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Slapshot (SLS) Links Email GM Last updated May 23, 2019.
Class C: Coached Event Inexperienced players welcome. The game will be taught to anyone present at the scheduled starting time. GMs may also schedule a demonstration for the Event. Coached events generally require more time and effort to run and can be upsetting to more experienced players impatient with delays. Announce at the outset, that all players are expected to abide by the C rating and help newcomers.
Schedule GM: Ashley Kilroy (1st Year)
Round Day Start Time Duration Location
Demo 1/1Sa221Exhibit Hall Annex 1
Round 1/3Sa231Grand Ballroom
Round 2/3Sa241Grand Ballroom
FinalSu11Grand Ballroom
2019 Tournament Format  Single Elimination

Welcome to the 27th annual Slapshot event - the unofficial end to WBC. You don't need to know how to play ... your fellow tormentors - err players - will teach you as you go along. Slapshot is just about having fun and being silly. Rules just get in the way, and you will probably be in bed by Midnight anyway. But if you actually intend to win this thing beware - this is a late night party event and there is no being saved by the stroke of midnight. Play continues until we have a winner.

We'll be using the same format we have in the past - all options except two divisions - just come in, sign up and find yourself a table. We will have our annual "Reading of the Rules", and then get playing!

As always please try and bring a copy of the game (or one of the knockoffs) as we always seem to be short.

The current version of the game (from Columbia Games) has several rule changes from past editions. I have been collecting a list of changes you will need to make to play the game the WBC way at the BoardGameGeek site for Slapshot ( I will have printed copies of this sheet at the event, but you may want to look at them beforehand. Also, if I'm missing any rule changes, please let me know.


Once again we will have our annual costume contest. It has been a big hit with lots of people wearing their favorite team jersey, a referee outfit and even a Red Army Hockey Jersey. Hopefully you guys will be as creative this year and more of you will participate. Pretty much any costume goes - hopefully it will be hockey related. The judging standard will again be whatever tickles the fancy of the judges at the time. Prizes will include hockey related memorabilia and possibly tickets to a NHL game ...

See you all Saturday night! Go Blue Jackets!!!!