advance to the semifinals. The top four semifinalists advance to the Final. The ideal number of players at each table will be 4 with the potential of 5 in the final.

Win any heat and you will mostly likely advance to the semifinal. If the number of wins does not break the tie then the these are the GM Specified tie breakers:

  • 1st tie breaker: Highest ranking in 1st round heats (1st place worth 3, 2nd place worth 2, 3rd place worth 1, 4th place worth 0)
  • 2nd tie breaker: Highest net worth (cash & RR property) from the heats.

Semifinal game winners advance to the Final. Alternates for the Final will be selected from:

  • 1st - anyone winning all three first round heats
  • 2nd - anyone winning two first round heats
  • 3rd - Highest net worth of non-winning semifinal players

The number of players per game and the number advancing to the Semifinal and Final will be determined by the total number of players attending the heats. Check the Alternate list on the event kiosk to determine your chances of advancing as an Alternate.

Either Boxcars or Rail Baron can be used as the transition to Boxcars begins.

We will employ five rule variants, as follows:

  • Ride your own RRs for free. Do NOT pay the customary $1,000 if you use your own RRs but not the bank's. Riding the bank's RRs for any portion of a trip costs the usual $1,000 (this is not a variant in Boxcars)
  • The "Roll-and-move-immediately" courtesy rule will not be enforced.
  • Roll for Region and pick unique home city (again not a variant in Boxcars)
  • Home swap will be allowed
  • If a game is called due to not finishing on time, the ranking of the players will be based on net worth (cash plus value of properties excluding value of trains).