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Last updated June 24, 2019

B-17 After Action Meeting (Mark Yoshikawa)
Friday @ 21 – Foggy Brews
B-17 After Action Meeting to report the results of the missions of the previous day. Any new players we will have a prize table where people will pick out something going from the person with the lowest score to the highest. Please bring something to contribute to the table.

B-17 How to Survive and Win the Tournament (Paul Risner)
Wednesday @ 21 – Sunburst Forum
The Six time winner of the tournament will explain the tactics of how to defend against the onslaught from the German Luftwaffe. Paul Risner will be talking about tricks and tactics that he has used through the years to maximize his scores during the B-17 tournament. The GM, Mark Yoshikawa will also be there to answer questions people might have about the upcoming mission.

BPA Annual Meeting (Andy Lewis)
Tuesday @ 15 – Grand Ballroom
BPA annual meeting with reports from the Chairman, President, and Treasurer as well as the presentation of the BPA Annual Awards

Catholic Mass (Seven Springs)
First Sunday @ 10 – Sunburst Forum
First Sunday @ 11:30 – Sunburst Forum
Sunday @ 10 – Sunburst Forum
Sunday @ 11:30 – Sunburst Forum

Weekly Catholic Mass hosted by Seven Springs

Christian Worship Services (Glenn Petroski)
First Sunday @ 8 – Snowflake Forum
Sunday @ 7 - Snowflake Forum
Interfaith Service to give thanks for another year of fellowship – and maybe a few good dice rolls. Couldn’t hurt… with Music, singing, brief motivational talk.

Ethics in Gaming (Joel Tamburo)
Saturday @ 19 - Sunburst Forum
Back after a one year hiatus, Ethics in Gaming is a roundtable discussion about how our gaming lives intersect with our group and personal ethics. If time allows we will also have some informal WBC recap fun.

Formal Night (Ashley Worley)
Friday @ 24 - Alpine
The annual dance/formal event formerly known as the "Werewolf Prom".

Game Design (Lew Pulsipher)
Friday @ 20 – Snowflake Forum
Annual Game Design discussion with Lew Pulsipher

Gathering Storm (Bruce Harper)
First Sunday @ 14 – Snowflake Forum
Gathering Storm is a game that re-creates the politics, military research and mobilizations that led to the start of World War II. An entertaining and playable game in its own right, it also combines with A World at War to create a myriad of starting positions for that game.
This preview of Gathering Storm, by designer Bruce Harper, provides an excellent overview of the components, game play and strategy. This is interspersed with an illuminating view of the historical events, what motivated them, and how the game attempts to model the participants. This is worth the time of anyone interested in the prewar period from 1935 to 1939.

Getting yor Game Design published in S&T (Doc Cummins)
Friday @ 11 – Snowflake Forum
Decision Games principal discusses what it takes to get your game design published in their S&T magazine.

Introduction to Wargaming (featuring Germantown) (Doc Cummins)
Thursday @ 11 – Exhibit Hall Annex 6
Decision Games principal discusses basic wargame concepts and provide a simple demo featuring DG's Germantown.

Introduction to Wargaming (featuring Lawrence) (Doc Cummins)
Tuesday @ 14 – Exhibit Hall Annex 6
Decision Games principal discusses basic wargame concepts and provide a simple demo featuring DG's Lawrence.

Juniors Meet and Greet (Megan Byrd)
First Saturday @ 16 – Hemlock
Junior Monitor Megan Byrd gives Parents and juniors the opportunity to meet each other before the Juniors Program kicks off on Monday morning. A good chance for new Juniors to see where the Juniors Program is held and meet other Juniors they will interact with during the convention.

Member Sponsored Kid's Werewolf (Dan Hoffman)
Wednesday @ 22 & Friday @ 22 – Sunbrust Forum
Join Werewolf connoisseur Dan Hoffman as he leads the younger generation in their opportunity to determine who is the "Werewolf" among them.

Member Sponsored No-Ship Math Trade (Eric Engelmann)
Saturday @ 12 – Snowflake Forum
Math trade participants will submit games to trade and games wanted before the convention. Exchange of traded games will be conducted Saturday, July 27, 2019. Games traded may be dropped off starting at 12:30pm and picked up any time after 2pm, but no later than 3:30pm.

Seven Springs Updates (Seven Springs)
Monday @ 13 – Snowflake Forum
Thursday @ 13 – Snowflake Forum
Meet with the Seven Springs staff to learn about changes occuring at Seven Springs and provide feedback directly to Seven Springs

The Barrack's Emperors (Wray Ferrell)
First Sunday @ 15 – Exhibit Hall Annex 5
Monday @ 11 – Exhibit Hall Annex 5
Rules explanation and teaching game of the Barrack's Emperors currently on GMT's P500 at

WBC After Action Meeting (Ken Gutermuth)
Saturday @ 8 – Snowflake Forum
With the convention being a full 9 days, many are departing on Saturday. Therefore, the discussionof the week in review has been moved up a day, allowing those wishing to leave either Saturday or early Sunday to get an earlier start.

A World at War (Dave Hanson)
First Sunday @ 15 – Snowflake Forum
This seminar is a great introduction to the popular and rewarding recreation of all of World War II: GMT’s A World at War. Dave Hanson, a player of long experience, and a member of the design team, presents the game, its components, and examples of play. This is of interest to anyone who likes grand strategic games of World War II.

A World at War After Action Meeting (Mike Crowe)
Saturday @ 22 – Sunburst Forum
Players in the week long A World at War tournament gather to receive awards, swap war stories, and discuss the state of all things about Gathering Storm, A World at War, and the soon to be published Storm Over Asia. Visitors are most welcome!