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Advanced Civilization (ACV) Email GM Last updated June 29, 2022
Class B: Beginning Players Welcome You may play if you have read the rules, played previously, or participated in a scheduled demo. Be on time for the scheduled demonstration. The GM will remain for only 15 minutes if no one is present.
Schedule GM: Nathan Barhorst (4th Year)
Round Day Start Time Duration Location
Demo 1/1FSu91Exhibit Hall Annex Table #1
Heat 1/2FSu118Evergreen
Heat 2/2We98Foggy Goggle Front
Mega CivilizationTu912Foggy Goggle Front
2022 Tournament Format  HMW-P

Advanced Civilization will continue to offer the first heat on opening Sunday. With the continued rise in attendance, this event will be run as a “Heats: Most Wins - Points Tiebreaker” tournament. And finally, the game has grown a touch shorter, as the final space on the AST will be omitted during the Heats, ending the games after the 1500 point space is reached. The game will be played to the full duration in the Final.

Advanced Civilization is a game where each player starts with a single nomadic tribe with no skills. As the supreme leader, you use your abilities to grow and develop your people into a powerful empire. The question is - do you have what it takes to be written into history as an enlightened ruler of an Advanced Civilization? This is a challenging game requiring both skill and stamina. Players must manage their board position, financial accounts, their neighbors and the civilization advances. Excellent diplomatic, military and trading skills are needed. This year the format allows two opportunities to qualify eight players for the Final. The two heats will be eight hours long. We will do our best to assure that all games have six to eight players.

The Final will consist of the best eight players from the qualifying heats. If there are eight or fewer boards, each winner is guaranteed a spot in the Final, with any remaining spots determined by HMW-P Standard Tiebreakers.

This method of advancement for heats allows all players (both winners and non-winners), but does not require them to play in another heat. There is no disadvantage for participating in more than one heat.


Reminder: All players are expected to play the game to completion. A notice will be provided by the GM of time constraints prior to a game round that it will be the last round of play (so players can perform actions accordingly) for adjudication. Any player who leaves a game in progress before the scheduled end of the Heat without advance permission from the GM will be barred from that event in future years. All players should be reminded of that penalty before play begins.

At the beginning of the game, all non-tradable calamities are shuffled with the bottom two cards of their stack (which would normally be the bottom 3 cards of that stack). This only occurs at the beginning of play. After that point, these calamities are placed at the bottom of the draw pile when they are returned. The heats will use the draw cards and choose nations, system for selection of empires. Once you advance to the Final, it is assumed that you are skilled enough to play any country. Therefore, civilizations will be chosen by random draw from a bag. Trading of positions will be allowed prior to play.

Asia is out of play for all games. All games are to use the Western Expansion Map.

6-player games will use the Western portion of the board, with Africa, Iberia, Illyria, Thrace, Assyria, and Egypt being the available nations (NO Babylon).

7-player games will use the entire board, including the Western Expansion with Africa, Iberia, Illyria, Thrace, Assyria, Babylon, and Egypt being available.

6-and 8-player games use 47 tokens. 7-player games use 55. Please ensure you are using the proper number. Anybody caught using too many tokens will have to play short by that same amount for the remainder of the game.

Mining Clarification: if you use Mining to make your last Advancement purchase, you may NOT also use it in the final scoring. If you choose NOT to use it in your last Advancement purchase, you MAY use it in the final scoring.

If the GM team determines that you are being abusive to the other players, are actively using a method of play designed to frustrate or prolong the game, or are otherwise exhibiting poor sportsmanship, you run the risk of receiving an AST penalty or expulsion. The game is supposed to be fun; let us keep it that way.

HEATS: MOST WINS - POINTS (HMW-P):Tie-breakers are:

  1. Most Wins (e.g., total in all heats entered)
  2. Most Second Places
  3. Fewest total points behind first place in second place finishes. Not playing in a heat counts as an N/A for this criteria, not 0 points
  4. Fewest total points behind first place in all finishes. Not playing in a heat counts as an N/A for this criteria, not 0 points
  5. Fewest Heats
  6. High dice roll.

Mega Civilization

Once again in 2022, there will be a demo game of mega civilization.