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Monsters Menace America (MMA) Email GM   Last updated July 15, 2022
Class C: Coached Event Inexperienced players welcome. The game will be taught to anyone present at the scheduled starting time. GMs may also schedule a demonstration for the Event. Coached events generally require more time and effort to run and can be upsetting to more experienced players impatient with delays. Announce at the outset, that all players are expected to abide by the C rating and help newcomers.
Schedule  GM: Mark Love (22nd Year)
Round Day Start Time Duration Location
Demo 1/2FSa161Exhibit Hall Annex Table #2
Demo 2/2Mo91Exhibit Hall Annex Table #6
Heat 1/4FSa182Grand Ballroom
Heat 2/4FSu92Grand Ballroom
Heat 3/4Mo102Grand Ballroom
Heat 4/4Th172Grand Ballroom
SemifinalFr112Grand Ballroom
FinalFr142Grand Ballroom
2022 Tournament Format HMW-Timing

YOU and three opponents choose and control one MONSTER, with its own special abilities, and one branch of the military! You use your military to attack or slow down the other MONSTERS. Your MONSTER stomps cities for more Health or landmarks and bases for extra Infamy attacks. Visit 4 Mutation sites (which never get stomped), to get stronger. After 20 stomps, the MONSTERS fight each other. Last one standing wins!>/p> >p>YOU DECIDE where to go! If your military weakens a MONSTER enough, it's sent to Hollywood to make B movies! If your military only retreats the MONSTER, you may get a breakthrough in military research! YOU DECIDE how and where to deploy your military EACH TURN. You will be more successful with four or more units, but single units can BLOCK most MONSTERS from reaching big cities. Cooperate with your opponents! ANY player can place unmovable National Guard units on intact cities, bases or Infamy sites. But BEWARE - if you fire a cruise missile, the MONSTER may MUTATE on a 1 roll and get even STRONGER! Just as you close in with a massive force to attack - the MONSTER can DISAPPEAR off the map, reappearing in one of its lairs next turn! BUT WAIT - that MONSTER in Hollywood has been getting stronger, and BROKEN FREE to MENACE AGAIN!!!

The MONSTER that destroys the 20th city issues a CHALLENGE to the others. They scramble to get to a CHALLENGE SITE to STEAL the chance to strike first! The MONSTERS weigh in… whoever controls the Challenge chooses who to fight first. The winner ADDS the loser's beginning health score to whatever it has left after the battle and chooses the next opponent. Controlling the Challenge is the underdog’s best chance of winning. The last MONSTER standing is the KING (or QUEEN) of the GIANT MONSTERS and wins the game!

RAVAGE vs MENACE: Hasbro's Avalon Hill/Wizards of the Coast republished MONSTERS Ravage America (1998) as MONSTERS Menace America in 2005. Only Menace has been played since 2015.

TOURNAMENT ADVANCEMENT: Advancement of up to 25 winners to the semifinal will be based on the Heats Most Wins – Timing standard tiebreakers. If more than 16 winners advance, 5-player boards may be used with a National Guard player and 5th MONSTER. Advancing 17 to 20 winners will result in a 4-player Final. Over 20 winners may result in a 5-player Final.

HEATS: MOST WINS - TIMING (HMW-T): Tiebreakers are:

  1. Most Wins (e.g., total in all heats entered)
  2. First Win
    • First Heat played
    • Second Heat played
    • Third Heat played
    • Fourth Heat played
  3. Fewest Heats
  4. Most Second Places
  5. Fewest total points behind first place in second place finishes. Not playing in a heat counts as an N/A for this criteria, not 0 points
  6. Fewest total points behind first place in all finishes. Not playing in a heat counts as an N/A for this criteria, not 0 points
  7. Highest total points ahead of second place
  8. High dice roll.

Semifinals: Family members and players who faced each other in heats will be separated in the semifinal if possible. (They should tell the GM if they have played each other.) Semifinal seating has been random in some recent years, but top seeds may be separated based on multiple wins, then former MMA champions, then score sheet totals.

Score sheets are designed to identify who would likely have won the game, if the winner did not win it. They have been used to identify alternates for advancement since 1999. The score sheets are snapshots measuring how strong each MONSTER is before they fight each other in the Challenge, using mutations usable in the Challenge, infamy, and health. The score sheets contain tiebreakers that reward fast play, providing the game copy, and stomping opposing bases, (and yes, the option of making your MONSTER sound).

Additional Prizes: Halloween or military oriented prizes.

Game Copy now in Open Gaming Library: A player's donation made this possible in 2022.


The 14-page written rules are summarized on 2 pages by Universal Head's BoardGameGeek file. It can be printed double-sided on one sheet. Black & white copies were provided at the tournament. See:


  1. Toxicor can no longer cross Lakes and has a Starting Health of 10 instead of 9. New in 2022:That means that other players can place a National Guard unit in Ottawa and Toronto, and block Toxicor from entering the following places on the first turn of the game, 3-dice: New York City, 2-dice: Boston, Philadelphia, DC/Baltimore, Detroit, 1-die: Pittsburgh, Cleveland. Toxicor can still get to Toronto and Montreal (1 die each) on the first turn. Using the other 2 lairs, Toxicor can still reach the 2-dice Chicago, San Francisco and 1-die Minneapolis and Seattle without being blocked on Turn 1, plus 2 western Mutation sites.
  2. For each turn a MONSTER is in Hollywood, place a stomp marker on Hollywood. (Play is otherwise slowed by disappearing and by going to Hollywood, since nothing is stomped.)
  3. The National Guard may be used to create a 5-player game, but only to accommodate an extra player after four players are assigned to all other boards, or if needed to seat winners in the semifinal. Remove Guard Commander from the Military Research deck.
  4. The GM may remove markers from the to-be-stomped group, to speed up boards that are too slow or start late. Players can be assured of getting to their next event on time. If needed, the GM can cancel the MONSTER Challenge and use the scoresheets to determine the order of finish for a game.

Menace Rules Clarifications

  1. On the FIRST turn, when the MONSTER is placed on a lair (and cannot move yet), the player still gets a DEPLOYMENT phase at the end of that turn. It is a good idea to place one National Guard in Los Angeles and/or in eastern Canada to block access to New York City. This could prevent another MONSTER from stomping them on the first move turn.
  2. A roll of 6 by either the military or a MONSTER is a Smash, causing an extra point of damage to a MONSTER.
  3. The written rules limit all MONSTERS to holding a maximum of 15 Infamy tokens (which are used for one extra attack each.)
  4. The maximum health is 40 by written rule, except it is 30 for Toxicor. (These maximums are ignored during the MONSTER Challenge, when the losing MONSTER's health at the battle's start is rolled up to the winner after the battle.)
  5. Getting control of the MONSTER Challenge is usually more effective than stomping another city or infamy site. It is an underdog’s best chance of winning.
  6. During the military deployment phase, the player may remove up to three units from the map and redeploy them IMMEDIATELY on intact bases, as a substitute for normal deployment. This makes disappearing by MONSTERS less effective, since the military can catch up to them faster.
  7. A MONSTER that FLIES in Menace is NOT required to STOP and fight military units. Gargantis CANNOT be blocked, so the military can only attack him. The Winged Horror mutation card allows other MONSTERS to fly, and adds +1 to Move.
  8. Many players forget that Zorb can choose to take three infamy instead of a low health roll. You can see the roll before deciding.
  9. Gargantis moves 3 but can discard mutation cards at any time for three health (handy when you get to the Challenge!)
  10. Retreats: If a military initiates an attack and survives, that player gets a Research card and chooses where to retreat the MONSTER. If the MONSTER initiated the attack, the MONSTER retreats to the space where he/she came from, and nobody gets a Research card.