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Last updated July 11, 2022
Want to learn a recently released game, play a variant of your favorite game, playtest an upcoming design, or revisit an old classic? If so, these special game events are for you. Fellow members have submitted these opportunities to participate in none tournament events of some of their favorites, new and old. Come join them to add new favorites to your play list, reconnect with the games you used to play, or try a new game or variant. Find a map of locations for the non-tournament game demonstrations.

Border Reivers (Ed Beach)

Demonstration of the upcoming release from GMT Games (in art and production with them now).



Commands & Colors: Napoleonics Epic (John Kirk)

Play of the epic version of Commands & Colors: Napoleonics.

Th154Fox Den


Crokinole (Brown Castle Games)

New vendor, Brown Castle Games, is providing boards for players to have the opportunity to learn or play Crokinole. They will be available most of the day to teach new players, show variants, or provide Crokinole fans the opportunity to play.

Fr912Grand Ballroom


Eagles in the Sky (Dave Stiffler)

Revolution Games 2-player card-based game on plane-to-plane warfare during the last year and a half of the First World War. Players each command a “flight” of 1 to 6 aircraft during any of several types of missions including patrols, photo reconnaissance and even balloon busting. The game includes all the major types of aircraft active on the Western Front in that period including the Fokker triplane, Sopwith Camel, SPAD XIII and Fokker DVII. Eagles in the Sky may be played on one of two ways: individual engagements or campaigns, in which the players control “squadrons” and complete 5 days of missions, taking into account losses, pilot fatigue and the requirements of higher headquarters. One-on-one dogfights can be finished in 15 minutes while short campaigns can be finished in a long evening.


Enemy Action: Kharkov (Bob Heinzman)

The second game in John Butterfield’s acclaimed Enemy Action series of card-driven games simulating pivotal battles in World War II, playable by two players or one player controlling either side in the conflict.


Lords of Baseball (Max Jamelli)

Demo of a soon to be Kickstarted game / not a playtest by co-designer Max Jamelli.

Th132Fox Den

Mega Civilization (Nathan Barhorst)

Demonstration of Mega Civilization, Advanced Civilization for up to 19 players.

Tu912Foggy Goggle Front

Memoir ’44 Overlord: Battle of Lauban Action 2 (Sam Edelston)

Multiplayer Memoir ’44 Scenario.

Sa104Fox Den

Memoir ’44 Overlord: Crossing the Voltruno Line (Sam Edelston)

Multiplayer Memoir ’44 Scenario.

Sa144Fox Den

Memoir ’44 Overlord: High Stakes at Bruyeres (Sam Edelston)

Multiplayer Memoir ’44 Scenario.

Fr234Fox Den

Memoir ’44 Overlord: Moyland Wood (Sam Edelston)

Multiplayer Memoir ’44 Scenario.

Th144Fox Den

Memoir ’44 Overlord: The KhalKlin Go! Encirclement (Sam Edelston)

Multiplayer Memoir ’44 Scenario.

Sa194Fox Den

Ultimatum (Anthony Iannuzzi)

Designer demo on work-in-progress design.

Sa108Fox Den