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The Napoleonic Wars (TNW) Email GM Last updated July 16, 2022
Class B: Beginning Players Welcome You may play if you have read the rules, played previously, or participated in a scheduled demo. Be on time for the scheduled demonstration. The GM will remain for only 15 minutes if no one is present.
Schedule  GM: Gareth Williams (8th Year)
Round Day Start Time Duration Location
Demo 1/1Mo171Exhibit Hall Annex Table #8
Heat 1/3FSa176Rathskeller
Heat 2/3Mo186Rathskeller
Heat 3/3We186Rathskeller
2022 Tournament Format HE

A few notes before we begin:

Firstly, a heat on First Saturday was a success in 2019 so we will keep that. However, we will drop the Thursday morning heat to revert back to a 3 heat format. If we have 4 heats then one of them has to start at 0900 and while the commitment shown last year was admirable, I would not want to wish that on anyone. Also I would like to make the semis in HIS for once.

Secondly, before any declarations of cards being spent on the peace die roll the VP totals should be checked and signed by a member of the GM team.

Thirdly, we would like to remind all players that they have a chance of a wild card seat in the semis regardless of their record. You will almost certainly end up with last pick, but you stand a good chance of getting a game.

Fourthly, all games will be expected to finish within the 6 hour window unless everyone at the table is in agreement.

Finally, a 3rd Edition of TNW is in development, and we will try to have some of the games under new Edition as controlled playtest. Closer to them time details will be added to the GMs website.

Finally, finally, after a couple of incidents last year we will be testing the following tournament rule: A Russian player who joins the Imperial camp in or before the first interphase will not be eligible for second place, only a win will count for advancement. 2nd place will be given the next best performing player.

As before side assignment in the 2nd and 3rd heats will be based on performance in the previous heats and what sides each player has already been played. As such players need no longer fear having to play Austria twice in a row.

Heat I Saturday – Duchess of Richmond’s Ball: Random Table assignment, sides by mutual agreement or dice off

Heat II: Monday – Austerlitz: Random Table assignment, power pick based on bid points For most players this will be a normal heat, however there will be one or perhaps two coached games for new players. If you wish to participate in a coached game please attend the demonstration also

Heat III: Wednesday – Bagration: Random Table assignment, power pick based on bid points For most players this will be a normal heat, however there will be one or perhaps two coached games for new players. If you wish to participate in a coached game please attend the demonstration also

Rules: 2nd Edition Rules with the current FAQ will be the default.

House Rules and Pacing: GMs will review the pace of the games throughout the tournament. Games are intended to finish within the time indicated; going beyond this will only be acceptable if all parties are in agreement.

Saturday - Any game not finished by 2300 will finish at the end of the current turn

Monday, Wednesday - Any game not finished by midnight will finish at the end of the current turn. From precedent, this suggests that games with a time limit will go to three turns.

Side determination and drawing: Table allocation will be random. However players will stay with their own set. Cat-C players will also play separately.

For the first heat side assignment will be random or by mutual agreement at the table, however players will accumulate bid points that will be used to assign seat pick in the 2nd and 3rd heats

Pick order is highest to lowest. New players start at 0. Resolve ties by dice off or mutual agreement.

  • Won Previous Heat -1
  • Played as France -2
  • Played as Britain -1
  • Played as Prussia 0
  • Played as Russia 1
  • Played as Austria 2

Semifinals: Number and format of semifinals will be dependent on the total number of players and the winners from the heats. No more than half the field may advance to the semifinals. Possible formats for the semis and finals include:

  • Semis: 4 x 4 player - Final: 4 player
  • Semis: 5 x 4 player - Final: 5 player
  • Semis: 5 x 5 player - Final: 5player

Tie-breakers and place assignment will be as follows:

  • Number of wins
  • Number of 2nd places
  • Overall VP count
  • Bid points

Second place in a 3 player game, if any take place, will not count towards advancement

Win or 2nd place in a game you are coaching still counts, but at 0 VP.

Only positive VP will count, not negative.

We will try to avoid 4 player games in the semifinal- and final where possible

Final: Winners of semis proceed; side pick in the final will be based on performance in the semis based on VP total

2nd place semifinalists: Ranking amongst these players will be VP count in semifinal

In both cases in the event of tie, previous performance will be used to break the tie as above : best total of Wins, 2nd Places, VPs and bid points