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Memoir '44 (M44) Links Email GM Updated June 30, 2023
Class B: Beginning Players Welcome You may play if you have read the rules, played previously, or participated in a scheduled demo. Be on time for the scheduled demonstration. The GM will remain for only 15 minutes if no one is present.
Schedule GM: Sam Edelston (12th Year)
Round Day Start Time Duration Location
Demo 1/1Th191Exhibit Hall Annex #6
Round 1MTh202Maple
Round 1/6Fr92Maple
Round 2/6Fr112Maple
Round 3/6Fr132Maple
Round 4/6Fr152Maple
Round 5/6Fr172Maple
M44 Overlord - ProkhorovkaTh144First Tracks Slopeside
M44 Overlord - Stalingrad: PerditionFr234First Tracks Slopeside
M44 Overlord - Cape Torokina LandingsSa104First Tracks Slopeside
M44 Overlord - Twin Battles Warnach & BigonvilleSa144First Tracks Slopeside
M44 Overlord - BastogneSa195First Tracks Slopeside
2023 Tournament Format  Single Elimination with Mulligan

Russia, Normandy, Pacific Islands, and the Ardennes

We have an exciting batch of scenarios for this year’s tournament. They were chosen by 2010 Champion John Skiba, an expert player who has been an invaluable AGM for this tournament every year since 2010, but who unfortunately cannot be at WBC this year.

  • Mulligan & Round 1 – Velikaya Bridgehead – Just like last year, we will start off with an exciting Commissar scenario. This time, it is a faceoff between ample German and Russian forces, from Campaign Book 1.
  • Round 2 – Capturing the Crossing – another battle from Campaign Book 1, this time pitting the British against dug-in Germans.
  • Round 3 – Capture of Parry – US Marines coming ashore against dug-in Japanese in the Marshall Islands in this action-packed scenario from Campaign Book 2
  • Round 4 – The Meat Grinder – Marines attacking Japanese in the caves and villages of Iwo Jima. This was the single highest-rated Official scenario on Memoir Online.
  • Round 5 – Battle of Celles – This semifinal scenario from the Equipment Pack will feature the Germans against a mixed Anglo-American force during the Battle of the Bulge, with Winter Combat cards.
  • Round 6 – Resistance at Marvie – We will finish with a Breakthrough scenario from the suburbs of Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge, with Winter Combat cards. From the Winter Wars expansion.

Tournament news will be posted at and on the discussion thread at . If you need copies of any unpublished scenarios to prepare for the tournament, contact the GM.

Game basics and special rules for the scenarios will be taught in the Demo hour before the Mulligan round. As always, special scenario rules will be reviewed at the beginning of each round and help sheets will be available.

Equipment: As always, we give an advantage in tiebreakers to players who bring a game. If you bring a base game, we will provide sufficient pieces for you to play all scenarios. However, if you have it, Eastern Front will be useful for Round 1; Eastern Front and Pacific Theater will be useful for Rounds 3-4.

Special prize: The winner of this tournament earns the right to compete in the online 2023 Champions Trophy tournament.

For news about this year’s five multi-player Overlord battles, see below.


The schedule for Memoir '44 will be the same as previous years. The format will be six rounds, Single Elimination with a Mulligan Round. On Thursday evening - after a Demo with instructors for new players and for experienced players who want to brush-up on special units and rules. Then, we will play the Mulligan Round. Winners in the Mulligan Round are excused from Round 1 the next day and can rejoin the event in Round 2 at 11 AM Friday. Losers from the Mulligan Round can rejoin the event fresh in Round 1 at 9 AM Friday. The tournament will then run continuously for the rest of the day.

In each round, competitors will play two games against each other: One from each side. Best total medal count for the two games wins the match. In the case of a tie, the player who inflicts the most casualties on his opponent wins. In Rounds 3 and later, matches won, cumulative wins, and cumulative medals will serve as additional tiebreakers, if necessary. A bye counts as two games won, with full medals. The last tiebreaker for all rounds will be a number drawn at random by the player upon registering for the tournament. Players who bring games being rewarded with better tiebreak numbers. PLEASE BRING YOUR GAME! If you have the EASTERN FRONT or PACIFIC THEATER expansions, BRING THOSE, TOO!

Rankings: Players eliminated in the same round will be ranked according to the above tiebreaking procedure.

Shortfalls and overages:

  • The ideal number of players for Round 4 is eight. If we have nine surviving players, an eliminator will play against the extra competitor. If we have seven, the highest-ranked available loser from the previous round (based on our tiebreak formula) will be invited back.
  • The ideal number of players for Round 5 is four. If we have five surviving players, an eliminator will play against the extra competitor. If we have three, the highest-ranked available loser from the previous round will be invited back.
  • For the Finals, if three players are still alive, the two with the best records (based on the tiebreaking rules) will advance to the Final, and the other will automatically be awarded third place. If only one winner is available for the Finals, then the highest-ranked available loser from the previous round will be invited back.
  • A resurrected player will not be paired against the opponent who eliminated him (or her) in the previous round unless the player was resurrected to compete in the Finals.


We have scheduled five multi-player games this year. "Overlord" games are the source of many of the greatest Memoir stories. Players of all levels are welcome. If we have too many players, we will open a second board.

  • Prokhorovka Overlord (basic battle from 80 years ago this month)
  • Stalingrad: Perdition (with Combat cards)
  • Cape Torokina Landings
  • Twin Battles of Warnach & Bigonville (advanced scenario)
  • Bastogne

(Overlord scenarios subject to change if something new and irresistible comes along.)

Memoir 44, like its cousins from other eras (Battle Cry, BattleLore, Commands & Colors: Ancients, Commands & Colors: Medieval, Commands & Colors: Napoleonics, Commands & Colors Tricorne: American Revolution, Commands & Colors Tricorne: Jacobite Rising, Red Alert, Samurai Battles, and The Great War), combines a strong element of strategy with just the right amount of luck from cards and dice. A typical battle can be fought in under an hour, including setup time. Now in its 19th year of distribution, new expansions and scenarios continue to keep it a vibrant and growing game. About 500 official scenarios have been published, along with more than 5,000 player-created scenarios. Many of these so-called “Scenarios from the Front” are excellent. Also, Memoir 44 Online gives players a ready source of opponents most times of the day or night. There are online Memoir tournaments year-round. A wealth of information about the game is available at