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Battles of American Revolution (BAR) Email GM Updated June 1, 2023
Class B: Beginning Players Welcome You may play if you have read the rules, played previously, or participated in a scheduled demo. Be on time for the scheduled demonstration. The GM will remain for only 15 minutes if no one is present.
Schedule GM: Mark Miklos (5th Year)
Round Day Start Time Duration Location
Demo 1/1Tu221Exhibit Hall Annex Table #3
Round 1/6Tu93Winterberry
Round 2/6Tu155Winterberry
Round 3/6We93Winterberry
Round 4/6We155Winterberry
Round 5/6Th93Winterberry
Round 6/6Th155Winterberry
2023 Tournament Format Swiss Elimination

Play in as many Heats as your schedule will allow; win-lose or draw. The top eight players based on cumulative tournament points will advance to the single elimination quarter final. If one or more of the top eight qualifying players cannot continue in the tournament, the first alternate shall be the number nine seed, followed by the number ten seed and so forth until all eight places are filled.

Tournament points are scored as follows (winner/loser): Draw = +1/+1, Marginal Victory = +2/0, Substantial Victory = +3/-1, & Decisive Victory = +4/-2.

If a player surrenders before the end of a game, he is debited one additional loss-level while his opponent is awarded one additional victory-level. For example, a marginal victory that would normally be scored +2/0 would be amended to +3/-1 because of the surrender.

If a bye is necessary, it will be awarded first to past WBC champions in reverse chronological order of champions present and next to the player with the highest cumulative tournament points. Players receiving a bye will be awarded +3 tournament points plus an average of the Army Morale Points and Victory Points scored by all winning players in that round.

Where tie breaks are required, they will be awarded first according to cumulative army morale points, secondly by cumulative victory points, and finally by die roll if necessary.

Heats, Games & Scenarios

  • Heat 1: Monmouth Courthouse (Lee’s Advance Scenario)
  • Heat 2: Brandywine Creek (Knyphausen’s Feint Scenario)
  • Heat 3: White Plains (Chatterton Hill Scenario)
  • Heat 4: Rhode Island
  • Heat 5: Monmouth Courthouse (Holding Action Scenario)
  • Heat 6: Brandywine Creek (Howe’s Flank Attack Scenario)
  • Quarter Final: Eutaw Springs (Historical Scenario)
  • Semi Final: Saratoga
  • Final: White Plains (Howe’s Grand Assault Scenario)

Sides will be determined by gentleman's agreement or by a secret bid of at-start army morale points, i.e., how many AM points you are willing to surrender to play the side you bid for. Bids of zero are permitted. If there is no clear outcome after three rounds of bidding players will roll a die and high roll has choice.

Seeding for Heat 1 will be based on AREA rating. Non-rated players will be randomly seeded at the bottom of the pool. After Heat 1 seeding will be based first on tournament points from among those players having played in previous Heats, next by AREA rating from among those players entering the tournament for the first time during the current Heat and finally randomly among the non-rated players entering the tournament for the first time during the current Heat.

Additional Prizes

  • All Players: The 2023 edition of the BoAR collectable button series.
  • 1st Place: A tournament-used copy (foam-core board and pieces) of the Big Board Games® game-set of The Battle of Savannah
  • 2nd Place: A shrink-wrapped copy of The Battle of Brandywine Creek, 2nd edition
  • 3rd Place: Inventing George Washington: America’s Founder, in Myth & Memory by Edward G. Lengel, Harper Collins 2011
  • Best Performance by A Non-Rated Player: “Discover-It-Yourself: Guide to Boston’s Freedom Trail”