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Leaping Lemmings (LLM) Email GM Last updated July 15, 2022
Class C: Coached Event Inexperienced players welcome. The game will be taught to anyone present at the scheduled starting time. GMs may also schedule a demonstration for the Event. Coached events generally require more time and effort to run and can be upsetting to more experienced players impatient with delays. Announce at the outset, that all players are expected to abide by the C rating and help newcomers.
Schedule GM: Bill Powers (4th Year)
Round Day Start Time Duration Location
Heat 1/4Tu212Sunburst
Heat 2/4We142Sunburst
Heat 3/4Th142Seasons
Heat 4/4Fr192Foggy Goggle Front
2022 Tournament Format  HWO

Come one, come all, to the yearly lemmings race! Join your fellow scientists in racing your lemmings across the field, dodging eagles and gobbling up pellets along the way. The more stylish your jump over the finish line, the more points your team will score!

The event will be held over three heats with the top 16 winners advancing to the semifinals. Check the event kiosk or with the GM before each heat to see the current rankings. The heats will be scheduled for two hours, but rarely does a game go longer than 90 minutes.

Feel free to come and bring the whole family! We love this game and love to teach it and will often show up early to do just that.