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Here I Stand (HIS) Links Email GM Last updated May 21, 2019
Class B: Beginning Players Welcome You may play if you have read the rules, played previously, or participated in a scheduled demo. Be on time for the scheduled demonstration. The GM will remain for only 15 minutes if no one is present.
Schedule GM: Justin Rice (2nd Year)
Round Day Start Time Duration Location
Demo 1/1Tu171Exhibit Hall Annex 7
Heat 1/2Tu196Rathskeller
Heat 2/2Th196Rathskeller
2019 Tournament Format  HMW

Here I Stand (TM) is a multiplayer card-driven game (first released by GMT in February, 2006). Fight the religious and military battles of the Reformation, explore the New World, and keep Europe safe from the Ottoman menace!

GMT's 2017 500th Anniversary Edition will be used in all rounds. While the preliminary heats and semifinal will be resolved playing the published Tournament Scenario, the final will be the full game, starting on Turn 1. It will be scheduled for 10 hours and will be tightly monitored by the GM for time and pace.

Tournament Format

The tournament will conform to the WBC standards for a Heats Most Wins (HMW) event. We will have opening heats on both Tuesday and Thursday nights to determine our 18 semifinalists (or, if we have enough entrants we will expand to 36 for a SIX game semifinal - requiring a field of at least 72 and 36 advancers). Based on these selections, the GM will form an appropriate number of tables of each game. Preference will be given toward setting up 6- player tables, but will use 3-player and 5-player tables if necessary.

Semifinalists are chosen and ranked according to these criteria (the official WBC tiebreakers, adapted for an event with only two heats):

    1 Anyone with two wins
    2 Win in first heat entered
    3 Win in second heat entered
    4 GM Tiebreaker: Total VP earned in all preliminary games played
    5 Average finish in all heats entered
    6 Latest average power selection in heats entered

Heat and semifinal games will continue to use the Natural Enemies system introduced in 2008, but with only the Ottoman and Hapsburgs as natural enemies. The one impact of this special tournament rule is as follows: if your natural enemy is the winner of a heat or semifinal, your VP earned will drop five (5) points or 1 point below the last place finisher (whichever is highest).

The Semifinal and Final games will be 6-player games. Finalists are chosen first from the semifinal winners; then from those non-winners with the highest semifinal point total (ties go to player with higher rank from preliminary rounds).

If we have enough preliminary entrants to justify a 6-game semifinal, then the winners from each table will advance. Alternates will be posted after the second preliminary heat. Alternates are encouraged to appear before the start of the semifinals at 9am Friday so we can ensure that all semifinals are played with a full allotment of six players. Alternates will also be chosen for the Final on Saturday morning.

Pairings and Power Determination

Preliminaries: All table assignments are determined at random (though Team Tournament teammates will be separated). Players choose powers in the numerical order assigned to them during the random draw.

Semifinals: Table assignments are done according to rank from preliminary rounds (distributing the highest ranked players to different tables). Starting with the highest ranked player at a table, players will first choose their selection order (i.e. one could chose to pick their power first, second, or even last). Players will then use this drafted order to select their power for the semifinal round.

Final: As with the semifinals, the final table will start with a draft for power-picking order. Semifinal winners will be ranked (in order of semifinal point total, ties going to player with highest rank from preliminary rounds), with the highest ranked player having first choice in selection order. Once the power-picking order is established, players will then pick their power. If advancing from a 36-player semifinal, order will be based on semifinal VP total and ties broken with prelim rank.

Rules Interpretations: Please check the Official Errata and FAQ posted at the HIS page on

Please note the scenario setup for the Tournament Scenario has been changed since the 2006 edition. These changes are all considered official, as per the 2017 500th Anniversary Edition. These changes should be familiar to players who have played HIS at WBC in the past; new players are encouraged to review these changes if they've only played the 2006 edition. The 500th Anniversary Edition rules and scenario book are available at

Additional Prizes: GMT gift certificates will be provided to plaque winners.